New Sons Shield Trauma Kit: Wallet-Sized Unit Designed to Save Lives

Features durably packaged military-grade supplies

Sons Shield Trauma Kit
Sons Shield Trauma Kit

Jacksonville, FL -( The Safariland Group (“Safariland”) is excited to announce the release of the all-new Sons Shield Trauma Kit featuring military-grade trauma supplies durably packaged in an easy-to-access unit not much bigger than a wallet.

Proven in combat by soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Shield Trauma Kit is 4.5” x 6”, about ½” to ¾” thick and is designed to help save lives.

“Gear readiness is critical to saving lives,” said Todd Mackler, Vice President, Armor, The Safariland Group. “We’re offering the Shield Trauma Kit for law enforcement officers and other first responders who were tired of bulky pouches and bags and were looking for a way to carry military-grade supplies in a more efficient and accessible package. The Shield Trauma Kit is compact and light enough to be carried by anyone in the field.”

Offered in two models, the Shield Trauma Kit contents are packed in clear, heavy-duty, medical-grade vinyl and organized according to typical injury patterns for maximum efficiency during trauma treatment. Engineered for instant access even in tight quarters, the ½” thick unit fits undetectably under body armor and is small enough to be carried in a jacket pocket or duty belt and won’t impede tactical maneuvers or movement in small spaces.

Model SHTK-1 – Intermediate includes six components, and with the Model SHTK-2 Advanced, an additional hemostatic clotting gauze is added for a total of seven items. Designed to last 24 – 36 months, the Sons Shield Trauma Kit is available now at the MSRPs noted below.

Part No. / Model / MSRP

  • 1177757 / SHTK-1 (Intermediate) / $55.00
  • 1177968 / SHTK-2 (Advanced) / $100.00

The Sons Shield Trauma Kit has been patented by the US Patent and Trademark office and will be featured at the 2015 SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade) Show at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 20 – 23 booth #12762.

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