IWI US Debuts 2015 Catalog

Innovate ● Optimize ● Perform

IWI US Catalog
IWI US Catalog
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Harrisburg, PA (Ammoland.com)IWI US, Inc.  a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., proudly announces the release of the IWI US 2015 Product Catalog. It was unveiled at the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jan. 20 – 21, 2015. The new IWI catalog can be found on the IWI US website.

The new full-size, 24-page catalog premieres IWI US’ 2015 tagline “Innovate ● Optimize ● Perform.” This tagline embodies the company’s longtime philosophy of designing weapon systems and redefining firearms technologies based upon the needs of warfighters and law enforcement units around the globe. Every IWI product has become the standard-bearer of innovative design, function and continuous performance. To put it more simply, IWI US’ products have a reputation for being legendary.

Within these beautifully designed catalog pages, offered for the first time in the United States, are rifles and pistols that have been modernized and customized for the American commercial/civilian market. Among the featured weapons are the Galil Ace pistol and rifle(with and without the side-folding Stabilizing Brace), the UZI PRO pistol, a modern Micro UZI semi-auto pistol based on the UZI submachine gun (with and without the Stabilizing Brace) and the highly popular Jericho 941 pistol in several configurations. IWI US’ founding firearm, the TAVOR SAR is still displayed front and center in the catalog with all its variants including new colors and a dedicated 9mm version.

In 2014, IWI US saw an increased interest by law enforcement agencies for IWI US products. A law enforcement section is now included which features IWI US’ own Pennsylvania State Police highlighting the IWI firearms that have been adopted by the IDF and LE agencies and militaries worldwide.

The catalog also includes a full array of IWI US accessories for the discriminating IWI firearms owner. The catalog is now available online.

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) US 2015 Catalog

About IWI US, Inc.

IWI US, Inc. is the USA based subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd. of Ramat Hasharon, Israel and a member of the SK Group, a leading defense and security group of companies that operate in the global Defense and Law Enforcement markets. The IWI US line of products includes several configurations of the TAVOR® SAR, Jericho® 941™ pistol, UZI® pistol and Galil ACE® rifles and pistols.

For more information, visit IWI US Inc. at our website – www.iwi.us , on Facebook www.facebook.com/IWIUS – or contact us via email at: [email protected]

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5 years ago

Sorry for the wrong number on my comet the pistol is a 941 Jericho 45acp .

5 years ago

HELLO THIS TO LET YOU KNOW I HAVE HAD A BABY EAGLE 971 IMI FOR MANY YEARS. I have had a rifle since 12 now I am 72 and shot many types fire arms. I teach hunter in id. black power. For pistols my 971 imi 45 IN MY OPINION THE BEST shooting accurate and best built on the AMERICAN market…. I have shot with other friends with 911 models and brands none come close to 971. They fit feel handle like no other on the market , everyone that shoots my eagle wished they had one!!!! The one I… Read more »