Special Interview With Competitive Shooting Champion: Lena Miculek

By Vanessa Torres:

Lena MIculek
Lena MIculek

USA -(Ammoland.com)-This past week I was able to speak with Shooting Champion Lena Miculek.

Lena Spoke to us about how she felt after 2014, what’s in store for 2015, how her parents feel about what she is doing and more!

Chris with the shooting industry's First Family: The Miculek's (from left to right- Kay, Lena, and Jerry)
Chris with the shooting industry’s First Family: The Miculek’s (from left to right- Kay, Lena, and Jerry)

As we know Lena’s Parents are Pro Shooter Jerry Miculek, and Semi-Pro shooter Kay Clark Miculek. Both parents have obtained their own achievements, and Lena is Following their footsteps, and making her mark in Shooting Sports.

So, What is it like to be a teenage girl while making your mark in shooting sports as a championship Shooter? “It feels perfectly natural to me. It’s what I grew up around.”

As is common knowledge we know that your parents are professional shooters, how do they feel about you following in their footsteps? “I have to feel they are proud of me, after all they taught, and continue to teach me everything I know about shooting. Mom (Kay) tells me constantly how she is impressed with how quickly I pick up on the advanced skills that I practice with Dad (Jerry).

As for Dad, he is the one that always reminds me that the only way to stay competitive is to be constantly changing and improving. He is the perfect role model for that considering he is 61 and still strikes fear into the hearts of many fellow competitors.

How do you feel about being a role model for young ladies, and aspiring athletes all over the country? “Knowing that I am a role model for anyone really seems a bit strange to me. I strongly hope that I would be considered a role model not just because of my shooting talent, but more importantly because of the morals I strive to live by, the good sportsmanship qualities I try to display and the values I place on God, family and friends.”

Lena MIculek with her firearms, and awards

We know in 2014 you won over 15 titles, that is amazing! How do you think you are going to do this upcoming year? “My skills are still improving with every practice session so I’m very optimistic starting the 2015 season. However, I know just how fast someone can rise to the top, just like I did, and there is lots of new talent in the 3gun world.”

Lena’s Accomplishments From 2014 include:

  • 17 High Lady titles
  • 1 National Championship Title
  • 2 World Championship Titles

What are some special things we can see from you upcoming in 2015? “I have been working hard on consistency with my handgun. Let’s just say my handgun and I have a roller-coaster of a relationship. One minute we love each other and are hero’s, the next zeros. Hopefully my hard work will be very apparent in upcoming competitions.”

Will you be making any special appearances soon where anyone can meet you? Yes! I’m going to be hanging out and signing pictures at many of my sponsors booths during the SHOT Show and NRA Convention.

Are there any upcoming matches you are really excited for? “This year my main focus is on defending my IPSC World Shotgun title. In preparation, I will be shooting every shotgun-only match I can make!”

“Also I am really looking forward to the woman’s only Lady 3Gun matches. It’s always a great time shooting on an all woman’s squad and meeting the new, up and coming shooters!”

What guns will you be using in competition and have you done anything to customize them for your personal style of shooting? “As the saying goes, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. I will be sticking with the same guns that brought me to the winner’s circle last year. These include my S&W M&P 9 Pro Series pistol with Hiviz sights. Also a Mossberg 930 JM shotgun with the absolutely necessary mag tub extinction from Nordic Components. To finish it all up I have my S&W M&P 15-PC rifle, topped with the Vortex Razer 1×6 with JM reticle,  and perfected with the Hiperfire 24C trigger

Lena has really made a mark in shooting sports. She is becoming someone that so many can look up to. She has all of the characteristics of a great role model for aspiring women, and athletes across the nation. We are looking forward to seeing much more from her this year, and the years ahead.

Here is a list of her sponsors:

For times on appearances, and more information please check out Lena Miculek at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lena-Miculek/227803927300671

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Bob Koppelman

Jerry, Just wandering if you remember me. I was the pres for the Baton Rouge combat shooters back in 1988. You, your brother Donnie and Wanda taught me many things. The range was part of the Baton Rouge rifle and pistol club. I have followed your shooting all this time, Would like to meet you again sometime, if you remember. We shot on my pistol range before a major match at berry. If you have time, would enjoy a reply. Bob Koppelman