Robbers Target ‘She’s A Pistol Gun Shop’, Bad Idea… ~ Video


She's A Pistol Gun Shop
She’s A Pistol Gun Shop
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Manasquan, NJ –-( A group of armed robbers enter a gun store. No, this isn’t a joke, but it should be – because that’s probably the last place a criminal should ever try to rob. According to The Kansas City Star:

“The co-owner of a Shawnee gun store was fatally shot and three suspects were wounded during an attempted robbery Friday afternoon. The gunfight broke out after four robbers entered She’s A Pistol ( ), at 57th Street…according to Shawnee police.”

It was open season after one of the armed men struck co-owner Becky Bieker in the face. Shots were fired, one of which fatally wounded Becky’s husband, and co-owner, Jon Bieker. All told, there were multiple, severe injuries, mostly on the part of the attackers.

This is a classic story of stupid criminals, but also one that illustrates a good point. Guns are neither good, nor bad, simply tools. Jon and Becky Bieker had the means and the training to defend themselves from their attackers, because of one thing: the Second Amendment.

One could also argue that the robbers only had the means to attack the Biekers because of the same thing. However, criminals, by definition, don’t usually obey the law, and as such, will do what they want whether their behavior is legal or not.

In contrast, The Kansas City Star goes on to quote several members of the community, including Shawnee Councilwoman Michelle Distler. She had only glowing things to say about the Biekers and their attentiveness to safety – for men and women:

“They’ve been great resources for teaching self-defense, especially for women, and not just firearm self-defense.” She added, “He will be sorely missed.”

However, after HuffPo ran an article detailing the shooting, some stunning verbal shots were fired in the comment section.

David Mercer
In France, it’s a national tragedy. In America, it’s just another day.

Mattie Marie
Gun owners put us all at risk, just look at the woman in Wal-Mart who let her two year old get her gun. Stay home and hide in fear if you need your gun, leave the rest of us alone.

Rob Swinson
if they only had guns this would have been…. oh wait.

But several other commenters gave as good as their more liberal counterparts, in defense of the Biekers.

Boom Stick
Hm.. They stopped a robbery (of a gun store no less) and got the suspects. Sounds like the guns DID keep them safe (EDIT: I said “safe” before we knew the fate of the owner), and stopped these robbers from taking advantage of someone else. They are heroes.

Adam McIntosh
4 vs 2 and they won.

A gunfight at a gun store. Regardless of what you think about the right to bear arms, it’s a tragedy, and something that didn’t need to happen. Criminal stupidity led to the death of an innocent, law-abiding man.