Stopping The Fight Before It Starts ~ Video

Kevin Michalowski
Kevin Michalowski

USA – -( The best fight is the fight you are not involved in.

Often something as simple as showing a potential attacker that he has lost the element of surprise will help you to avoid a fight.

Also, making clear that you are ready to defend yourself will often give an attacker pause. Time is your ally in a fight. Making the attacker react to you gives you an advantage.

Kevin Michalowski is currently the Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine, a working law enforcement officer and a pistol instructor with certifications in five different areas of training.

Into the Fray is a weekly video blog focusing on self-defense and the concealed carry lifestyle.

It will cover everything from defensive firearms use to the legal and ethical aspects of deadly force and its aftermath.

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The very best advice I can ever give my students is to avoid a confrontation at all costs. If you can walk, run, jump in your vehicle and use that two ton escape module, whatever – just get out. It’s far preferable to a situation that may lead to serious injury for you or someone else. The person that prefers to stand their ground (outside their own home) is the person I’ll stay away from when trouble calls.


Right ! your best friend is always your defense…