New WeaponRACK Products Offer Secure, Quick Access for Home Protection Guns

New WeaponRACK Products
New WeaponRACK Products
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Traverse City, MI -( The nightmare scenario of someone kicking in the door and rushing into your family’s home is a sad reality of today’s society.

Home invasion is the term used by the media, and it’s an all-too-common story in the news. Once in the home and in control, these thugs have shown no mercy to defenseless families.

A pistol offers security and protection should the unthinkable happen, and a homeowner equipped with the newest WeaponRACK products from BenchMaster is far from defenseless. New from BenchMaster WeaponRACK for 2015 are the Bedside RACK, the Ready RACK and the 6-Gun Pistol And Magazine RACK.

Protecting your guns with cushion storage while providing quick and easy access, these new products from WeaponRACK are designed to meet the needs of modern-day home protection.

Most home-protection situations occur in the middle of the night while a homeowner is sleeping. There might not be time to scramble for a gun. Like the name implies, the Bedside RACK is designed to attach to the side of the bed. With the Bedside RACK, a homeowner who awakens to the sound of an intruder would need only the time to reach for the side of the bed, saving precious seconds.

The Ready RACK offers the same cushion protection and is designed so it can be used in various situations where it can be hidden, yet available for quick access.

For storage of your pistols in a gun safe or another safe location, BenchMaster announces the new 6-Gun Pistol and Magazine RACK. The BenchMaster Weapon RACK Gun Rest products are designed to hold multiple pistols in a safe and secure manner that allows rapid access. The new 6-Gun Rest answers the call from satisfied owners of the 2-Gun, 3-Gun and 4-Gun RACKS who needed a RACK that would hold and protect more guns.

All BenchMaster WeaponRACK products are designed to accommodate pistols of any caliber. They protect your guns while also making sure they are available for quick,easy access. BenchMaster WeaponRACK products contain no latex, have extreme low water absorption, excellent chemical resistance and are impervious to rot, mold, mildew and bacteria. Proudly made in the USA, WeaponRACK products feature high resiliency, thermal insulation, high strength and great shock absorption.

Cushion storage to protect your guns and features designed for quick and easy access, BenchMaster is proud to introduce the new Bedside RACK, Ready RACK and 6-Gun Pistol And Magazine RACK.

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