Survival Straps Debuts Bracelet That Boosts Physical Performance

Active Edge Survival Bracelets proven to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation.

Survival Straps Active Edge Survival Bracelet
Survival Straps Active Edge Survival Bracelet
Survival Straps
Survival Straps

JACKSONVILLE, FL – -( Spending countless hours at the gym and following a restricted diet is no longer the only way to achieve peak physical performance. Survival Straps  is introducing the new Active Edge Survival Bracelet infused with InBalance Technology.

Wearing an Active Edge Survival Bracelet can help improve flexibility, range of motion, strength, endurance, recovery and increase caloric burn.

InBalance Technology is a scientifically proven, cutting-edge, proprietary frequency technology developed in America. Clinical trials of InBalance Technology have shown a 17% average increase in range of motion, 12% average increase in grip strength, 8% average reduction in fatigue with an increase in REM restorative sleep time. There are no metals or magnets in the Active Edge Survival Bracelets.

When the InBalance Technology infused in the Active Edge Survival Bracelet is within close proximity of the body, medical experts believe it activates the sympathetic nervous system. This increases blood flow and decreases inflammation, which helps to enhance performance.

Made from authentic military-grade paracord, Active Edge Survival Bracelets can be unwound in an emergency to provide a durable, multi-use length of cord rated to hold up to 550 pounds. Handmade in America, SurvivalStraps products retail for between $15 and $50 depending on customization options. They are available in several popular colors. For more information or to purchase a Survival Straps Active Edge Survival Bracelets, please visit or on Amazon.

About Survival Straps

Founder Kurt Walchle started Survival Straps, makers of the Survival Bracelet, in 2006 at his kitchen table. Today, Survival Straps gear continues to be handmade in the U.S.A. with the finest care and craftsmanship. Survival Straps is an avid supporter of our men and women in uniform with dedicated bracelet lines for EMS, law enforcement and all branches of the military. To date the company has raised and donated almost $1,000,000 to veterans’ service charities. For more information visit

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