The NTOA’s ‘The Tactical Edge’ Fall Edition Released

NTOA Tactical Edge
NTOA Tactical Edge Fall Edition
National Tactical Officers Association
National Tactical Officers Association

Doylestown, Pa. ( – The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) is pleased to announce the Fall Edition of The Tactical Edge is now available.

Widely considered the leading authority in tactical operations information, The Tactical Edge reaches approximately 40,000 law enforcement officers with each issue.

Included in the Fall issue are several outstanding feature articles such as the final installment of Major Ed Allen’s four-part series on the NTOA SWAT Standards, and “Critical Incident Response: Identifying a Pivot Point that Risks Agency Failure” which is an excellent comprehensive analysis done by Bruce Liebe.

NTOA has also made several articles available online to non-members, including “Leading through Communication” by NTOA Director Emeritus Phil Hansen, a book review on “Mental Rehearsal for Warriorsdone by Dr. Michael Asken, “Guidelines for an Operator Medical Record” by Dr. Kevin Gerold and Dr. Marita Mike and a wrap up of the “31st Annual Tactical Conference and Trade Show.”

The Tactical Edge is an award-winning publication that has been providing the law enforcement community with cutting edge life-saving information from leading experts for over 30 years. The Tactical Edge is published quarterly in February, May, August and November.

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