No Guides, No Roofs, All DIY Hunting – Mike Schoby Travels “Border to Border”

The 8-part transcontinental hunting expedition from New Mexico to Alaska begins December 21 at 9 p.m. ET on Sportsman Channel

Border to Border
Border to Border
Sportsman Channel
Sportsman Channel

New Berlin, WI -( A journey from New Mexico to Alaska is most efficiently traveled via airplane.

But Petersen’s Hunting Adventures’ Mike Schoby believes there is a better – more painstakingly rewarding – way to make the 6,000-mile journey. Schoby and his guest hosts put all preconceived notions of what it means to “rough it in the wild” aside, as they embark on an 8-part transcontinental hunting expedition by land with just basic provisions, minimal gas money, hunting gear and the will to survive.

View the trailer for Petersen’s Hunting Border to Border here. Schoby’s quest from New Mexico to Alaska begins Sunday, December 21 at 9 p.m. ET exclusively on Sportsman Channel.

Born in Seattle, Washington, Schoby grew up hunting blacktails and Roosevelt elk on public land. While the Pacific Northwest still calls to him, over the span of 25 years he has hunted most of the United States, several Canadian provinces, Mexico, South America, multiple African countries, Europe, Asia and New Zealand. He has authored five books on hunting, ranging from predator calling to DIY western big game. Schoby is the Editor of Petersen’s Hunting magazine.

For the eight weeks, Schoby sets out to accomplish a seemingly unattainable feat – traveling cross-country for 45 days, living off the land and rekindling the adventure of do-it-yourself hunting. Each episode documents Schoby’s day-by-day travels and experiences through six states and one Canadian province. The hunting quest begins on the New Mexico/Mexico border and heads north through Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, The Inside Passage (U.S./Canadian border), to Alaska.

The idea that nothing worthwhile comes easily permeates each leg of Schoby’s journey, with three daunting stipulations to guide the expedition. Schoby must never spend the night under a roof; no guides, all DIY hunting and fishing with public-attainable tags and licenses; and Schoby and his guests must survive on what they harvest, and the basic provisions in their kits. Money is limited and – with only a tent to sleep under (sometimes nothing at all) they often endure the full wrath of the elements.

Petersen’s Hunting Border to Border showcases intense hunts and a few humorous moments, while providing a platform for sparking interest in DIY hunting. From deserts to high mountain passes, the landscape Schoby and his guest hosts travel is vast and challenging; the level of difficulty, often extreme; and the need for self-assurance, paramount. All of which bring an element of danger to the journey.

Follow along by visiting​ for details on each hunt, exclusive photos, extensive gear information and how-to guides.

“One would think taking on an endeavor of this caliber might be impossible,” said Schoby. “But the goal was to prove that it’s an attainable feat – DIY hunting across the United States. Every hunter isn’t going to go to this extreme, but we hope to provide enough information to get even the most skeptical of hunters out in the wild, eating what they kill and bringing the adventure aspect back to hunting.”

“Petersen’s Hunting Border to Border is an engaging way for the network to broaden the scope of outdoor television,” explained Marc Fein, executive vice president of programming and production at Sportsman Channel. “This series goes beyond everyday hunting and fishing in a way I think viewers will truly connect with and enjoy.”

Tune in to Petersen’s Hunting Border to Border Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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