Principal: Students Can ‘Hurl’ Cans Of Corn at Gunmen As ‘Last Resort’

By AWR Hawkins

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Principal: Students Can ‘Hurl’ Cans Of Corn at Gunmen As ‘Last Resort'
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  W.F. Burns Middle School principal Princella Holley suggested stockpiling “cans of food such as corn and peas in classrooms” so students could grab them and “hurl” them at school attackers as a “last resort.”

W.F. Burns Middle School is in Chambers County, Alabama.

Holley sent a letter home on January 9 2015 asking each student to bring one can of food to school for this purpose.

According to the AP, Holley wrote, “We realize at first this may seem odd; however, it is a practice that would catch an intruder off guard.” She believes “the canned food item could stun the intruder or even knock him out until the police arrive.”

Holley’s letter came about after school employees “received training from Auburn University’s Department of Public Safety.”

After the training, Chambers County School superintendent Kelli Hodge agreed that the cans of corn could be used in a pinch.

Hodge said teachers are taught to grab their students, lock their classroom doors, and shelter-in-place in the event of an attack. If the doors were breached the students could then throw the cans of corn “and items such as textbooks.”

Other more practical school systems around the country have changed their policies to allow teachers with concealed carry permits to be armed in case of attack.

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    1. Can you imagine the money our military can save? Each soldier armed with a few cans from Green Giant? Drones dropping Campbell’s? Heavy weapons could be big cans of V-8. Take out a tank with a gallon of skim milk. There’s no end to this. Department of Defense superseded by the Department of Agriculture.

    2. I really like James’ reply about issuing Wrist Rockets, then the perps won’t have a chance cause they can’t see them coming, those 1/4 ” steel balls.

    3. I fully support this move as long as the kids get enough time at the can range to become fully proficient.

      1. From one imposter Doc to another, there is only one way to prove the viability of the nice lady’s plan. Give her some canned veggies and I will assault her position with an AK-47. If she is right, I will end up with a nasty knot on my head. However, if she is wrong, we will never be forced to hear any more inane drivel from her left wing idiocy………, I mean ideology.

    4. I am increasingly amazed at the nation of cowards and wimps that our fine higher educators are churning out today. I thank my lucky stars that I grew up in the era when John Wayne was a national hero, and not Kim Kardashian.

      I weep for the future of our once great nation. I only hope there is a chance that I may still be alive to see it begin to return to its place in the world.

      1. @ Joe, And I pray that the Lord takes me before I live to see America dissolve into the mass of Liberal rubbish which is where it is quickly heading. Someday soon we must take it back before it is too late.

    5. Things sure have changed since I was young. I was taught run from a gunman , distance equals safety . Now they teach the kids to huddle in the closet like chickens in a slaughterhouse. All these so called educated people teaching kids to be victims, Sad what happened to America .

    6. It seems like I’ve been in some kind of a weird dream/nightmare the last few years with some of the things gun-grabbers say and do. Just when you think it cant get anymore bizarre and off the wall, does ! These are the same fools that say law-abidding firearms owners are racists,terrorists,and have mental problems ?

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