Nevadans for State Gun Rights Statement On Background Check Initiative Certification

Nevadans for State Gun Rights
Nevadans for State Gun Rights

Nevada – -( Nevadans for State Gun Rights issued the following statement Tuesday in response to the certification of the Nevada Background Check Initiative.

“In disregard of a formal complaint documenting violations of Nevada state laws and administrative codes in the “universal background check” initiative, Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller released a “notice of sufficiency of petition” on December 8, 2014.

The Nevadans for State Gun Rights PAC is analyzing the ballot initiatives in 11 of the state’s 17 counties. Initial results of this analysis have shown irregularities and violations of Nevada state laws and Secretary of State Administrative Codes regarding the ballot initiative.

Official records from two counties certified by the Secretary of State show that the initiative petitions were submitted after the statutory deadline, signature pages were not in compliance with the law and that notarized statements regarding the truth of the signatures were notarized before some of the signatures were obtained.

In spite of a detailed complaint filed with the Secretary of State’s office, no response has been made to the complaint, and the two counties who received notifications in violation of state law were included in the certification document as being acceptable.

“If the Secretary of State cannot comply with his own laws and rules, the petition validation process is seriously flawed and the results and certification are invalid. The Nevadans for State Gun Rights PAC will continue to file these complaints with public officials until the law is followed.

The state cannot be allowed to violate its own laws and regulations.”

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I’ve been following these anti-gun, anti-American gun grabbers since they started their blatantly deceptive push for this un-enforceable initiative. At every opportunity they deliberately use blatantly false information, bogus antiquated polls and flat-out lies to push this wholly unconstitutional scam forward! They exclusively use the deceptive liberal technique of posting lies and misinformation over and over and over again as if they will somehow be eventually believed as some kind of truth, all while nothing could be farther from the truth! If this unconstitutional initiative had any merit whatsoever, why would its promoters exclusively utilize lies and misinformation in an… Read more »

Neil Wampler

Brad; I’m as POd as you by all this, and a lot of my anger is at the ignorant, inert sheep we have for citizens. Bloomberg’s backdoor registation sceme – and that’s what this background check drive is really about – is linked to the UN arms treaty, and they’ll have to know who has guns to implement it. It’s a frustrating, uphill battle to explain this to Joe Citizen who only has a vague idea of what his rights are,has never heard if bloomberg,never heard of the UN Treaty,has fanciful ideas as to why 2A is important, and has… Read more »

Dean Weingarten

You need a serious web page, not just a form soliciting donations. Use some of your money to run a word press web page for discussion and organization.