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Art Acevedo wants you to report gun enthusiasts to the Austin Police.
Art Acevedo wants you to report gun enthusiasts to the Austin Police.
Student of the Gun
Student of the Gun

Biloxi, Mississippi (Ammoland)Turning what should have been considered a success into a crisis, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo uses a violent crime as an excuse to call for more gun control and restrictions to include reporting “gun enthusiasts” to police. Our XS Sight Good Guy of the Week has a question about the new wrist stabilizers for pistols.

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Mark W.

I have to admit I am curious about the “PLP” in the lower left corner of the Chief’s picture. I know Austin, TX is a haven for the far left culture and “PLP” happens to be the initials that the group “Progressive Labor Party.” They started in 1961 and were a split off of the Communist Party of the United States. Just curious


This guy is Austin’s police chief, and Austin is a bright blue spot in a bright red state. I live here, and I’m not nearly as conservative as many who post on these articles, but do NOT persecute me for owning firearms or enjoying them. Police chief isn’t an elected office here, and unfortunately, if it were, there are enough hard-core liberals that this would probably boost his support.
And it’s kind of funny, but the Austin Police Department web page is down right now. I wonder.

ray hampton

I find this story hard to believe that a a Texas citizen would go this low


Wow, 10 years ago this kind of statement coming out of a Chief of police would surprised me, but in today’s enviornment not so much. The surprising part of this is he is from Texas! I would expect statements like this in the Socialist Republic of California, but in Texas. I suppose the liberal cancer is spreading to all area’s of our once great nation. I am sitting wondering when the good Freedom loving people of America are going to stand up and say enough is enough? When are people going to take back what has been taken by the… Read more »