Taco Bell Thief Demands Armed Victim Drop His Pants

By AWR Hawkins

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Taco Bell Thief Demands Victim Drop Pants, Victim Kills Him
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Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  On Tuesday, an armed man approached a patron in a Taco Bell parking lot, demanded he drop his pants, and was subsequently shot and killed.

The attempted armed robbery took place in Pompano Beach, Florida.

According to CBS 4, it was approximately 6 pm when “21-year-old Rontavis Holton confronted [37-year-old] Ronald Farmer” in a Taco Bell parking lot.

Holton — who was “wearing a ski mask and sunglasses” — allegedly pulled a gun on Farmer and “told [him] to pull down his pants.”

Farmer pulled his own gun and shot Holton in self-defense.

The AP reports that Farmer then ran inside the Taco Bell “seeking help.” Emergency personnel were alerted and upon arriving, they transported Holton to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

A woman who claims to be Farmer’s sister said the thief wanted to take her brother’s car. A Broward County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman confirmed that robbery was indeed the motive.

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William M Durham

Now this is a nice story with a good ending. Great in fact. No arrest, no jail, no court,no lawyers., look at just how much money was saved by one armed and smart citizen. I do feel sorry for him though as it is not an easy thing to do, take a human life, but he did what he had to do to an in all likelihood he saved some other persons life or property. I hope his pain will go away soon and may God bless him and take care of him.


And another one bites the dust.


Mr. Farmer was the good guy not the criminal not the gunman or car jacker.

“21-year-old Rontavis Holton confronted

[37-year-old] Ronald Farmer” in a Taco Bell parking lot.


Read the sister as being of the thug not the victim. But odds are the thug’s family knew what he was up to since he had a history of crimes.


The article said very clearly: “A woman who claims to be Farmer’s sister said the thief wanted to take her brother’s car.”


Seems this guy had a history of thievery, parole violations and carrying a concealed weapon. He was born 11/05/1993.


Wait the sister knew he was going to steal a car? Doesn’t make her an accomplice for not telling the police that her brother was planning on committing a crime?

Tired of the Hate

There has been rash of shootings against burglars in ski masks. Skiers lives matter!

Garvin Durrant

I doubt seriously that the guy was skiing. In fact in Pompano Fl i doubt it was even cold enough to wear a ski mask.

Dr. Strangelove

Another mope makes a fatal mistake in the victim selection process. Full Darwin Award if he didn’t breed.


Sadly, this type breeds early and often.


Chalk one up for the GOOD GUYS!