Serious Stopping Ammunition From G2 Ammo

New subsonic .300 AAC Blackout-caliber round for hunting or tactical use.
ew subsonic .300 AAC Blackout-caliber round for hunting or tactical use.
G2R Ammo
G2R Ammo

Winder, GA -( G2 Research announces a devastating new subsonic .300 AAC Blackout-caliber round for hunting or tactical use.

The new G2 Research .300 Ripout Round produces a massive wound channel that ensures hunters of an accurate, sure and swift kill.

This new subsonic (suppressor-friendly), premium-grade, 200-grain .30 caliber round quickly expands at reduced velocities, creating a devastating, energy-depositing wound channel of one inch or more. Bullet weight retention is an astounding 98 to 100 percent, which creates more than 17 inches of soft tissue penetration.

Free from the massively overdone hydrostatic shock prevalent in so many of today’s ultra-high-velocity loads, the sub-sonic G2 Research .300 Ripout Round will kill ’em quick and quietly without turning good game meat into useless jelly. Needless to say, this round is excellent for tactical use too.

G2 Research national sales manager Chris Nix says “if the idea is to put the animal down efficiently, quickly and humanely without over-penetration and vaporizing good eating meat, our .300 Blackout Ripout Round, with its unique three copper petal controlled expanding bullet, gets that job done.”

Individually manufactured in highly specialized CNC machines, each expensive-to-make bullet is precision machined to open up within the first two to three inches of impact, resulting in a controlled expansion of three large copper petals called tridents that make up the first half of the bullet. (A .30 caliber bullet, for example, will expand between 1 and 1.5 inches while the bullet shank remains attached for controlled penetration even at subsonic velocity.)


  • Caliber: .300 AAC Blackout (subsonic)
  • Velocity: 1020 FPS
  • Bullet: Special custom 200-grain copper alloy hollow-point Spitzer
  • MSRP: $54.99 box of 20
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F**kin’ dragons!!!! This guys got me pissing my pants over here with laughter.


Damn,can’t even get away from these liberal sissies on Ammoland ? Designed to maim ? Bullsh*t, they are designed to kill ! I thought this fool was gonna start talking about dragons before he finally finished ! What the hell is a yeoman ?

Dave Walker

You apparently stumbled onto the wrong website. Moms Against Guns is two doors to the left. Oh, it’s “yeoman”. not “yoeman”.


This bullet is a WAR CRIME. By the Hague Convention of 1899 , and all other moral codes, DUM-DUM bullets designed to maim are CRIMES. The ONLY legal bullets are solid core. For you pseudo-2nd Amendment Tea Partiers ….. these bullets are meant for YOU. I am sure DHS/FEMA is stocking up. They do not penetrate vests, they DO penetrate CIVILIANS. The ONLY bullets that should be made or permitted are SOLID CORE. Humanity writhed under the boot of despotism for centuries, as ARMORED KNIGHTS rode roughshod over the Serfs, protected by their BODY ARMOR from any hope of the… Read more »


There is nothing wrong with hollow points , frangible rounds , armour piercing with tungsten carbide bullets, as long as citizens can own them too. There is nothing wrong about shooting thieves , murderers , terrorists or even rogue cops or government people that have gone off the deep end.
If your concerned about government shooting civilians maybe you should asking why aren’t the given 22lr firearms instead. Why are they buying 40 S&W instead of cheaper less powerful .380?
Want to see cops get mad , carry a .577 Tranter revolver.