Parents of Children Killed at Sandy Hook File Documents for ‘Wrongful Death’ Suits

By AWR Hawkins

Sandy Hook Grieving
Parents of Children Killed at Sandy Hook File Documents for ‘Wrongful Death’ Suits
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( Parents of the 10 of the 20 children killed in the attack on Sandy Hook Elementary have “filed court documents indicating they intend to file wrongful death lawsuits.”

The documents were filed “to create estates for [the] children, a move that would allow the parents to file…[wrongful death] suits.”

According to The Connecticut Law Tribune, court documents were filed on behalf of one child in late 2012, one behalf of another in 2013, and on behalf of eight more earlier this month. The filings were reported for the first time on December 8 2014.

No specific targets for the wrongful death suits have been identified, but some attorneys mentioned that “at least one Virginia jury found officials at Virginia Tech liable after a gunman killed dozens of students in 2007.” Others “noted actions filed against video game manufacturers in other cases were young [gunmen] were known to have played video games.” And “attorneys at several firms said the manufacturer of the Bushmaster AR-15″ rifle Lanza stole, then used to carry out his heinous crime, might possibly be sued as well.

But attorneys who focus on the Second Amendment say the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act — signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2005 — “shields gun manufacturers… from liabilities that arise from unlawful use of their products.”

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A lawsuit will not fix anything.This was the tragic result of a perfect storm of contributing factors that nobody could have predicted.


Almost every bit of info about Sandy Hook has been kept so tight that they are letting nothing out about it. One of the things they are not saying anything about is what happened to the second person that was there, a person that was dressed in black camo. And yes the rifle was locked in the trunk of the car that was even caught on video but that video disappeared along with the two hand guns that were used. Either this was a set up by the government or it was a drill that went bad.


Release the Sandy hook files what are they hiding? Why is every other crime scene public knowledge but everything about Sandy Hook is secret?

VT Patriot

Sandy Hook was a pre planned event that went bad. Ever notice that there were no funerals ever mentioned in the news? “For the privacy of the families” is the excuse given. 20 families wanted to bury their murdered children in complete secrecy? And the overhead footage taken moments after the ‘event’ shows all kinds of people with ID badges on accumulating at the nearby fire house, and not at the school? Why? And 7 or 8 FBI cars at the scene of the ‘murders’ within 5 minutes? Do all the FBI agents in CT have morning coffee at the… Read more »


Roger, the gun in the trunk was a 12 Ga Saiga semi-auto shotgun. Surprising the most effective weapon was “found” in the trunk of the car. But again Adam Lanza was considered “deranged” so he might not have been capable of logic. I agree that the story and the visuals don’t match, the FBI annual report for crime reports no murders in Newtown in Dec 2012. The EMT’s were never allowed to try an save anyone, and the school was torn down after. They never tore down Columbine so why destroy Sandy Hook? Because the school was a stage, and… Read more »


I would like to know how the bloody hell lanza used an ar rifle in the school when it was found locked in the trunk of the car he drove to the school ? the police found it in the trunk after lanza who went into the school,did his murdering inside .with handguns and died there without ever coming back OUT . did this rifle unlock the trunk all by itself ,go inside the school do the killing then put itself back in the car without any help from anyone ? I have never witnessed any firearm do anything like… Read more »


These people can sue all they want but they won’t get sh*t. They would have a better chance of suing Lanza estate than companies that did nothing wrong.