Learning More About Safari Club International

By Jason Reid

Find what you are looking for in an adventure,  Feburary 4-7 at the annual convention.
Find what you are looking for in an adventure, Feburary 4-7 2015 at the annual convention.
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New York –-(Ammoland.com)- Like many of you, I’ve seen the Safari Club International (SCI) advertisements, I’ve watched SCI Expedition Safari on the Outdoor Channel, and The Shockey clan’s SCI Chronicles on their show.

I have had an external understanding of what SCI does for all of us for a long time and have held admiration and respect for the organization.

However, in order to best serve the organization and its members at the annual show next month as a press member, I needed to have to gain a deeper understanding of SCI, what they do globally and how they serve their members and others around the world.

After looking through the website, I realized quickly, there was no way to report the entire reach and impact of SCI in one blog. But I did realize, they mean what they say- “First For Hunters”.

From the Safari Club International About page, the organization started at a grass roots level between a group of people in Los Angles and Chicago in the early 70’s which now encompasses 190 global chapters and around 55,000 members. As someone who works in sales and marketing, the importance of starting at the grass roots level resonates with me.

The grass roots beginning means a strong sense of loyalty and driven purpose from the core leadership which extends to everyone apart of the organization.

Advocacy and Public Relations are key parts to any nonprofit, especially to ensure the future of our hunting culture in the future. It is no secret we face some challenging times. SCI supports key pieces of legislation through the Hunters Defense Fund and SCI-PAC, which financially counteracts the anti-hunting movement. The SCI-PAC is larger than PACs created by American Express, General Motors and Delta Airlines. I can only image what those figures look like. SCI also works closely with key personnel in congress to “modernize” the Endangered Species Act. Modernizing referrers to the outdated practices of the Endangered Species Act, which hamper true conservation by the people who understand conservation,,, sportsmen.

Find your dream hunt and contribute to the conservation of  the world's wildlife.
Find your dream hunt and contribute to the conservation of the world’s wildlife.

Humanitarian Efforts are also a part of SCI.

  • Sportsmen Against Hunger provides food bank’s needs for low fat, low cholesterol, preservative-free, high-protein meat. The demand for non processed foods is higher among food banks, it’s a good thing many sportsmen think of those beyond themselves.
  • The Pathfinder Award directly benefits disabled hunters by providing opportunities and goods for those in difficult circumstances to continue their passions. This hits close to home since I know disabled hunters and a local organization, NewYork Outdoors Unlimited, who work towards the same goal.
  • Safari Care is a program designed to provide medical and educational supply to clinics, schools, villages, and orphanages. The SafariCare blue bags signify hope care and relief funded again by those who care- sportsmen and women.
  • Safari Wish is a fund which helps children with life threatening illnesses go hunting. Individual States like New Mexico have begun working in tandem with the fund for wish granting hunts through their DNR departments. Again, hunter dollars and time give back to more than which meets the eye.

Conservation projects funded by SCI provide the means for the right people to conduct studies crucial to the survival and understanding of an area or species. From partnering with states like Arizona to re-introduced Bighorn sheep in the Catalina Mountains near Tucson, Arizona, to fund studies on local moose populations in Wyoming impacted by energy business expansions and funding research projects in South Africa to study lions.

On top of the humanitarian, advocacy and conservation efforts SCI supports, they also support businesses through their annual convention. The Safari Club International Annual Convention, also known as the Hunters Marketplace, allows businesses and outfitters from around the world a platform to build relationships and commerce. With over 18,000 attendees from six continents last year, from manufacturers to outfitters, the economic impact of SCI can be felt around the world.

From the mountains to the waters, SCI, First For Hunters
From the mountains to the waters, SCI, First For Hunters.

And this is all just the surface of Safari Club International.

About the author.

Jason Reid is a writer and business professional from Upstate New York. With a passion for adventure and bow hunting, Jason’s other writing can be seen at pushingthewildlimits.com.