Obama – The Free Worlds Number One Enemy ~ Video

The Enemies Within
The Enemies Within


PHOENIX, Ariz. -(Ammoland.com)- What’s In A Word?

Lone wolf. Jihad. Islamist. ISIL. ISIS. Terrorist. Radical muslim jihadi well-trained militant al-Qaeda Yemen-based terrorist.

What happened to Sleeper Cells? Did the media just get tired of scaring us with that phrase? Are they out there, still sleeping? What’s the alarm clock? Should Americans — or anyone — be armed, just in case? Or face it like the French, or Jewish grocery shoppers in Paris?

Trevor Loudon – the author and freedom fighter from New Zealand on a swing through the United States, made these telling comments at a speech I was lucky enough to catch:

If America loses its military and economic dominance, the bad guys in the world — the Russians, Communist Chinese, North Koreans, Cubans, Iran, radical Muslims, Syrians and Iraqis, Marxists running South America and the rest, will carve up this planet, and you can’t let that happen. John Kerry is just Jane Fonda with a little less testosterone. Obama has abandoned peace through strength. A good portion of your Congress couldn’t pass an FBI security clearance…

He went on to describe how his small nation and the rest of the Western world depend on us, there is no one else. Who’s going to step up and protect the free, Canada? Belgium? Japan? Mexico? We’re it folks, and the people currently in charge are not only not up to the task, they’re virtually traitors to the cause. He really made us think. Google around for his talks, they’re on line.

(Roughly): “No person may run for statewide or federal legislative office, or hold such office, without passing and maintaining FBI security clearance sufficient to attend closed-door briefings on matters of statewide or national security matters, respectively.” –Trevor Loudon.

The guy makes a lot of sense. He argues, among other things, that a significant number of legislators could not gain such clearance and should be removed. That’s in addition to ineligibility due to conflict-of-interest and illegal connections to foreign powers.

His book, The Enemies Within, documents the controversial and sometimes subversive ties of hundreds of members of Congress.

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I don’t see any Constitutional clause for secrecy in government. I do see where the government has become an oppressive tax collecting world policeman that caters to failed big businesses by bailing them out , Then the bailout money was used to pay more bonuses of failed practices of rewarding gross revenue instead of gross profit. More mob rule socialism at the cost of the bankrupt middle class , that was destroyed paying for poor people to live like upper middle class. America the taxed , HOW WILL YOU PAY YOUR PROPERTY TAX WHEN THEY RISE 300% ? Do you… Read more »