Radio Host Mark Walters Re-Writes Obama Amnesty Speech, Immigration Now Gun Control

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Radio Host Mark Walters Re-Writes Obama Amnesty Speech, Immigration Now Gun Control
Armed American Radio
Armed American Radio

Atlanta GA –-( AAR Host Mark Walters opened up last Sunday's national broadcast with a chilling re-write of Obama's amnesty executive order as if he were talking about “universal background checks”.

“After the November mid-term elections I have pretty much come to the conclusion that what I'm referring to as “institutional gun control” is dead as far as on the federal level with the makeup of the incoming congress.

That made me wonder now that Obama has acted unilaterally and unlawfully on immigration using the same arguments he has used for his “common sense” gun control in the past, namely that he would act when congress didn't, if he would do the same with his call for “universal background checks.

Using his immigration speech as a template, I simply replaced the word immigration with his gun control agenda and the results were chilling.  Now we know what an Obama unilateral move on gun control might look like if the tyrant decides to act on his own.  I wouldn't be surprised and neither should you.”

To read Mark's eye popping segment, click here.

Obama's Universal Background Checks Execuative Order

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“Obummer” has it figured from the start. He uses executive order to legalize millions of illegal Mexicans. These turn into millions of votes for democrats in 2016, which elects Hillary and a democratic congress. Back door gun control for “Obummer” and the democrats in 2016. What could not be won at the ballot box in previous years will be done unlawfully in 2016. Heads they win, tails we loose. Now do you get it!!!???


So you think it is okay to walk on the 2nd amendment , yet Police can not ask for immigration papers? Or better deport illegal aliens? Yet we can ask for arms permits , permission to own a pistol under the Constitution. No you people are ignorant , pack your crap move to the UK , Japan , Australia , some other place that forbids firearms. Obama’s reluctance to enforce drug laws , immigration laws , drug money laundering laws , leaves nothing but contempt and disgust to law abiding citizens. Failure of ATF to prosecute felons that attempt to… Read more »