Shadowy Gun Control Groups Influence ‘News’ Media

By Alan Korwin

Shadowy Gun Groups Influence 'News' Media
Shadowy Gun Groups Influence ‘News’ Media

PHOENIX, AZ –-( The lamestream media told you:

  • Americans for Responsible Solutions, says this..
  • Everytown for Gun Control, says that..
  • Moms Demand Action for None Sense in America, says this..
  • Illegal Mayors Against Guns, says that..
  • blah, blah, blah……

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

These names keep popping up in the “news,” but who are they exactly? Do they have memberships? Are they “real” or are they empty shell constructs of some power broker, unquestioned by the “news” media? Why do they command such high-profile positions in the media? How did they burst onto the scene so rapidly?

Is the media doing its job vetting them? Should their membership lists be publicly revealed like gun-permit lists reporters periodically release or attempt to release? Why do those groups receive such credible and plausible coverage, when time-honored and long-standing constitutionally based groups in every state and nationally are routinely trashed by the same reporters and editors?

Should the licenses and registrations of reporters and editors be subject to official inquiries? Oh, that’s right, they don’t have any.

Those questions unfortunately have truly ugly answers, because the named groups are little more than hastily constructed propaganda vehicles created by a small handful of insanely rich power-brokers led by former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and allies. And everyone knows it. The media’s lack of ethics shines brightly through that smokescreen.

The media and the shell groups are exercising a misplaced vendetta against the fundamental human and civil right to keep and bear arms, in the false belief that by placing all gunpowder in the hands of the government and the police we will all be safer. (Some black people have less faith in that plan.)

The media knows this but ignores it its headlong rush to praise “the establishment” and vilify and crush the very rights that protect their right to publish the filth they propagate. The level of distortion associated with this “news” coverage would win awards, if journalism awards were given for such categories as distortion, misinformation, lack of balance, and failure to accurately inform on subjects of critical importance to the American republic.

**Calls for a U.S. Dept. of Accuracy (DOA) were unheeded at press time.

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There are people out there that will believe and promote anything if it means they can make a living off of it. How many people do you know that are willing to spend all of their own money they possess to champion a cause. No, most of these types are “idea men” (or women) that have found a way to stir people up and at the same time feel like their pitiable lives have meaning. And then, they can make a living off of it?… Who could ask for anything more? Remove the feeling of power and make it cost… Read more »


What country am I in?

Leo Smith

Those against guns will be the LAST people we protect. And we remember who you are.


Remember the big anti gun people are mostly protected by people that have guns.


It’s just been discovered that Russia/Putin and his people are behind a number of these Conservative and anti-gun attacks! Yes, Russia and China are one of many groups/Countries behind disarming “We the People” and BO is working hand-in-hand with this Evil People! BO and his Commie/Muslim/NWO along with these Nations have one agenda, and that is, the take down of America and put “We the People” under complete TYRANNY…!!! People need to wake-up and see WW3 has already started and will soon be on each of door step before you know what has happened! God help, PLEASE!

Herman Snerd

I’m as pro-2A as the next one, but please cite where you got this info.