Cannon Safe Promotes Blanchard to VP of Intl Business Development & Purchasing Dept

Troy Z. Blanchard
Troy Z. Blanchard
Cannon Safe
Cannon Safe – Nothing Protects like a Cannon

Las Vegas, Nev. – -( Cannon Safe Inc. is pleased to announce that Troy Z. Blanchard has been promoted to Vice President of International Business Development and Purchasing Department.

Blanchard will lead Cannon’s global business development teams as the company builds the best locations to fit product demand.

Previously Cannon Safe’s Vice President of Central American Business Development; Blanchard oversaw the entire scope of research, analysis and presentation to the executive team on where to place Latin American operations.

“Cannon Safe’s international product and facility expansion plans are charging ahead thanks to Troy’s successful identification of a proper location for Cannon Safe’s future factory,” said Steve Hoffa, president of Cannon Safe.

“Troy is a dynamic, enthusiastic, yet level-headed leader with an exceptional gift for bringing people together. His ability to create long-term growth by weathering, overcoming and finding opportunity in every obstacle is a talent Cannon Safe sees him using on an international business development level.”

Blanchard’s expertise in global strategic planning, project management, quantitative forecasting, negotiation, factory exploration, marketing and international supply chains from manufacturing to distribution will help Cannon’s expanding product line reach consumers in the most efficient manner possible.

Blanchard holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Management.

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