Endorsement of Timothy Knight for NRA Board by the Colorado 2nd Amendment Association

Timothy Knight
Timothy Knight
Colorado Second Amendment Association
Colorado Second Amendment Association

Colorado – -(Ammoland.com)- Timothy Knight of Colorado is one of those few that have taken the time to travel the country collecting signatures in order to become a candidate for the 2015 NRA board.

This time and effort put in by Timothy is his trademark when it comes to standing up for citizens’ right to keep and bear arms.

In 2013, as a political amateur, Timothy started the recall movement in Colorado and worked to successfully remove two sitting state Senators, including the Senate President. Timothy did this not for fame, fortune, or glory, but because it was the right thing to do in the face of tyrannical actions and legislation put forth and passed by said Senators. Timothy is also the founding President and current Treasurer of the Colorado 2nd Amendment Assocation (C2AA), which makes this endorsement of his efforts even more personal and special to us.

Timothy has also traveled to both coasts to help other organizations with their own recall efforts, in New Jersey and California. He has traveled to Connecticut, Iowa, Texas and all points in between to meet with pro Second Amendment organizations, get out the vote and look people in the eye in an effort to motivate more citizens to stand with him in the fight against the encroachment on our rights. He has also created a new organization, 2nd Shift for Liberty, in order to help spread the message that it is possible for citizens to stand up and work together to defend their own rights.

Timothy Knight for NRA Board
Timothy Knight for NRA Board

Timothy has decided to run for the board of the NRA, not as a reward for his work, but because his efforts will be magnified while working with a national organization. His tenacity and fortitude are what the NRA needs going forward and his experience with grassroots activism will help the NRA in being more effective on the ground.

His strengths and his ideas are what an organization like the NRA needs, in order to not only remain prominent, but to become more effective as a civil rights organization.

To find out more about Timothy please visit his website: http://www.knight4nra.com

About Colorado Second Amendment Association
The Colorado Second Amendment Association (C2AA) is a Colorado-focused Second Amendment rights group. Please visit us at www.colorado2a.org

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