Illinois State Rifle Association Executive Director’s Message January 15 2015

Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Illinois –-( The newly elected Representatives, Senators, and Constitutional Officers have been inaugurated and Illinois State Government is underway for the next two years. The 98th General Assembly is over and the 99th General Assembly will be in session. Pending bills which have been proposed in the 98th General Assembly are dead. I am sure we will see new bills proposed that are similar to the old bills but they will be renumbered and most likely changed in some respect. We will see action beginning the last week of January.

We have added a new class to the ISRA Academy which is very exciting. This class is an Emergency Medical Response Course for Range Safety Officers and Instructors. It will count for continuing education for NRA and EMT certification. The first class is scheduled for March 15th at our new Range Clubhouse. Watch the ISRA calendar for updates.

Like you, I have been watching the recent attacks in France. It seems incredible to me that our Political Leader can’t see that this is a war on western civilization. What has taken place in France coincides with what I have been talking about in the previous Thursday Bulletins and elsewhere.

1. This is a jihadist war on western civilization that will be fought here. Here is wherever you are – France, Australia, Canada, Russia, and the United States, or wherever you are in the world. This war will be fought among us. We will be involved in it and so will your loved ones. It is not our choice; it is the jihadist’s choice and we can’t avoid it.

2. We need to be prepared to defend ourselves and our loved ones. No one will arrive in time to save us.

3. I am constantly urging you to get training; now I find that to be more important than ever. The Muslim Jihadists in France were certainly trained. I am sure other attacks were perpetrated by jihadists with training. The jihadists already have the advantage of surprise. We should get some level of training to give ourselves a better chance of survival.

4. It is obvious the jihadists are ready to both kill and die. They have no intention of coming out alive and want to take as many other people with them as they can. Governments who treat these attacks as a crime problem get us all in trouble. This is a war.

The French are poster children for the lack of preparedness. Private gun ownership is different in France. There is a small group of hunters who are even having trouble keeping their guns. The French and the rest of the world need to forget their gun prohibitionist views and allow their citizens to defend themselves. In the meantime, let’s make every effort to see that our Second Amendment rights are secure.

Thanks for being a member.

Richard Pearson
ISRA Executive Director

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