American Firearms Retailer Association, to Represent the Nations Firearms Retailers

American Firearms Retailer Association
American Firearms Retailer Association

Alexandria, Virginia – -( AFRA, the American Firearms Retailers Association, a trade association for firearms retailers, announced today that it is formally launching and accepting both memberships and sponsorship.

AFRA is here to strengthen and amplify the voice of America’s Firearms Retailers with regulators, law makers and other sectors of the firearms industry that have competing interests. AFRA is committed to organizing and assisting the retail sector of the firearms industry – small family owned businesses like firearms and sporting goods retailers, pawn brokers and range owners, who are the backbone to the firearms industry and who stand a counter’s width away from the consumer.

AFRA is dedicated to promoting good governance, education and pro-growth business practices and will work to establish best in class firearms retail industry standards that stress safety, responsibility and community outreach.

AFRA will offer a variety of benefits and services to its members that include regulatory compliance assistance, insurance, merchant processing and other benefits through its strategic partners and sponsors. Additional benefits, including a “members only” forum, can be found on the new AFRA website

AFRA will have a booth at the Ellett Brothers Dealer Show and will participate in and be available at each of the upcoming trade shows in January and February and beyond.

For more information, or to join on the American Firearms Retailers, visit, or call 844-687-2372.