Montana State Senator Rosendale Introduces Ammunition Manufacturing Bill

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Montana State Senator Rosendale Introduces Ammunition Manufacturing Bill
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Montana Shooting Sports Association

Missoula, MT –-( Montana Shooting Sports Association’s (MSSA) flagship bill this session has been introduced as Senate Bill 122.

This bill, introduced by Senator Matt Rosendale, is to encourage the manufacture of ammunition components in Montana, to insure the availability of components so we will continue to have ammo, so our RKBA doesn’t evaporate for lack of ammo.

I can’t stress too much how important this bill is.

To get this bill passed will REQUIRE your active involvement. SB 122 has been assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee (good for us), but no public hearing on the bill has been set yet. The chairman of Senate Judiciary Committee will try to bundle our bills before his committee so those of you who can travel to Helena to support them will be able to kill several birds with one stone – appear in support of multiple bills with one trip to Helena.

All of you must become familiar with the legislative process, and how you can interface with and affect that process. That’s why I’ve written a careful explanation of all of that and have posted it for your use at:

Please study this page.

Folks, freedom is not free. It requires your active participation!

You will be getting more frequent emails and articles from me as the legislative session heats up. Please do not blow them off, or get to inured to them. Please commit time from your busy life to being involved, either electronically or with travel, in support of the pro-gun bills MSSA will push FOR YOU in the Montana Legislature this session.

Stay tuned for more.

Best wishes,

Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana

About Montana Shooting Sports Association:MSSA is the primary political advocate for Montana gun owners. Visit:

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Of course ATF will want their share of fees for FFL type 06 / type 10 minimum depending on ammo product , Then of course the infamous ITAR which goes beyond Congress regulating commerce , stepping on the Consitution some more by the State Dept, which over sees ITAR.

al sostrin

this allows people to better afford to enjoy their firearms while creating jobs. a stroke of brilliance pass the darn thing.. unless it makes too much sense

David Ryan

This is an important bill, we need to be able to have ammunition availability instead of being at the mercy of other states.