Are You Ready? Terrorism Has No Boundaries

Are You Ready? Terrorism Has No Boundaries
Are You Ready? Terrorism Has No Boundaries



USA – -( ARE YOU READY? If the recent events in Paris have proven anything, it’s that terrorism and violence have no boundaries. Incidents like this erupt without warning and those who are not prepared will be forced to sit dumbstruck and wait for help.

This help may not arrive in time to save lives. The question we now raise is this: What are you prepared to do?

Even if you feel you are mentally prepared to deal with a violent attack, you will still need the proper equipment to save your life and possibly the lives of others. Below is a brief checklist that will allow you to see just how prepared you really are for the day you will never forget.


If you plan on using a gun for protection, that gun must be with you at the time the attack starts. You will not have time to go get your gun once the attack begins. Some people claim to have a sidearm on their person in hopes of using that sidearm to fight their way to a long gun, which they believe is a better tool in a deadly force encounter. Regardless of what tool you intend to use in a fight, that tool must be ready for immediate action.

✔ Firearm (carried on your person for immediate access)

✔ Spare ammunition

✔ Flashlight

✔ Knife

✔ Alternate weapon, Pepper spray, Kubaton or other impact weapon


Cellular phones are nearly ubiquitous in today’s society, but they require batteries and a good signal. We can’t do much about the signal, but we can have at the ready a battery back up for the cell phone. Such devices are cheap and reliable. A spare vehicle key is mandatory if you need to leave the area. Keep your keys on your person. If you set your keys on your desk and a workplace shooting occurs, you will quickly be without access to your vehicle if you need it. A spare key provides extra insurance.

✔ Cellular phone

✔ Battery backup

✔ Spare vehicle key


Even if you do not carry a gun, you can be caught up in a violent incident. If you survive, a good First-Aid Kit will allow you to treat yourself or others who may be injured. This kit should not be your simple homeowner’s kit of Band-Aids and antibiotic ointment. Violence brings trauma and trauma requires a specially stocked First-Aid Kit. Here is the minimum you will likely need when dealing with a victim of a gunshot wound. The elements listed below would easily fit in a pouch that could drop into a pocket, purse, or briefcase. Can you think of any reason not to get basic first-aid training and have a trauma kit nearby?

✔ Tourniquet

✔ Israeli Bandage or Compress Dressing

✔ Surgical Pads or Large Gauze Pads

✔ Surgical Tape

✔ Nitrile Gloves

✔ Medical shears

✔ Quik Clot or Quik Clot-infused bandage

✔ Asherman chest seal

✔ Trauma treatment guideline card

These are minimum elements that, combined with proper training, will help you to survive a violent incident. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but preparation and immediate action will go a long way toward saving lives. Remember, you don’t pick the day. The day picks you. Are you ready?

About the USCCA:

The U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) is the first and largest, member-owned association designed to educate, train, and insure responsibly armed Americans. USCCA members receive criminal and civil defense insurance protection through the Self-Defense SHIELD and have access to a wealth of industry information including expert advice, product information, and the latest news centered around the concealed carry lifestyle. The USCCA also publishes Concealed Carry Magazine, hosts the nationally syndicated radio program, Armed American Radio, and offers a resource for firearms and concealed carry instructors through the USCCA Instructor program.

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I know most of us pro-gun men and woman will be ready. It’s the liberals that I’m worried, not wait a minute. Liberals won’t even know how to throw a rock. Obama proved that with his girly first pitch. Of the masses in the US I think most of us would have a good idea what to do. However there are people out there that have never seen a gun let alone fired one or know how to use it! That’s where the countries that have there young men join the Army for two years mandatory helps. I think at… Read more »


They are weapons , meant to propel a bullet at lethal velocity . So What. Arguing its a tool or firearm is liberal oxygen depletion.
I can fix global warming shut liberals up.


Damn I hate it when people refer to firearms as ‘tools’ ! I guess that started to appease the gun-grabbers because it doesn’t sound scary,who knows ! I’ve noticed alot of people who provide survival checklists are the same people who sell the stuff on that checklist ! I carry my firearms 24/7 but I dont walk around with military grade first aid kits,flashlights,etc ! I will have to improvise on some of that stuff.