Ohio: Comprehensive Pro-Gun Reform Legislation Signed into Law

Ohio Capitol Building
Ohio: Comprehensive Pro-Gun Reform Legislation Signed into Law

Charlotte, NC –-(Ammoland.com)- Today at a public signing ceremony, Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) signed into law House Bill 234, comprehensive pro-gun reform legislation.

HB 234 will take effect in ninety days.

While originally a bill allowing for the use of suppressors while hunting, the Senate Civil Justice Committee added many other pro-gun provisions to HB 234.  HB 234 then passed in the Ohio Senate by a 24 to 6 vote on December 9, and was concurred by the state House of Representatives by a 72 to 21 vote on December 10 2014.

HB 234 makes a number of positive changes to Ohio’s firearm laws.  HB 234, as signed into law:

  • Improves the concealed handgun license process by (1) reducing the number of training hours required from 12 to 8 hours, (2) eliminating minimum length-of-residency requirements, (3) allowing non-residents who work in Ohio to apply for a CHL in the county or adjacent county in which they work, and (4) makes special provisions for members of the military who have been honorably discharged or retired, extending their competency certification from six years to ten years after honorable discharge or retirement.
  • Expands concealed carry reciprocity to visitors and persons temporarily in Ohio who have valid out-of-state licenses, regardless of whether the license-issuing state has entered into a reciprocity agreement with Ohio.
  • Repeals the prohibition on Ohio citizens buying and/or selling long guns or ammunition from only the five contiguous states of Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.  Citizens of Ohio can now purchase and/or sell rifles and shotguns in any state as long as the firearm laws in both states are obeyed.
  • Includes a “shall certify” provision which requires a chief law enforcement officer (CLEO) to sign off on an application to transfer an item regulated by the National Firearms Act, once the application procedure and requirements are met.  This provision eliminates personal bias towards NFA-related items, requiring CLEOs to sign off and process the application in the same way they do a concealed handgun license.
  • Allows for the use of firearm sound suppressors while hunting in the Buckeye State.
  • Brings Ohio’s definition of “automatic firearm” in line with the federal definition, limiting it to only any firearm designed or adapted to fire a succession of cartridges with a single function of the trigger.

Your NRA thanks you for your active involvement in the passage and enactment of HB 234, as well as the state legislators who voted for its passage.  We also thank Governor Kasich for signing this important pro-gun reform into law.

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  • 11 thoughts on “Ohio: Comprehensive Pro-Gun Reform Legislation Signed into Law

    1. I wonder if magazines that hold more than 30rounds are legal now, or does inserting one in a rifle still make it an AUTOMATIC RIFLE?

      1. EXACTLY…….the only thing I would keep is the background check to help keep guns out of the criminal’s hand that is all we need.

        1. If back round checks worked, criminals would not be able to get guns. With all the drug laws we have, why are people still able to get drugs?

        2. There is no law that keeps any criminal from doing anything! When will people wake up? When all you do is write words on paper which nobody reads. Why there are millions of pages of laws and regulations. The only thing that “stops” a criminal is a bullet. If law stopped crime, why are there “Repeat offenders”? We would NOT need police, courts, or jails and prisons if just “Passing a Law” stopped a criminal from doing an illegal act. Think about it, I have never seen a law stop a crime. Have you? The full prisons pretty well show laws done stop crime.

    2. I wonder if the NRA did in Ohio what they did here in Iowa. We had full No CHL, Stand Your Ground, and Castle Doctrine all but passed, and the NRA got those whittled down to just “Shall Issue!” Thank You NRA!!! I dropped my membership after that. National Association for Gun Rights, and Iowa Gun Owners gets my money now. The NRA is full of RINOs.

      Congratulations on what you got, so far. Keep fighting for full rights!!

    3. We must remember , we are a long way ,to bring back our gun rights established by our Constitution . Our Founding Fathers never required it’s citizens to have a CHL . Because your rights to own a gun was protect under the Bill of Rights . Our 2nd Amendment protected these rights . We are where we are , because of Liberal Communist Democrats . These people are hell bent on taking away your rights , instead of protecting them under our Constitution . Liberals spend more time in office to tear down our Constitution ,instead of protecting it .

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