Missing Global Warming Evidence Puzzles Scientists

By Alan Korwin

Global Warming
Global Warming

PHOENIX, AZ –-(Ammoland.com)- The lamestream media told you:

Science News, 9/20/14 –Beth Mole. In a story missed by virtually every “mainstream news” outlet, the venerable 90-year-old Science News magazine is reporting that,

“The Atlantic and Southern oceans may be covering up global warming by hoarding heat. The finding could explain a puzzling plateau in Earth’s surface temperature that many scientists have blamed on the Pacific Ocean.

“Since the turn of the century, global average temperatures have remained flat despite an unabated rise in greenhouse gas emissions. Scientists have developed several theories to account for the lost heat, including that it is getting trapped in the oceans.”

Their report is based on the even more assiduous Science magazine, where the news first broke. “Using climate simulations, many studies have pointed to the Pacific Ocean, where unusually strong trade winds may have shoved warm water deep below the surface.”

“But the new research suggests that the Pacific may play only a minor role. Instead, the Atlantic Ocean and the Southern Ocean, which surrounds Antarctica, are stashing most of the warmth.”

The article continues to describe the arguments between scientists for who’s right and where the hidden heat must be. Some say both, some say one or the other, none know for sure.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

If this news ever got out it would undercut the entire politics of global-warming wealth redistribution and so-called “climate-science” spending. Because atmospheric gas ratios are changing, scientists can make computer guesses as to the effect that will have. The guesses come in the form of graphs and colored maps, purported to predict effects in the future. The effects change pictorially as the input data is changed.

Measurements, however, don’t back up the guesses, so scientists are guessing why the guesses are wrong. Now they are guessing why the main guess theories are wrong. A lot of research money and their salaries (and the future of the entire human race, they say) depend on these guess, so I guess we better wait and see if they get it right. Though one of the gases you exhale and that plants breathe gets all the media attention, the gas that comes from water and makes clouds is orders of magnitude more significant. Both are very poorly understood.

Unlike any other field of science, this one has a bright dividing line politically. One half of the political spectrum is four-square behind it, and the other half is four-square against it. Even a moron knows true science is not supposed to work that way. Certainly, the left and the right don’t have these arguments over gravity, inertia, particle physics, metallurgy, chemistry, mechanics or other hard science

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I dont know about glaciers but when I visited Rocky My Nat Park on the 10th of JUNE couple yrs ago the sewers we still frozen. Had to walk across the parking lot to other bldg to use restrooms..

Global warming was hoped for by July 4th glut of visitors.


AMEN Alan.


Wow are you ever going to look stupid in the near future by arguing global warming is a hoax. Do you ever get out of your basement? Please visit Glacier National Park and look for a “glacier”. Take close notice of their collection of glacier photographs taken over the last 100 years. Global temperatures have NOT “remained flat” since the turn of the century. 2014 has been declared the hottest year in history. There needs to be a public accountability of all you right wing fools who have bought into fossil fuel owner’s propaganda. Do some research staying away from… Read more »