I Am a Conservative Western Christian

by Dr. Gary Welton

christians vs muslims
I Am a Conservative Western Christian

The Center For Vision & Values

Grove City, PA -(Ammoland.com)- In my political views, I consider myself to be a conservative American. In my religious beliefs, I consider myself to be a conservative Christian. I am a conservative Western Christian. Sometimes, however, my two conservative bents seem to be in conflict with one another.

I was particularly conflicted when George W. Bush invaded Iraq. Because of my conservative political bent, I was inclined to support the Republican president’s decision. However, because of my Christian faith, I was against the war. The evidence indicated that Iraq was perhaps the most religiously open Arab country, allowing Christian churches to meet and worship without threat of attack. Indeed, the Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq was Tariq Aziz, a member of the Chaldean Catholic Church. The American attack on Iraq, however, had serious consequences for the churches in that country. America’s war on Iraq quickly evolved into Iraq’s war on Christianity, in a very predictable manner.

Once again, I am very conflicted, as I consider the Charlie Hebdo murders in Paris, the Western response, and now the Muslim reactions. Some Muslim protestors have chosen to express their frustration by attacking Christians in Muslim countries. CNN has reported that the violence to date has been most severe in Niger, where churches and Christian homes have been destroyed. Thus far, at least 10 have been killed. Yet, I wonder, is their frustration with the realities of Christianity, or with the realities of Western secularism?

I understand that much of the world sees the West as Christian, yet it can be argued that Christianity is on the decline in the West, while it is expanding in Africa and China. It is a stereotype to think that the West portrays the essence of Christianity. In fact, the West provides for a rather free expression of faith. Granted, Christianity has been the dominant faith in the West, but I am not willing, as a Christian, to take the blame for Charlie Hebdo’s depiction of Muhammad. Charlie Hebdo is a reflection of the secular West, not particularly a reflection of Christianity.

I am not Charlie Hebdo.

Salman Rushdie wrote, in his novel “Midnight’s Children,”: “It’s a dangerous business to try and impose one’s view of things on others.” I value the freedom to practice my Christian faith. I also value the freedom of others to practice their various faith traditions. I value the freedom of others to practice no faith tradition. I personally disagree with other religious traditions, but I do not make fun of them or ridicule them. I do not seek to impose my view of things on others.

Christianity and Islam have not always been civil to one another; we all know the history of the Crusades. Nevertheless, I contend that the current disagreement is not a disagreement between Christianity and Islam. Charlie Hebdo was not reflecting the dominant Christian view of freedom and respect. Charlie Hebdo, rather, was reflecting the secular view against Islam (and, to some extent, against Christianity).

Because the West is often seen as the bastion of Christianity, the church is now under attack in Muslim countries. This disappoints and saddens me at many levels. Most relevant to this editorial, Charlie Hebdo does not reflect my Christian views; I am disappointed that Muslims are attacking Christians and their churches. We are not Charlie Hebdo.

Western and Muslim countries have not always been civil to one another. I am not always in agreement with the decisions that my politicians have made. Nevertheless, I freely admit that the issues are complex and difficult.

Physical and verbal assaults do not facilitate a path forward. We need a civil exchange of ideas. This civil exchange is a conversation worth having.


–Dr. Gary L. Welton is assistant dean for institutional assessment, professor of psychology at Grove City College, and a contributor to The Center for Vision & Values. He is a recipient of a major research grant from the Templeton Foundation to investigate positive youth development.

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    1. Fairly obvious that he has no conception of what the qur’an says about religions that differ from islam…especially Christian and Jewish. He doesn’t understand that islam IS at war with anything that is not islam…and will stop at nothing to destroy all other religions or faiths…unless islam is stopped…first.

    2. The U.S. is by majority a predominate Christian country. I am a Republican/Conservative because that is the party that supports traditional American values,supports the US Constitution (all of it,esp.the 2A),swears to defend her.. agains’t all enemies both foreign and domestic,is the party for pro-life,supports marriage between a man and a woman only !!!,respects our military service members,its the party that has common sense and love of country !…etc Muslims are are NOT the people of peace regardless of what obama and the leftist socialists try to convince us otherwise ! They are terrorists who support terrorism through terroristic means at every turn. If the ragheads try in the US what their peace and love did in Paris they will be done,dead !!! I’m sure they will hit one of our major cities that is a gun free zone ! Law- abidding Americans will keep our firearms,we need them now more than any other time in history ! 2A III

    3. Perceiving Charlie Hebdo as a representative of All Christians, is like saying All Muslims are terrorists, representative of ISIS..

    4. Dr. Gary L. Welton, Go live in the city of Mecca for 6 weeks with your beliefs. Practice them openly and see where that gets you. I challenge you to to live by words in a far off land. I wish you luck.

    5. I disagree with this live and let live, that is a Western Construct. The Muslim is just like the Liberal and the Communist. They only seek my surrender, they do not seek to live peacefully with me, they have never sought to live peacefully with me. For whatever reason, Christians in this Country, want to blame our actions/reactions on our enemies actions. I.e. during the Crusades…We invaded the Middle East…We conquered America…Therefore we are always bad and they are good. Muslims stripped the Italian coast for slaves, Muslims invaded the Holy Land and slaughtered Christians, Muslims invaded Spain, Muslims invaded France. Muslims invaded the Balkans. The Crusades were a delayed reaction to these actions, but yet we are the bad guys? Britain occupied the Middle East due to the defeat of Turkey during WW1, again a reaction to someone’s action. I am tired of being seen as the bad guy and apologizing for some action that happened at the least several generations ago. I believe we made a mistake in invading Iraq, just like us invading the former Yugoslavia to impose our peace. I believe we shouldn’t get involved anywhere unless we do it for our gain. I don’t have anything against Imperialism, if we are going to invade, we aught to keep, at least their natural resources. But we don’t. It is better to call them the victim and us the bad guy again. The Muslim has always been the enemy of Christiandom. Nothing anyone says can change that. They do not follow Christ, their stated goal is the destruction of Christians and Jews. Their Prophet was a pedophile, an act that they embrace. I don’t bury my head in the sand, I do my best to recognize what is the reality of the world, not that seen through rose colored glasses. I don’t go into certain neighborhoods, not because I can’t, but I value my life, my family and my possessions too much. I also don’t believe the worship of Christ, can live amicably with a religion who is an Anti-Christ. The world is what it is. To think otherwise is pure suicide. I know I probably am part of the problem, don’t care as I am not one of those mewly Christians, I carry as I believe Jesus wants us to be armed, not turn the other cheek to one’s enemy, who seeks to kill you and enslave your family. Read the Koran, not even peaceable. So, because of what happened by some Frenchman, it is okay for Muslims to burn Christians out in Niger, Nigeria, Iraq and etc? Bah, they were doing that long before any this Hebdo thing. Read Martyrs for Christ. Before folks say, I haven’t had any experience. I served over 20 years in the Military and in Bosnia/Kosovo as well as in Iraq. I also believe that I am a Christian, maybe not your idea of one, but it is my idea and I believe the word of God justifies it.

    6. “…we all know the history of the Crusades.” Wait, what? In Muslim Christian conflict, how about the 7th century invasion of Syria, the taking of Asia Minor and the Greek civilization on its western shore, the taking of North Africa, the invasion of Iberia, the invasion of France, the invasion of the Balkans, the rape of Constantinople (by the Muslims, in 1453, rather than the earlier Crusader invasion), the invasion of Austria, the genocide of the Armenians? If you’re a Conservative Western Christian, don’t become a self-loathing leftist who can’t see that there are two sides to the Christian/Muslim confilct.

    7. I do not know where Dr. Welton obtains his information, but he seems uninformed. Attacks against Christians by Muslims have been increasing as Muslilm Jihadists see the west as demoralized and weak. The Doctor cites 10 people in Niger, and claims it is the worst case. Hundreds of Christians were killed in Nigeria in the last six months of 2013, according to this source:

      here is a story of 28 Christians killed in Nigeria in the last week of 2014:


      Boko Haram is actively killing Christians on a regular basis:


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