New Dates for Michigan’s Muzzleloader Deer Season

Muzzleloader (Photo courtesy of West Virginia Department of Commerce)
Michigan DNR MDNR
Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Lansing, MI -( The Michigan Department of Natural Resources reminds hunters that the 2014 muzzleloader deer season opens across the state Friday, Dec. 5.

“Having a statewide opener for muzzleloading season really eases confusion hunters have on when and where this season starts,” said DNR deer biologist Ashley Autenrieth.

Zones 1 and 2 will remain open until Dec. 14. Zone 3 has seven more days of muzzleloader hunting, with the season ending Dec. 21. For hunting zone information, see the 2014 Hunting and Trapping Digest or visit

Hunters must have a base license and either a deer license or deer combo license to take an antlered deer. An antlerless license is needed for an antlerless deer while muzzleloader hunting. If archery hunting, a deer or deer combo license can be used to take an antlerless deer. See the 2014 antler point restriction map and chart for applicable antler point restrictions on bucks.

Archery equipment still can be used through the muzzleloader season. For Upper Peninsula deer hunters, only hunters with a certified disability may use a crossbow or a modified bow during the late archery and muzzleloader season. This restriction applies to the Upper Peninsula only.

All deer hunters are required to wear hunter orange when participating in the muzzleloader season. The hunter orange requirement does not apply to those participating in the archery season.

For information about hunting in Michigan, including regulations, season dates and bag limits, go to

About The Michigan Department of Natural Resources

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is committed to the conservation, protection, management, use and enjoyment of the state’s natural and cultural resources for current and future generations. For more information, go to

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wes scholoten

Perhaps You people aught to get Your dates right on Your web site. Muzzle season starts on Fri. Dec. 4, not Fri. Dec. 5. I’d hate to be the guy that depended on Your web site for information.

Kevin McGonigal

I would never dump powder directly from a flask into a muzzle loader. That flask is a hand grenade. Should a charge go off from a burning ember it will be bad news.