McRees Precision Selects The Media Group, Inc. to Manage its Public Relations Efforts

McRees Presicion
McRees Presicion

GREENWOOD, MS -( – McRees Precision , a Greenwood based company, announced today that they have selected The Media Group, Inc.

A creative services agency based out of Chicago, Illinois, to manage its Public Relations and Communications efforts.

About McRees Precision

Rooted in a humble, there-has-to-be-a-better-way beginning, competitive bench rest shooters, Scott and Kathy McRee launched McRees Precision in response to frustration with failing stock systems, poor product offerings and even worse customer service. Once MIA, “old school American values” are the cornerstone of McRees Precision products and services. Forged from real world combat to the thin blue line and from high-stakes shooting competitions to your favorite hunting adventures, McRee stock systems are built, not made, for hard core boot-on-the-ground operatives, discerning marksmen and blood-under-the-fingernail hunters, by master craftsmen focused on changing the world you shoot in.

Tallahatchie Arms Logo
Tallahatchie Arms Logo

About Tallahatchie Arms

Owned and operated by professional marksmen and History Channel’s Top Shot Season 2 winner, Chris Reed, Tallahatchie Arms is located in the same building as McRees Precision and operates as the exclusive 07 FFL master distributor for McRees Precision firearm products. Tallahatchie Arms processes all incoming and outgoing firearm systems serviced by McRees Precision shooting. Forged in years of friendship, Tallahatchie Arms’ distribution streamlines accessibility for the most innovative, service oriented, battlefield-tested tactical stock systems the world has ever seen.

About The Media Group, Inc.

The Media Group is a Creative Services Agency that began in 1996, working with a small group of clients, and has now become one of the most effective and highly respected PR/Communications Firms in the Outdoor Industry. The Media Group offers a wide range of services including strategic planning, public relations, direct marketing, special events coordination and trade show planning. Their objective is to build Brand Equity and increase Brand Name Awareness through editorial placements in print publications as well as other outlets like television, radio and the Internet.

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Media members interested in McRees Precision products, including interviews, editorial or video reviews and showcases, as well as story ideas, should contact Joe Wieczorek ([email protected]) or Kevin Reese ([email protected]) of The Media Group at (847) 956-9090.