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Chummy Plummer

( It was 1935 and a new hunting and fishing frontier was just opening up in North America. By the late 1940s sportswriters and sportscasters Jimmy Robinson, Art Mercier, Al Spiers & Ray Heady were scrambling to cover it. Fishing lure manufacturers like Lucky Strike, Harold Ensley, Virgil Ward and Dardevle’s Ed Eppinger wanted their bait to be the name behind the record-breaking trophies in this uncharted territory. Sportsman called it the “Lake of Dreams.”

“I wanted to belong to the most exclusive club in the hemisphere,” wrote Charles Elliot, Field Editor, Outdoor Life. Elliot recounts Chummy Plummer, third generation and owner of Plummer’s Arctic Lodges, the oldest fishing and hunting lodges in Canada’s Arctic, Northwest Territories. Chummy Plummer who started guiding the Arctic in 1956 at the tender age of 13 is still running the lodges today. Chummy will be present at the SCI World’s Greatest Hunting Show, Booth # 1786, Las Vegas Nevada, February 4 – 7, 2015.

Seventy years later Plummer’s has grown to seven trophy fly-in fishing lodges north of the Arctic Circle, including very exclusive muskox hunting. Recently, Babe Winkelman and his four hunting companions during their hunting trip at Plummer’s Great Bear Lake Lodge each took a muskox that earned a spot in the record book. “It is truly majestic getting close to a muskox. This was the absolute icing on the cake,” as Babe talks about his hunt.

Plummer’s Arctic Lodges hold the World Records for Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling and the 32 lb., 9 oz. Arctic Char caught at Plummer’s Tree River Char camp at the mouth of the Arctic Ocean. Named as the top fishing destination by Field & Stream magazine, Plummer’s is a playground for Presidents, celebrities and avid hunters and anglers; former President George H.W. Bush, Wayne Gretzky and other notables have been guests at the lodges.

The man behind it all is Chummy Plummer. “I have finally met the legend,” a guest said to Chummy when boarding the jet homeward bound after his fishing trip on Great Bear. Plummer is an astute and unique individual. He is the son of Warren Plummer and grandson of C.C. Plummer, a Minnesota Hall of Famer for Best Round Rifle and Shotgun shooter who in 1930 went by canoe from Yellowknife to Taltheilei Narrows where amazing fishing had been rumored and in 1948 built a lodge. Chummy has been involved in the lodge business since 1956 when at the age of 13 he started guiding at Plummer’s Great Slave Lake Lodge. Fifty-nine years later he still owns and actively runs Plummer’s Lodges. Plummer earned a Business Degree and right after college worked briefly at Ford Motor Corporation, but as his boss said when Plummer decided to quit, “Chummy you are like a bird in a cage.” Plummer realized the Arctic was his home and his passion was fishing and hunting. He wanted to provide that world-class Arctic fishing and hunting experiences to others. It was the right fit for Chummy. Johnny Morris, founder of Bass Pro Shops, refers to Plummer as “Maestro” for conducting his lodge organization to run smoothly.

As the late Jimmy Robinson, hunting writer, sportsman and editor for Sports Afield magazine summed it up,   “My good friend Chummy Plummer, hunter, angler & class AA sportsman.” According to Chummy Plummer, president of Plummer’s Lodges, it’s not just about the fishing and hunting. “It’s about escaping the pressures of city life. It’s about losing oneself in the rugged beauty of wilderness carved from the Canadian Shield, gliding over glacial waters and experiencing peace of mind in a place that seems light years away from civilization.”

Chummy Plummer will be available for interviews and perhaps even a couple of grizzly bear stories at Booth #1768, at the SCI World’s Greatest Hunting Show, February 4 – 7, 2015. Plummer’s Lodges has donated a three-day fishing trip for two anglers at their Great Slave Lake Lodge, Northwest Territories Canada to the SCI Auction.

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For more history on Plummer’s lodges and video interviews with Chummy on the history:

About Plummer’s Arctic Lodges: A group of exclusive fly-in sports fishing lodges for Lake Trout, Arctic Grayling, Arctic Char and Northern Pike in the Canadian Arctic; Plummer’s Great Slave Lake Lodge, Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories Canada. Great Bear Lake Lodge, Trophy Lodge, Arctic Circle Lodge, Neiland Bay, Branson’s Outpost are located on Great Bear Lake. Plummer’s Tree River Lodge for Arctic Char is located at the mouth of the Arctic Ocean.

Very Exclusive Musk Ox Hunt: In the last two hunting seasons, Plummer’s Great Bear Lake Lodge has hosted only nine hunters.  All nine hunters were successful and seven of the nine animals qualified for Boone and Crockett.  There are no guarantees on this fair chase hunt but this zone consistently produces some of the biggest Trophy muskox harvested each year.

Plummer’s Arctic Lodges are open for July and August each year. For more information,   visit

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