STOP ‘American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention’, Before They Start

American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention
American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention

BELLEVUE, WA – -( American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention (ASLGVP) is a giant new gun control group looking to attack gun rights in our states.

ASLGVP is made up of nearly 200 state legislators.

Their founder, Brian Kavanagh (D-NY), said, “We’ve come together in recognition of the essential role state legislators must play, whether or not Congress chooses to act, in reducing gun violence.”

They are telling us they do not need Congress to pass anti-gun laws. Congress could not fulfill their anti-gun agenda through so they are attacking our rights at the state level.

We, as citizens, also have a voice. That is why we are going to contact every one of our state governors to warn them about this new anti-gun coalition. We must tell them we do not want new anti-gun laws in our states and they must protect our 2nd Amendment rights.

American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention
American State Legislators for Gun Violence Prevention

Their new anti-gun group is said to include up to 200 state lawmakers but less than ten have attached their names to this group thus far. One report said that the group had not yet published a list of members over concerns about “political backlash.”

If these state lawmakers are worried about political backlash back home, they must have good reason for that. Reports say Kavanagh founded this group because Congress has not adopted certain gun control measures. This has become the argument of the gun prohibition lobby.

Another member, Senator Jose R. Rodriguez (D-TX) said, “Given Congress’s inability to enact sensible, commonsense laws, this coalition promises to provide legislators an avenue to share effective ways to reduce gun violence.”

They failed to pressure Congress, so now the strategy is to attack gun rights at the state level, where presumably members of this new anti-gun lawmakers’ group will push their gun control agenda through the state legislatures.

Frankly, elected officials promoting an agenda to erode state and federal constitutional rights, as members of a New York-based group whose roster is apparently secret, ought to expect some political backlash.

Gun owners in all 50 states deserve to know, before legislative sessions begin next month, which lawmakers in their states will be pushing this new group’s agenda.

Private lobbying organizations might expect to have some degree of privacy but when an organization consists of elected public officials, there must be complete transparency. The public deserves to know who belongs to this organization, and who is providing financial support.

Anti-gun groups refuse to use the words “gun control” anymore. Whenever they form their anti-gun coalitions they use the terms “gun violence prevention” to gain public support. Gun violence prevention simply sounds better than “going after your gun rights.”

Our State Governors have final say in what they sign into law in our great states. With our constant pressure, they will know we do not support new anti-gun legislation popping up in our states.

Sincerely yours,

Alan M. Gottlieb
If you prefer to donate by check, please mail to:
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With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States. Contributions are not tax deductible. The Citizens Committee can be reached by phone at (425) 454-4911, on the Internet at or by email to [email protected]

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Rick Ellington

oatka says… the only places they are winning are forever blues states because that’s all they can win….there are more red states than blue!! keep calm and buy more guns!!! 🙂


“. . . they are attacking our rights at the state level.” IMO, they have found a chink in our armor – implementing via state initiatives, “Background Checks” among private parties, and use the 4473 form to create a gun registration list. Worse yet, they are winning wherever they have tried it. The Gruberized voters believe the “gunshow loophole” lie or accept that such a law makes them “safer”. Then we have the non-gun owners who don’t give a damn if registration is involved. We shouldn’t waste our efforts fighting the ASLGVP, we should be after the NRA, GOA, CCRKBA… Read more »


What? Another group of elected officials who want to rule against the will of the American people.

William Baker

I especially like the ‘giant’ part. 200 members, wow, thats a lot for a girl scout troop.