There’s No Such Thing As A Law-Abiding Gun Owner?

By NRA Board Member Scott L. Bach

Leah Gunn Barrett
New Yorkers Against Gun Violence's Leah Gunn-Barrett insinuates – There’s no such thing as a law-abiding gun owner.
Scott Bach
Scott Bach

New Jersey – -( Last month I debated the head of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence in front of a class on culture wars at NYU in Manhattan.

Ironically named Leah Gunn-Barrett @gunnbarrett, the Empire State gun ban advocate presented a slick PowerPoint with charts and graphs of phony statistics supposedly showing that civilian gun ownership is responsible for all manner of murder and mayhem.

Her core message was that guns are a product intended to kill that have caused a public health crisis requiring extreme regulation; that the Second Amendment is really a collective right that belongs to the states, not individuals, and the Supreme Court’s Heller decision is a historical anomaly; and that NRA is the “gun lobby” doing the bidding of gun manufacturers for economic gain.

My core message was that guns save lives; that your personal safety is your own responsibility, since police have no legal duty to protect you; that gun laws are ignored by criminals and make the law-abiding more vulnerable.

That the same government that says it has no duty to protect you shouldn’t limit your right to protect yourself. I also made the obvious point that the Second Amendment is an individual right found in the Bill of Rights, and that NRA is the “gun RIGHTS lobby,” and speaks on behalf the millions of individuals who make it strong, not manufacturers.

The most revealing and disturbing moment of the debate came during the Q&A.

Ms. Gunn-Barrett candidly laid bare a basic premise of the gun ban mindset that usually goes unspoken: there’s no such thing as a law-abiding gun owner.

“You can be perfectly law-abiding one moment,” said Ms. Gunn-Barrett during the debate, “and then the next moment you can be a criminal and do something criminal and wrong, like shoot up a movie theater, or kill your spouse during an argument.” Regulation of people and behavior is needed, she said, “to protect us against our own stupidity and our own irrationality.”

In her warped view, we are all just ticking time bombs, waiting to go off. A law-abiding citizen could go on a murderous rampage just as easily as exceeding the speed limit. One minute we can be good, and the next moment we can become monsters.

That viewpoint explains every twisted piece of piece of gun ban legislation we’ve seen, and shows that what these extremists are targeting is legal gun ownership itself, not the criminal misuse of guns. To them, there is no such thing as a legal gun owner, so the solution is to reduce or eliminate gun ownership itself. When the anti’s speak of ending gun violence, what they really mean is ending gun ownership.

These people will not stop until there is nothing left of the Second Amendment, and the only obstacle in their way is us. Gun owners must remain eternally vigilant and prepared to answer the call to defend the one Freedom that separates us from every other nation in the history of the world.

Stand and fight!

Scott L. Bach, Esq. is a member of the NRA Board of Directors and is Executive Director and past President of the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs. He is also a former member of law enforcement. Website:, Email: [email protected]

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    1. Thanks Scott for trying, I think they are smart people and they are doing exactly what they intend to do which is to try and make us more European. Fortunately our forefathers already seen the problem with being European.

          1. Propper usage of seen:
            It was SEEN by many people.

            Improper usage:
            They SEEN the problem. (Should be; They SAW the problem.)

        1. I agree. Improper “seen” usage destroys my ability to take the author seriously.

          That said, this all sounds like something some other “anti-gunner” said some time ago. They don’t stop.

        2. Wipe the puke off your shirt and move on this is not a grammar lesson.I seen lots of arrogant butt heads like you that think they are the last word in communication.

        3. Puke? Seen? We have grammar police to determine the argument regarding the second amendment? C’mon guys, do you believe in the second amendment or are you going to get wrapped around the axle about grammar? I hate the so called “hoplophobes” and they are trying to produce another felon. I’d rather be castigated for killing or attempting to kill a federal officer trying to confiscate my second amendment protected firearms than to submit to such. There are many great citizens who feel the same. If you achieve your goals, do well without us. I certainly don’t want to contribute an iota to the society you propose. I spent 22 years sworn to protect and defend the constitution. The second thing our founding fathers had chosen to include, the right to bear.

          1. I agree the point is nothing about grammar its about our rights being taken away . I will never trust anyone that wants to disarm the American people . Just look at past history of countries that has done that in the past . The Nazis , communist , how many people were killed after being disarmed . There is something sinister going on when someone wants to ban guns . Just look at what the liberals have been trying to do , take away our first amendment rights our religious rights our 2nd amendment rights , and there are others but I do not remember the exact rights they want to take away . Why are they so set in taking away our rights to protect ourselves , a communist takeover or muslim takeover . The same people that claim to want to protect lives have allowed our government to give money to planned parenthood , who performed 320,000 abortions just this last year 2013 – 2014 . That number is only 1/3 of the actual numbers performed . By the way just the number of abortions performed by planned parenthood is more killed in one year that in 5 wars from the 50’s to 2014 . So tell me who are they trying to protect you and I or themselves when they try to completely try to destroy our country . Also I have never met a sane gun-grabber before

        4. Dude, you should just chill out and try to not converse again, with someone who might not have been as concerned as you about doing well in English. Be happy he didn’t have to choose which “there”, or choose the proper “to”. . .God, it could have been so much worse! . . .Smoke, for the medicinal effect only, some quality herb, then eat you a can of sliced peaches, just right out of the can, NO MATTER WHO’S WATCHING! . .’help ya have a good bowel movement, an’ PLEASE! . .DON’T FREAK OUT OVER MY PUNCTUATION! . . .and the Nuances and Colloquialisms are meant for ENTERTAINMENT and EFFECT ONLY, IT’S NOT PERSONAL!!!!

        5. Dennis, it’s just a comment, let his misuse of seen go. If Joe were writing an article for publication I’d be with you, get the grammar right. You seen my point? 🙂

        1. I take it this person doesn’t drive an automobile because of her propensity to become the exploding part of the ticking time bomb that she is. One minute a safe and sane driver. the next, she is plowing through the largest crowd that she can find in the shopping mall.

      1. If/when they ban guns, next will be blades over a certain size, then sticks over a certain size. Meanwhile, the criminals will always be armed, and the law abiding unprotected. Plus the rich will always have somebody armed to the teeth protecting them. Read into that what you want.

          1. You clearly have not taken a look at the homicide rate in England recently. I’ll sum it up for you:

            Last year, in Miami, more people were killed by guns than were killed in the UK, OVER THE PAST 10 (yes, ten) years.

            Feel free to speculate cause and effect.

            1. “You clearly have not taken a look at the homicide rate in England recently. I’ll sum it up for you:
              Last year, in Miami, more people were killed by guns than were killed in the UK, OVER THE PAST 10 (yes, ten) years.
              Feel free to speculate cause and effect.”

              Feel free to explain why being killed by a gun somehow results in being *more* dead than by being killed in a traffic accident, in a fire, by poison, etc etc.

              And speaking of the UK… in 2011, the violent crime rate was somewhere around 7000 per 100k, Compare that to less than 400 per 100k for the US.

              “Feel free to speculate cause and effect”

            2. I watched the tail end of a video last year as a pair of blood thirsty Muslims carved up a soldier in the streets of England, as he had no apparent way to defend himself!! Feel free to read into that what you wish! Oppression, Tyranny, etc.

            3. I am sure those in England are comforted watching crazed Muslims in the streets carving up citizen soldiers with cutlery with blood dripping from their hands! And their isn’t a DAMN THING they can do about it! How comforting!

            4. Look at the statistics John. The UK has a higher rate of violent crime per capita than the US. “In the UK there are 2,034 violent crimes per 100,000 people. …The US has a violent crime rate of 466 [violent] crimes per 100,000 residents.”

            5. John you are full of crap where did you get your BS from? Bloomberg ? murders in UK for 2012 is 550 total. The total Murder rate of any kind in Miami in 2012 is 69 . no need to speculate on BS .

            6. Actually you are wrong.
              for one the Crime report for last year from the Miami Police department isn’t even out yet. even so for 2013 there are only 77 murders reported. That said according to the Guardian an English news site just in the same year in England there were over 500 homicides. Feel free to check the data below.


            7. That statistic may be true, I don’t know didn’t care to look it up. I do know for a fact that every other crime statistic has risen drastically over there in the UK since the ban. And in the US it’s not LAW ABIDING GUN OWNERS it’s inner city criminals. Don’t you think we should be going after them. This bitch want’s all our guns disarm the country. If you know your history you know what happens when the citizen’s are disarmed. The UK is a diff. place same thing with Australia. Crime has gone off the chart’s since they put such HEAVY regulations on guns. Thanks but I’m keeping my guns I prefer to protect my country and my family. This woman here needs help she’s the one who looks like a serial killer!

            8. John, while your statement may be correct… look at the VIOLENT CRIMES committed since they were disarmed. They have risen DRAMATICALLY since citizens were disarmed and no longer can defend themselves. Now compare the violent crimes from one to another and see where the crime has risen vs where it has fallen… your point is mute!
              Give criminals a free reign and they will take it, and they have! Free the citizens to protest themselves and crime will drop again! Stats in the USA PROVE IT!

            9. The violent crime rate is much higher in the United Kingdom than it is in the United States.

              I live in Miami, FL. This is not a warzone. The vast majority of incidents involving homicides by shooting occur in black-majority ghettos (no racism intended here, but that’s the truth) like Liberty City and Opa Locka.

              I am not going to allow anyone on Earth to disarm me and make me defenseless just because gang members are killing each other 40 miles away from me.

            10. Have you ever spent any time in Miami? That is like saying there were more murders in Detroit than in some small town in Minnesota. Means nothing.

            11. It’s much easier to control gun ownership when your an island nation. How long has drugs been illegal and you can buy them anywhere. If guns become illegal then guns will be the number one product coming across the Mexican border than drugs.

            12. You clearly have done no research and are regurgitating info you have only been fed. The homicide rate, per capita , in the UK is higher than in the U.S. The gun homicide rate is a bit higher but not as much as you would expect. Killers in the U.K. find a way to kill. Same everywhere. Criminals care little about the law.

            13. @mike, do you have the statistics for non-gun related murders in the UK? Or do we know what the difference is in population size between the US and UK?

            14. I would speculate by the comments that John has no clue how to verify statistics or tell the truth

            15. If the Libtards/gun banners were as concerned about CRIMINALS, crime and enforcing the exsisting gun laws on the books instead of trying to disarm law abiding citizens they might actually get some positive results. But then again its not really about guns, its about control. Besides, who the hell can take anyone seriously that wants the gun emoji removed from the Iphones, pretty much sums up what a mindless idiot your dealing with. Gunn Barrett is nothing more than a helpless victim. Liberalism is a mental illness. Guns are not the problem, CRIMINALS ARE !!!!!!!!!!!! As a law abiding citizen and gun owner NOBOBY has the right to decide whats best for me and my family.

      2. A person could have a Baseball Bat in his hands and bash someone in their heat or drive a car and have road rage and kill someone , are you going to out law Base Bats or cars etc. etc. wake up lady .

      3. I do not think they are smart people. I think they have a problem with logic and basic thought and reasoning. Steered by emotions, their assertion of their will over the more wiser Founding Fathers is just the tip of the narcissistic mindset. Look, I’m tired of being their psychologist and I will put it bluntly. Their problem is called projection. They are projecting their innate violent tendencies upon all of us. When in reality they are trying to defend themselves from their own political constituency. Probably the one tactic you left out Mr. Bach was a direct hit to the heart. You should have listed all the criminals and mass murderers who were members of the Democrat Party.

      4. “Fortunately our forefathers already SEEN the problem with being European.” The past tense of ” see” is saw. “Seen” is the past participle of see which requires the use of a verb such as have, had, or had. Many of you who do not posses proper grammar skills may not see the difference but to those of us who actually read and respect the English language it is like fingernails on a chalkboard and makes us assume that the speaker or writer is a total moron.

        1. who died and made u the grammar police… i can handle the miss use of words what makes me sick is people like you who only read thru the comments and only comment when correcting someone’s grammar u must have a pathetic life since u seem to need to correct every one.. just cause someone miss uses a word doesn’t make them a moron and quite frankly the english language came from europe so i like to see people butcher the **** out of it

      5. Everyone has a right to express there opinion. No one has the right to force their opinion on anyone. Our has lived with the laws of our country over 200 years. A corrupt government is more dangerous. If you don`t like our laws, leave. If someone wants to kill you. They will find a way. It`s all about being responsible for ones self. The punishment for some crimes are not strict enough because it is getting worse. If you kill someone with intent you should get death penalty. I stand responsible for my self and only my self. .

      6. “there’s no such thing as a law-abiding vagina owner. You can be perfectly law-abiding one moment,and then the next moment you can be a criminal and start selling yourself on the street to every man passing by”.

        My version of what she said would get anyone laughed out of the building. Amazing that replacing the word “gun” with pretty much anything totally makes it obvious how stupid this line of thought is.

      7. Where do these ignorant left wingers come from? This woman is apparently ignorant to the FACTS about gun ownership. I recommend she read “More Guns, Less Crime” by John Lott.

      8. In any forum there is always some little pissant grammer/spelling expert. Its like that is their only purpose visiting the site,to be an expert on grammar. I never seen/sawed/saw nothing like it in all my put togethers !

    2. Applying Ms. Gunn-Barrett’s logic to priests is like saying you’re a priest today and a pedophile sometime in the future. What a crock of excrement!

      1. One minute she is a good and decent woman, the next she is having a gang bang with a dozen men! Makes as much sense as what this twit said!

        1. Agreed, she has a vagina. That may just drive her over the edge. One minute she is a good and decent wife, but the next minute her vagina drives her to become a prostitute simply because she has one!

            1. Like mostly all Democrat politicians she makes no point of (gun violence, crime and Murders within the Black communities of this USA) wont even mention the stats by Race. Did anyone ever hear Bloomburg talk about Black Gun Violece ? Never !!! Not being racist as the figures speak for themselves as do the people . Gifford same way . All AFRAID to touch on this Topic in fear of losing Black votes. Blacks really dont want to live under these conditions but are afraid to snitc, along with a dis-trust of Police. All I have to say.

          1. Not really! The comparison is equal! She has a vagina and could easily sell it out for fun. It doesn’t mean she will because she may have morals. A person that owns a gun could shoot people in a criminal way, but it doesn’t mean they will. Most law abiding gun owners have morals! Anyone can do bad things! It’s your moral compass that guides you and makes you decide to do right or wrong! Taking guns away from law abiding citizens only guarantees that criminals will have guns! The murder rate would go through the roof if that were to happen! I am not comfortable with that scenario! I would rather have good guys with guns to counter the bad guys with guns! This woman should take a stroll every night for a month through downtown Chicago. Maybe she would change her tune and start carrying herself!

      2. ***************** This comment was removed by the admin as the spirit and content of the comment violates Ammoland’s comment policy. Darkfox Bill take you anti catholic priest bashing elsewhere your slander will not stand here sir on my watch. Ammoland Founder Brian P Johnson ********************

        1. It appears to me that Ammo land is all for gun rights, as guaranteed by the Constitution, (as am I) but not so gung-ho on freedom of speech, evidenced by the deletion of Darkfox Bill’s comment! I am vehemently pro gun but feel like some of my brethren(ammoland) do more harm than good for the cause!

          1. They didn’t do anything to his freedom of speech. They at their option set fourth by their forum rules took down something that was against their policy. Every other site that has active moderators would do the same thing. He was allowed to type it but it doesn’t mean that they have to keep it up on their forum.

          2. It appears you don’t know the first thing about the constitution or what Freedom of Speech really means. it has nothing at all to do with being able to say whatever you want in a private forum and everything to do with having the legal right to disparage your government without fear or prosecution. AmmoLand has every right to remove unacceptable content from comments, as this is their board. they choose not to foster or host rhetoric that is vile and insulting. on the contrary, they are attempting to stand up for our rights without treading on someone else’s and without pandering to pseudointellectuals who spout hate against others. if that bothers you, then why are you here reading this article or anything else they put out there? if you to bash catholic priests, i’m sure you can find a forum in which to do that. AmmoLand isn’t that forum.

          3. It’s a common misconception that freedom of speech applies in all venues. As a matter of fact, freedom of speech ONLY applies where governmental bodies are concerned. In a private forum, such as Ammoland, the owner of Ammoland, or designee is allowed to set the standard of what is deemed appropriate. If the owner or designee finds something offensive or slanderous he is (they are) within his (their) rights to censor and eliminate it.
            I don’t know exactly what Darkfox Bill said but, obviously it had something negative to do with Catholic Priests and the admin of this comment section found offensive AND off topic. He was correct in eliminating it and I for one fully support that action. Also, I’m positive that the admin of Ammoland IS NOT anti freedom of speech in it’s proper definition and venue.

          4. Private forums do not not have to allow total freedom of speech any more than a mother tolerating her son telling dirty jokes at the dinner table or anywhere in their house. Thank you, admins for filtering content that crosses the line by a wide margin!

          5. 1st amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

            Please note the first five words. This site is not the Congress. It is a private site. Their rules.

          6. All depends on what DarkfoxBill had to say. Remember friends that our 1st amendment rights are limited (slanderous, treasonous, libelous, no shouting “fire!” in a crowded theater-ous are all not protected). Also, this blog has the right to control the dialog here for the same reason you might control dialog in your home or business. With rights come responsibilities, and those who act responsibly most often know the limits of our freedoms.

        2. You don’t have to be a Catholic priest to be a child abuser. Or a gun owners to kill someone with a gun. Removing post because you are apparently a Catholic is as wrong as what she is doing. You can’t just pick to defend one part of the constitution while tuturning your head to the party you don’t like. Like free speech.

          1. As the people above you have already mentioned; free speech does not apply in a private forum.
            “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
            As you can see, this site is not Congress. The admin are free to limit whatever speech they find offensive and off topic.

          2. Freedom of speech is not a given by all companies, or private institutions , if it were , all of us who ever had soap in our mouth’s as children could of complained about our rights being broken , instead of our pride & our butts.

      3. There is no such thing as a law-abiding Gunn-Barrett, because in the near future she will be organizing an Obummer-Hitler Youth corps! And HER type of criminal was HUNG at Neurenberg!

      4. There is no such thing as a carpenter. He carries a hammer and at some point is going to start crushing heads with it because that is what you have to do with hammers. These people scare the hell out of me because they are obviously unstable and think everyone else is as well. Increase the Zoloft you morons!

        1. the man was not bashing the Catholic Church he merely used ERRANT Preists in much the same way as that mentally ill woman used errant gun owners. Here, a carpenter is being used to make the same point. Are Carpenters bad? No. An errant Carpenters hammer is being used to make an amplify. Don’t be so sensitive – ESPECIALLY if you haves guns.

    3. The only difference between a moron and a genius is that genius has it’s limits.

      Obviously Leah has no limit. When will the morons realize they should shut up and let us suspect they are stupid? Why do they feel it necessary to open theirs mouths only to prove it. Thank you as always Mr. Bach. We appreciate your tenacity and resolve. Not to mention your common sense. Wait a minute? Why do they call it common sense if it’s not that common? I mean Leah doesn’t have any common sense. If she did this world would be a safer place.

      1. As much as I love your analogy I do believe it is a bit wrong. The difference genius is using your brain to defy limits (In my opinion) a moron would be someone who uses the same grey matter as a paperweight.

    4. I’ve known and worked with Scott Bach for a number of years as a former ANJRPC member. For many years the Association has run critical firearms training programs throughout the State, most notably at it range in Northern NJ. I wish I could have been in that class to hear Scott’s opponent defend her statement. I am sure no one thought or sought to ask her “How do you reconcile 2A with legal firearms ownership, since SCOTUS has ruled that it is an individual Right?”

      Keep up the hard work Mr. Bach. NJ and it’s citizens continue to need you. Feels like it won’t be long before a sea change is headed my way.

    5. Someone responded to a woman with an argument like this several years ago by saying, “Well then, you must be a prostitute.” Of course, she was shocked that he would say such a thing, and she said so. Then he said, “Well, you’ve got all the proper equipment for it, don’t you?” It then became clear, even to her, how flawed her argument was.

    6. Since the woman in question has all the equipment to be a hooker she may be one today or for sure one tomorrow. She does not trust us why should we trust her?

      1. Leah Gunn-Barrett is already a prostitute for the anti-gun, anti-American lobby, i.e., the Bloomberg socialist party & its minions. How the Republican Party in NYS ever let a moron like Michael Bloomberg on their ticket would be beside me if the two major anti-gun laws in NYS were not first passed under Republican led administrations, i.e., Rockefeller & Pataki. Also, if one would read the book written by Richard Rosenbaum, a former Republican Party head of NYS, gubernatorial candidate, former Monroe County judge, one would realize that the NY State Republican Party is as much anti-gun as the Demo(n)cRATick (evil, bloodsucking vermin) Party in NY.

          1. The governor of NYS went so far as to state that if you are a conservative, Bible believing, 2nd amendment supporter that there is no place for you in NYS. Absolutely un-American!

        1. IIRC, Michael Bloomberg was “allowed” to run as a Republican because he’d lost the Democrat primary and, it being NYC, the Republican slate was blank. So he simply filed as a Republican and thereby automatically got that spot on the mayoral ballot. He truly was Republican in name only, at least as long as the fiction was necessary for him to retain that spot on the ballot. During his last term in that office he officially changed to “Independent.”

          The issue does, however, illustrated a valid point regarding anti-gun politicians. They will claim or run as whatever they believe is necessary to gain the power to restrict gun ownership.

    7. Scott, Thank you so much for fighting for us on all fronts of this war. I thought of several things I wanted to say, but when I composed them in my mind I realized I’d just be preaching to the choir. Thank you for bringing our message directly to those that are opposed to what we know in our hearts. Thank you for allowing those ideas to reverberate in those rooms full of others that may grow to understand what we already know. Thank you for doing it in a clear calm manor, that allows those ideas to reach their minds, free of the kneejerk emotional reactions we all have to the horrors we see over and over in our world today. Thank you.

    8. This is a very disturbed woman. In psychiatric terms there is a thing called transference. Transference comes into play when a unbalanced individual has thoughts of hostile feelings towards others. They know these feelings of rage and hate are wrong and suppress them. They will also rationalize subconsciously that they can transfer these feelings of hate and destruction to others. They are so afraid of what they themselves might do with a gun that they do not want anyone else to have one.

    9. So if bannaing guns would prevent Newtowna and other massacres, how does she explain the events in Paris, where almost all guns are illegal?I guess the shooters didn’t see the memo.

    10. Prior restraint of a constitutional right has been declared unconstitutional by SCOTUS before, and that’s what this author wants… Restrictions, limitations, yes… INFRINGEMENTS, on the Second Amendment.

      1. In that case, what we need is a prior restriction on the idiot Gunn-Barrett’s FIRST Amendment rights so we could shut off the sewage spewing from her mouth!

    11. By the liberal logic there is no such thing as a law abiding non-rapist. Any man can snap at any time and use his “weapon” to do great harm to another, innocent person.

      By their logic every man should be castrated at age 14 “just in case”. The issue of rape is too important for any lesser measures.

    12. This type of person scares me as there is no reasoning with them at all. Hope she stays in New York, she shouldn’t be allowed out.

    13. ” When people have too much Freedom , you have to move to limit it. ” Bill Clinton . Regulate this dingbats freedom of speech then ….. let her lead by example.

    14. There is a very good piece over at the JFPO here;
      That Speaks directly to this woman and the many that follow her line of thinking.
      Raging Against Self Defense:
      A psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality
      By Sarah Thompson, M.D.
      Permission is granted to distribute this article in its entirety, so long as full copyright information
      and full contact information is given for JPFO. Copyright © 2000 Sarah Thompson, MD~

    15. There are numerous items in our world that would fall within her philosophical idea of banning, preventing, getting rid of, or doing away with. CARS, a big one. On the news every day some moron steals one, leads the police on a chase, or creams some innocent driver just trying to get somewhere. KNIVES; BASEBALL BATS; PROPANE BOTTLES; FIREWORKS; HEAVY FLASHLIGHTS; the list is infinite. Why don’t “they” just put us all in cells and solitary from birth onward. Oh, but who other than Ms. Gunn-Barrett would be qualified to carry something like this out? She surely has not thought about all the ramifications of her advocacy. In other words, “Who will watch the watchers”? With people like this in the public eye it’s no wonder we are developing a serious distrust of authority.

    16. Looking for some clarification… did Ms. Gunn-Barrett actually say “There’s no such thing as a law abiding gun owner”? Putting that in quotes gives the impression that’s what she said, but the context of the article seems to imply that might be a paraphrasing of what she did say.



      1. I agree with this question , I see more and more ‘ Pro-Gun ‘ sites resort to click-bait headlines.( Ignore it ) How could the editor allow this ?

      2. Where in the article does the statement “There is no such thing as a law-abiding gun owner” appear in quotes.

        The article only quotes her as having said “You can be perfectly law-abiding one moment,” said Ms. Gunn-Barrett during the debate, “and then the next moment you can be a criminal and do something criminal and wrong, like shoot up a movie theater, or kill your spouse during an argument.” Regulation of people and behavior is needed, she said, “to protect us against our own stupidity and our own irrationality.”

        The article also clearly states:
        New Yorkers Against Gun Violence’s Leah Gunn-Barrett INSINUATES (I added the emphasis) – There’s no such thing as a law-abiding gun owner. Saying she Insinuated “There is no such thing as a law-abiding gun owner” isn’t the same as quoting her and isn’t misleading at all.

        The lack of reading comprehension seems to be the only problem here.

    17. Yes there is law abiding gun owners how stupid is that comment. I have owned a firearm since I was 21 years old and now I am 66 years old and nothing has changed I have never committed a crime ever and have never shot anyone because I was taut first and foremost by my parents the value of human life and the only time that I would ever use my firearm on any person is if my life is threatened by those who don’t value human life like most of your criminals. Gun control legislation hasn’t worked because criminals don’t obey the law but can still get a gun if they really need to do that and then there are the unstable people and ones with anger problems that by the way commit most of the murders I understand the feelings of these people who have lost loved ones or friends from people with guns but quit including people like me and thousands of others who own guns and are also very good citizens and deserve the right to protect themselves and their families.

    18. I am a canadian law abiding gun owner and collector and live just north of new york and vermont state.We too have our raving,ranting and irrational anti gun female do-goodders.(Male ones too) .The one thing I learned after many years standing up for law abiding gun owners is , that you can not have a meaningfull factual discussion with these yoyos because plain logic and facts are totally alien to them.You make some headway by simply cutting them off when they shoot their mouth off, with the facts.If anyone here would make the statement -There is no such thing as a law abiding gun owner- i would sue the pants off them for discrimination amongst other things.Keep up the good work ,our lousy media and polititions only piggiback on what happens in the USA and NRA.Thank you.

    19. “There’s no such thing as a law abiding car owner. You can be perfectly law abiding and the next moment, you can be a criminal, like drunk drive or run people over.”

      Sounds idiotic right?

    20. The progressive fascists want to ban guns because they believe that is a good thing to do but because guns give the people the power to oppose the tyrant that they want to impose on society. Tyrant Obama the Liar and the progressive fascists want to destroy our country (Fundamentally change) so they can built their utopia in it’s ruins. A utopia where they rule a one party state, the state controls every aspect of society and their is no liberty.

      This utopia is just like that created by their fellow fascists, the Nazis, Communists and Muslims, and the result will be just as evil. You can already see the evil in Tyrant Obama the Liar’s rule. He believes like all progressive fascists that the ends justify the means. All fascism and oppression depends on that thinking.

    21. Leah Gunn-Barrett is a dumb “can’t.” If we follow this disgusting and repulsive sluts logic, then there is ” no such thing as a law abiding driver” either.

      Since at any time, any person can have just one or two drinks putting them over the legal limit, they can turn their car or truck into a lethal instrument of death and destruction

      We need to ban all private ownership of cars and trucks immediately!

    22. Ms. Gunn-Barrett: And there’s no such thing as an honest politician, one moment they’re honest and the next they’re Andrew Cuomo. Or, there’s no such thing as a faithful wife, one moment they’re faithful and the next they’re a roadwhore. Or there’s no such thing as a competent National Leader, one moment they’re running for office and the next they’re Barack Obama. Or there’s no such thing as unbiased Furher, one moment you’ve got a mild-mannered house painter and the next you have Adolf Hitler, committing the Holocaust. Or, there’s no such thing as an ethical lawyer, one moment they’re ethical and the next they’re chasing ambulances. Shall I continue Ms. Gunn-Barrett? Does any else see the irony in this women’s last name vis-a-vis her anti-firearm stance?

    23. They can pound away on the Second Amendment all they want. The USSC has already weighed in on the people’s right to arms:

      “The right there specified is that of ‘bearing arms for a lawful purpose’. This is not a right granted by the Constitution. Neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence.” – U.S. v. Cruikshank (1875)

      So we see that no matter what, the people have the right to arms. It wasn’t granted by government, and it can’t be taken away by government. It can either be honored by government, or disrespected and ignored by government. In the first case, no problem. The second case illustrates the reason we have the right to begin with, and government knows this – if they come after our guns in a tyrannical crackdown it will be war, regardless of government’s superiority in arms. The people have the superiority of numbers.

    24. In response to the reference to her argument that the 2nd Amendment only applies to the States, and only in the form of a state militia (aka National Guard)…it is simply lying to the people. The Army, Navy, and National Guard were created and regulated under Article 1, section 8, clauses 12-16, and have very little (if any) relation to any part of the “Bill of Rights”.

    25. There’s no such thing as a law-abiding liberal; one moment, they’re just do-gooders and the next, they’re infringing on everyone ELSE’s rights.

      People like her are the reason I so appreciate the 2nd Amendment.

    26. “Regulation of people and behavior is needed….to protect us against our own stupidity and irrationality.” Wow. Who makes the regulations if everyone is stupid and irrational? This woman is an idiot.

    27. one only has to check crime stats in every city with strict gun bans. criminals are ruling the streets. over 70 million firearms have been purchased legally since 2009, with all the purchases before that, i’m gonna say over half the nation is armed, so that puts the crime stats with a gun at less than 1/10 of 1% and over 50% of that is strict gun control cities. cities with the least restrictions have the lowest crimes. aggravated assaults involving a firearm is 25%, 75% involves other weapons. the website…world life expectancy ranks the U.S 63rd in death by violence, half the so called murders in the U.S are suicides, the U.S is ranked 62nd. 62 countries ranking higher has strict gun controls. if she was interested in reducing crime, she wouldnt be trying to ban peoples right to self defense by what ever means necessary.

    28. That statement was just stupid and it amazes me that it would even be published. Thats like saying that everyone that drives is a Criminal becouse they could drink then get behind the wheel and start driving. That means you Leah Gunn-Barrett, Are a Criminal. Leah you are also a IDIOT.

    29. Follow the Money———she is being paid by an individual or group to say these things-so she is a Prostitute -for them!!!!!!

      1. Just another frustrated, homely woman that’s reaching out for attention & the limelight….not to mention the cash being handed her by the anti-gun Bloomberg types for her to do their bidding……bitch needs laid….

    30. Projection at its raw finest. She knows that she can’t be trusted with a gun, and her immature mind only functions under the presumption that all other people are the exact same way.

      Frankly, I wouldn’t trust her with a rusty spork.

    31. Just read something a few days ago about the very restrictive gun laws in France. It’s estimated that there are about twice as many illegal guns in France as there are legal ones. Is this because everyone in France is a gun toting criminal? No it’s because people feel the need to protect themselves and their government has made it nearly impossible for them to do so.

    32. Ask the people of France how they feel about citizens owning guns. Their police don’t even carry guns. The criminal & terrorists will always be armed.

    33. That’s like saying that we shouldn’t have a 1st Amendment because you can have perfect grammar at one point, but misspel something the next.

    34. “Regulation of people and behavior is needed, she said, “to protect us against our own stupidity and our own irrationality.””

      To be honest, it probably sounded better in the original Russian, circa 1917.

    35. Well, yes, it’s true, a law abiding citizen could become a criminal at any given moment, but this is NOT a reason to do away with guns for private citizens. In fact, this is ALL THE MORE reason to advocate gun rights for private citizens, because of the unknown. You never know when a madman with a gun or a machete might walk into a school or an ice cream parlor and begin hacking or shooting, so it is that much more vital that we have the ability to protect ourselves. This woman’s argument is like saying we shouldn’t eat out, because there may come a day when one of the cooks doesn’t wash their hands, and we could eat dirty food. We don’t stop doing good things just because something bad might happen, and we don’t take away the rights of good people because one of them may do something bad one day. Cops have guns, and so do soldiers, and of course THEY never go nuts or commit crimes, right? Liberal logic is such a waste of breath..

    36. Nothing is more dangerous than ignorant assclowns willing to give up their rights to those who are hell-bent on “saving us from ourselves” Take our government for instance, one minute they are our forefathers creating rules against those who would seek to steal our Freedom and God given rights, and the next minute they are creating rules and taxes to “protect us from ourselves.”

    37. Why is it the gun hating hypocrites. always have dark glassy eyes? They look like they are hypnotized almost. If anyone is scary it is her face. She could really use a makeover. SOmebody give her life purpose so she may awaken to reality someday.

    38. Let’s make a stand:
      S U P P O R T O U R
      2 N D A M E N D M E N T
      R I G H T S !!
      Without it…our country will definitely
      N E V E R be the same!!

    39. Parallel Logic: More people are killed via stabbings with some type of knife/blade/instrument than with guns, therefor, we must make only plastic eating utensils legal (like in prison) because we are not responsible enough not to use them as weapons. Padded cells will soon be needed for each person, then they will not have anything available to hurt themselves or others. Her Logic states that a person is incapable of self control so therefor, must be controlled! Grab her before she hurts herself or someone else. “Infectious Insanity” is spreading amongst the anti-gun, people we must detain them for their own safety and ours!

    40. The BiIl of Rights are personal freedoms that specifically apply to individuals. Ms. Gunn-Barret should perhaps actually read the Constitution before she tries to interpret it.

    41. Seems to me that she suspects everyone on the earth of being as deranged and demented as herself. Maybe she is okay one minute and a raging maniac the next, Nah , she is a moron continually.

    42. As for the Second Amendment… why in the world would the founding fathers have written something into basic law guaranteeing “The government” be it federal or state to keep & bear arms? That makes no sense. They had to have meant the individual people.

      And using her warped logic, that means presidents & military leaders could turn criminal and use the government’s weapons for evil acts.. so are we gonna disarm all the authorities / military? After all they have weapons far more dangerous and can cause more deaths than what is available to civilians.

      We all saw in Ferguson, Mo and again in NY City that liberal politicians will stand down the police protection to gain political favor with blocks of voters. In these two instances it was the so-called ‘Black’ vote and the anti-gun / anti-police voters the politicians were after.. or at least trying to appease. It was painfully obvious that we have leaders who believe that the government has no duty to protect.. so we the people are are own last line of defense… and we need handguns & rifles to maintain that defense.

    43. People that think like this I hope they don’t drive. Because over 95% of us drivers have had road rage at one time or another. We may even had the urge to ram a car or run it off the road or run over that person walking down the middle of the road. But we don’t because people are able to control their urges and emotions.

    44. My husband and his friends respect guns (for years). They are always safe and respect them -using gun cases – gun cabinets – guns always on safety. He teaches classes on gun safety. If someone wants to commit a crime, that person will find a gun. They are for sale on the streets. Don’t tell me there is no law abiding gun owner. Do your research before saying what you did.

    45. Her logic Ms.Gunn Barret clearly shows she’s a communist one side minded liberal. I’ve been a responsible gun owner for many years. Got my 1st 22 pistol at 16 years old & now I’m 38 . A Gun is a tool just like hammers,knifes,chainsaws,wood chippers, cars, liquid acid. If a person wants to kill they’ll use another item.we have radical Islamic,illegals in the U.S, & they want our guns.i don’t want to be raped,head cut off,tortured, Guns save lives in the right hands. I was a victim of a horrible crime.; ( they’re lots of women who have been assulted, and men too. Guns will save your life, your family’s life, and by all means guns can feed you too when you’re hungry. Hunting is great, and so is my life. I don’t want to be a victim again, I don’t want nobody to be a victim. It’s a horrible thought to be gunless. We need our Borders closed cause the worst of the worst in coming into the USA. Liberals don’t like to admit the scary fact that MS13 gangs are here, and ISIS. Can’t you people see that with our Border wide open is revolving door to terrorists.. God Bless You All .. United We Stand. & God Bless America. I pray every night for our Beautiful Constitution & our Bill of Rights.

    46. There is some validity to her argument. In order for gun control to be effective, however, disarmament should begin with the largest group of gun owners, law enforcement. Only then will I feel safe 🙂

    47. The premise that we’re all ticking time bombs waiting to go off has always been there in the anti-gun war chest. “Why does anyone need a gun? All they’re meant to do is kill people and living things.” There are several in my family who feel this way. Your common sense argument that the government has no obligation to protect us is poignant. Examples of how that manifests would be even more so. The quote I use often is that I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy. To some people, it hits home. The other realization that is becoming clear right at this moment is that because the government has no obligation to protect us and because the threat of Muslim extremist terrorism is rising exponentially right now, this is not the time to disarm our citizenry. One or two armed citizens may have been able to stop or at least hamper the violence which occurred in Paris last Friday.

    48. Sounds as though she is afraid of what she would do to her neighbor if she had a firearm. Being afraid of what she would do, she perceives that others would do the same to her. She needs help.

    49. These anti- gun people who think there are no “law abiding” people need to run with ISIS and get a taste of lawlessness. I was raised with strong moral spiritual fiber and have owned a gun since the age of twelve. I served in Vietnam for two tours and had to use various weapons. When I left the service, I have used firearms to hunt and for target practice. I have a conceal carry permit. The weapon I carry does not exist unless it is needed. So far it ha not been needed. Our world is becoming more of a threat and my weapon may be called upon to save lives from terrorism. I don’t want anti- gunners telling me or forcing me to follow their ignorant ideology. I might end up saving one of them. Owned firearms for 53 years and have never performed a criminal act with or without a firearm.

    50. I don’t know what they keep fussing about. I’m a gun owner. Have been all my life. I’ve never considered killing anyone but make no mistake, if I ever wanted to, I wouldn’t have to have a gun to do it. My point, as has been said before, is that guns don’t kill people. People kill people. So come on anti gun activist, find a greater cause to be fighting for and leave the gun owners alone.

    51. “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

      C.S. Lewis

    52. ‘Regulation of people and behavior is needed, she said, “to protect us against our own stupidity and our own irrationality.” ‘ And totalitarian states are born… If firearms are to be treated this way, what’s next (and there WILL be a “next”)?

    53. Before reading the headline of this story and seeing the picture of Gunn-Barrett, I could tell immediately she was left-wing radical. The type that could easily be inducted into a cult. Is this a genetic flaw? Do they all have limited frontal lobe left brain capabilities? This would explain why they dress and look alike, are radical political activists,smoke pot, and are in Arts. I’ve never heard of one that had a legitimate science degree.

    54. Ms. Gunn-Barret, I am a gun owner/carrier and NEVER HAD SO MUCH AS A SPEEDING OR PARKING TICKET in my 55+ years on this planet, so don’t slander me and say I am not “a law-abiding gun owner”!

      Ms. Gunn-Barret, tell me, how did your New York City gun laws stop Police Officer Rafael Ramos and Police Officer Wenjian Liu (God rest their souls), from being murdered? I know if I was a legally permitted gun owner, on the street and saw someone pointing a weapon at 2 Police Officers, I would try my damnest to stop that individual! I wonder if there were any lawful gun owners on the street that tragic day, who kept their weapons holstered for fear of your gun laws! Could that tragedy been stopped? We will never know, because of people like YOU!

      How many offenders that used their guns in the commission of a crime, said to themselves “Oh oh I can’t use my ILLEGALLY gotten firearm, because of the gun laws.” NONE!!!!!!!

      When you speak, or go to meetings, do you have Illegal gun owners as bodyguards? Remember you said; “there’s no such thing as a law-abiding gun owner.” Or how about the Police Officers that go out every night, just so you feel safe from things that go bump in the night. They carry weapons! Or the secret service, FBI, ATF, DEA…. They all carry, are they breaking the law?

      If you get robbed, assaulted or whatever, and you call 911, do you make sure they don’t send, and remember you said it” there’s no such thing as a law-abiding gun owner” a police person who is unarmed?

      What kind of skeletons are in your closet? Are you a tea toadling law abiding citizen ALL THE TIME?
      You never taste a grape at the market to see if it’s ripe, that is illegal.
      Or how about going out with friends for drinks, then one of you drives home, don’t know about NYC, but where I am from ANY licensed person in the car can get a DUI, not just the driver. Because you as a person with a drivers license, should have stopped the drinker from getting behind the wheel.

      You can not choose what laws or rights you break, and under your thinking, cars, knifes, hammers, rope and I could all be used to perpetrate a crime, sometime or another. Or is it just rich people like your self, that can make laws then say oops that one I can ignore! Who are you Congress?

    55. Based on her comment, I guess since I have been around guns virtually all of my 51 years (and taught how to respect and handle them correctly) the fact that I haven’t gone nuts and shot someone is really amazing. Can’t fix stupid.

    56. “Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves.”
      ― Ronald Reagan

    57. This jerk doesn`t realize, if the second amendment goes down, all the rest will follow suit. Tell me Ms. Gunn-Barrett, what are you going to say when they take your first amendment away.

    58. The ” Quote ” is fabricated. This is bullshit reporting. While I disagree with the anti rights woman, Scott Bach and Ammoland are wrong. I have unsubscribed.

      1. Re-rread the article again genius.

        Where in the article does the statement “There is no such thing as a law-abiding gun owner” appear in quotes.

        The article only quotes her as having said “You can be perfectly law-abiding one moment,” said Ms. Gunn-Barrett during the debate, “and then the next moment you can be a criminal and do something criminal and wrong, like shoot up a movie theater, or kill your spouse during an argument.” Regulation of people and behavior is needed, she said, “to protect us against our own stupidity and our own irrationality.”

        The article also clearly states:
        New Yorkers Against Gun Violence’s Leah Gunn-Barrett INSINUATES (I added the emphasis) – There’s no such thing as a law-abiding gun owner. Saying she Insinuated “There is no such thing as a law-abiding gun owner” isn’t the same as quoting her and isn’t misleading at all.

        The lack of reading comprehension seems to be the only problem here.

    59. Regulation of people and behavior is needed, she said, “to protect us against our own stupidity and our own irrationality.”
      Who protects us from these ignorant morons’ stupidity and irrationality? If this country were just we’d have laws that protected the infringement of our rights that were supposedly guaranteed… I’m sick of the appalling amount of laws and regulations that blatantly infringe not just the second amendment but the first and many others… if these Marxist assholes don’t like having rights then good move to China… see what it’s like to get persecuted for thinking free. Then tell me how much they like it there… idiots.

    60. See. . . : First this comes out of New York, where it is easier for criminals to get guns than law abiding citizens. Second, one who would even perpetrate/conspire a crime with a firearm, such as shooting at unarmed innocent people is not a law abiding citizen. A law abiding citizen looks at things rationally (I hope) and put their gun down in the event of a stressful situation

    61. A friend of mine has an interesting take on this. He no longer argues with gun control people. He just tells them, “If you come to take my gun, I will kill you. End of discussion.”

    62. Apparently. according to this old trout’s logic, there’s no such thing as a law abiding citizen… one minute you could be walking down the road acting all innocent and the next you could be smuggling a kilo of Heroin or stabbing random people with a knitting needle…

      Some people are so incredibly stupid, it makes me wonder in awe at how they ever managed to survive past the first trimester of their mother’s pregnancy!

    63. It is people like this woman in the article that inspire me to recruit another 2,300+ NRA Members.

      NRA Membership Recruiter (2,387 members recruited)

    64. I think these crazy women are not getting any sex. I am an old man whose home is full of many weapons and guess what lady? I have never shot anything but paper and wild game. Except Vietnam of course.

    65. Ask Ms Barrett what she would do if she had a home intruder with a gun come into her house. What would take less time? Call the police and wait for them to show up which could be 15 to 20 minutes, or grab a gun and shoot the intruder before he finds you? I have a gun and a Pitbull, which do you want to see first? 🙂 I would not go without my protection for no one. AND I AM A RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNER.

    66. I strongly suspect that the anti rights advocates are merely reflecting on themselves. When they say that someone with the additional measure of control that can be gained by being armed will use that advantage for gaining ultimate control, they are stating this from a solid foundation of what they, themselves, being a strong advocate of controlling others, would do. They assume that everyone is just like themselves and wants to control what everyone else thinks and does. They, as they demonstrate in their speech and actions daily, do not believe in defending themselves. Gun haters typically have a protection detail surrounding them. They, blinded by their own desire to control others, do not see the hypocrisy in speaking against guns while using them, through others (who are not usually as well trained as most NRA members), to protect themselves. If it weren’t such a serious matter, it would be hilarious.

    67. Uh yeah. Cause a crime can only be committed with a gun. Unhunh. What an idiot. I live in Texas. Everyone owns a gun. Not one of the people I know has even committed a crime with or without a gun. The ignorance and bias some people show is remarkable!

    68. Could I source for those comments? I’m just curious why the people at Fox News and World Net Daily and NewsMax aren’t all over this. Could it be because it is completely made up?

    69. So…is everybody with a penis a potential rapist? I mean….they’ve got the hardware…..they may snap one day & use that penis for something EVIL! Maybe all penises should be taken away from everybody who has one because even though a man MAY NEVER have done anything wrong with that penis……well, one day he MIGHT rape someone. TRUST ME when I tell you that I’m sure there are literally thousands of people who have owned guns in the U.S. & NEVER done anything illegal with their gun. You ma’am are an IDIOT….and I’m being REALLY generous & nice when I say that.

    70. That has to be the dumbest shit I have ever heard . I want her to explain her comment there’s no such thing as a lam abiding gun owner …that’s bull shit !!!!

    71. i support gun rights 80 percent the other 20 percent ill explain at the ending of this..she spouted her bull let me give you some facts….A Little Falls homeowner was charged with second-degree murder Monday for shooting two unarmed teenagers in the midst of an apparent Thanksgiving Day break-in. The man, Byron David Smith, 64… Long Beach, California, man was burglarized and beaten by a couple, police say
      Female suspect claimed she was pregnant, but Greer shot her twice, killing her
      DA will determine whether the 80-year-old homeowner will be charged this was the 3rd time he had been robbed
      The suspected male accomplice has been charged with felony murder ,the woman wasnt pregnant …..Long Beach Police Chief Jim McDonnell said Greer walked into his house Tuesday to find suspects Andrea Miller, 26, and Gus Adams, 28, ransacking it. According to McDonnell, Greer said this was the fourth time his house has been burglarized……..these are only a few there are even more ,how about these facts……..A 43-year-old father of three has been charged with murder after shooting a rape suspect on his property … New York Man Shoots Rape Suspect and is Charged with Murder. …..
      A New Orleans resident, MerrittLandry, has been charged with attempted second-degree murder for shooting a teenager, Marshal Coulter. Thefourteen-year-old victim reportedly had a history of thefts, according to his own motherand brother, and was seen casing Landry’s home, according to aneyewitness. The teen then apparently jumped a 5-6-foot fence and headed towards the Landry residence, where Landry’s pregnantwife and infant daughter were present, according to the police and the home-defender. It was 2 a.m…….— A Georgia mother hid her two 9-year-old twins and shot an intruder, Paul Ali Slater, several times during a home invasion on Friday ..
      Jan 04, 2012 · … new level when she shot and killed and intruder to protect her three … and killed an intruder who broke into her home … a woman with a child.”Mom opens fire on home invaders in Detroit to defend children. Simon Shaykhet. 11:29 PM, Feb 18, … she immediately warned the three teenage intruders and then OXNARD, Calif. (KABC) —
      Police in Oxnard are trying to track down a man accused of breaking into a home and sexually assaulting a young boy.

      Police said the suspect was able to enter the home through an unlocked back door in the 1300 block of Bluebell Street at around 4:20 a.m. Friday.

      Police said a DeKalb County mother fought off a home invader who tried to take her children.

      Shawndrea Smith said instead of getting sacred, she got angry.

      Smith said the man came into her house on Pinnacle Drive Friday afternoon and tried to walk off with 6-year-old and 3-year-old sons. She said the suspect, 32-year-old Musa Lang, first came upstairs into her bedroom. “(He) stated that my kids are not mine and I took them from him,” she said.
      there are even more stories so how the hell can you think that gun owners are not law abiding citizens ?do we have the right to defend our homes and children? why is it that an intruder break a window to gain entrance ,those who live there dont even know the person and yet its the home owner who goes to jail ,there are even countless reports of children are taken from the home often found dead that should never happen how do we protect them?? heres the other 20% keep guns out of schools and colleges ,if people are going to have guns in the home every person there should have gun safety classes kids need to know they are not toys and messing around with the can cause death dont think children cant understand our kids are very smart thinking that they are to young to understand theres facebook u-tube,i think everyone has cell phones and they can reach the internet through them .there have been way to many adult accidently shooting themselves and others they mishandle the weapons gun safety is really needed not banning guns

    72. “Regulation of people and behavior is needed, she said, “to protect us against our own stupidity and our own irrationality.”
      This statement could be the “core statement” for liberal thinking and ideology.
      Irrational behavior…she needs to look in the mirror and say that…wouldn’t sink in, but worth a try.
      By-the-way…I think she’s a loon…

    73. If she is so certain we would all be safer without guns, maybe she will tell us her home address so we can all have tea with her in perfect safety.

    74. Why doesn’t she leave the US if she doesn’t like our rights? Why try and strip us of our rights instead of just moving to a place she can feel “safer”. Safety first……. right?

    75. She feels that the Government needs to Bann anything that we do . Think , Breath , Eat , Going to take a Dump or go take a Piss , what to look at or who we look at and when to look at any thing or any one .
      Our Freedoms should be taken away from us since we lack the capacity to do right or think right .
      The only ones to have the Freedom to do anything is those who are in power .
      She wants us to be slaves to those who want control over people who they deem Unworthy or not smart enough Poor and Under Class .

    76. An armed populace is not a danger. But a disarmed populace is in grave danger – from predators, armed or not.
      Only the predator benefits when the prey are disarmed, weak and helpless.
      You can’t have a totalitarian police state under a benevolent dictatorship of the Collective when the sheeple can shoot back.

    77. She could say the same thing about black people based on statistics but that would be unheard of….that would be considered outlandish and ignorant to make such an unqualified, biased statement about a single group of people. And yet few bat an eye when she suggests this….

    78. By her logic, there is no such thing as law-abiding citizen because one minute you can be law-abiding citizen, the next minute you can rob someone with a knife or just strong arm someone out of their properties, or perhaps rapes someone. So everyone is a criminal, we should turn ourselves to the authorities and go straight to prison….oh, wait, aren’t the authorities criminal too! This woman needs to check herself into an insane asylum!

    79. Fortunately, people like Ms. Gunn-Barrett loudly make their presence, ignorance and very twisted version of logic known, and most reasonable Americans reject her as a lobbyist for lunatics. I’m more worried about the people who quietly think this way, and plot accordingly. By this woman’s reasoning, how could we ever trust a driver, a policeman, a pilot, a chef, or even a mom and dad ever again. After all, they are all just as much a “ticking time bomb” in the position to get angry and kill others at any time. So there is no such thing as a law-abiding human? All the more why I want the ability to defend myself with a gun if necessary.

    80. For all of you people wanting to change this Country (The United States of America) into England, Australia, or be like any other Country of choice… FEEL FREE TO PACK YOUR BAGS AND MOVE YOURSELVES TO THOSE COUNTRIES!!!…
      The whole reason our forefathers came here to begin with, was because they were tired of living in that manner and under those constraints. You want to live under their laws?.. then go over THERE and DO SO!.. But you won’t, because you all know this Country us where the MOST FREEDOM, MOST LIBERTY, and MOST OPPORTUNITY IS.
      To all of you who feel oppressed or cheated here, go back to what ever Country you claim to be from (even if you were born here), take your American education and American money and go b ack to your ‘homeland’ and make it better… but you won’t, because you already know where the Country with the MOST FREEDOM, LIBERTY AND OPPORTUNITY iS…
      Qiut trying ti change what makes THIS COUNTRY so great and different from all the rest… Because our laws and way of life sre just fine, Thank You… and preferred by the rest if the world. We didn’t get here by being meek, we were armed, kicked ass and took names. In a land that is SUPPOSED to be governed by the people and for the people, those people need to be armed so that they may rise upagainst those who choise to oppose our way of life and seek to do harm to any of us, our families, friends and neighbors, or businesses.
      The armed citizens will always be the TRUE first line of defense to the intruders that mean harm. The ‘bad guys’ will always be, and will always want to take from you what is yours and have ameans to do so. No ‘law’ in the world can ‘prevent’ this from happening… but an armed citizen can.

    81. Guns don’t kill people, people do. So are we ready to ban people, who would vote for the morons that run our countries if not people. Makes about as much sense as banning cars.
      Any one who likes the English gun laws and wants to live here, feel free to swap places with me. Also someone who is so pedantic about the use of “seen” or any other word should remember that dictionary’s are adjusted to match the spoken word, therefore if enough people wrongly use “seen” the majority will become “right” and the pedant “wrong”. Of course there is also the point that most of the users on this site speak “American” not English thereby avoiding all the silly rules.
      DaveB, Bristol, U.K.
      G.I. War Baby

    82. Like I have stated before when you start your argument on a faulty and completely unconstitutional premise you get a faulty argument.the basic tenant and presupposition of American Constitutional law is that all are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.Unless of course you are a firearms owner then you are guilty until proven guilty by the media or the public in general and if found no guilty in a court of law you are still found guilty by the media or any other wacko with an axe to grind.And by the way trying to derail an ongoing discussion with the old grammar nazi tactic is vary cheap and childish liberal thinking.

    83. Liberals freak out about guns, because they are unstable irrational beings with warped minds, therefore they project that conservatives are the same. I’m all for banning leberals from owning due to mental defect.

    84. No such thing as a rational woman either. One minute you’re a bothersome shrew being all ugly and such, and the next you’re picking a fight with the people with the guns……

    85. As i’m sure you’ve all heard we can settle this argument in one simple statement…
      “If you want my guns, feel free to knock on the door and try and take them from me. Let’s just hope for your sake you’re better armed then you’re trying to make me.”

    86. I have a picture on my wall showing Mr. Spock speaking to Capt. Kirk on bridge of the starship Enterprise (Star Trek for the non-trekkies). Spock is saying “Logic Dictates, Captain, That if Pro-Gunners are as violent as Anti – Gunners say they are, There wouldn’t be any anti – gunners left.”

    87. If they are really concerned about saving lives then we need to ban the things that kill the most people right?
      That means we need to ban automobiles, prescription drugs, and processed foods because they kill more people than anything else!!!

    88. I don’t really let it bother me too much anymore, This gal is just like all the other Bloomberg style robots spouting mindless propaganda. I just make sure to be aware of events in my state legislature and what my federal reps are up to and communicate accordingly with them, also be sure to keep up my support of the NRA

    89. This is pure BS put out by those who are driven more by dimwitted ideology than fact, or reality. I have been a gun owner, collector, and FFL holder most of my life, and although I have had people break into my home, my car, and my store, I have never, ever, fired a shot. Luckily, I haven’t had to, but at least I had the option if needed. In almost all of these instances it took the police nearly half an hour to arrive, then in the most dangerous instance, stood in the parking lot talking nearly five minutes before coming in. We HAVE TO PROTECT OURSELVES!!!! The police are not going to do it!!!!

    90. I don’t really care about the UK and Australia and how many people were killed by gun violence. Our Constitution and its interpretation by the United States Supreme Court is what I care about. We even have a process in place if you want to repeal or amend the 2nd Amendment. Until that time comes, the Constitution governs this great land. You may disagree with the Heller decision but it is currently the law of the land! The “Right of the People” in the Bill of Rights has always been read to be an “individual” right. Does it make any sense to you that our forefathers would mean something different in the 2nd Amendment than they did in the other enumerated Rights ??? If the government doesn’t trust me with my gun, why should I trust them?

    91. The simple fact is this…..every state has a hidden agenda…..they seriously want to give 50% of their populations felonies….don’t matter what kind….that gives them the power to force 50% of the people to give up their right to own a gun….why do you think so many chickenshit laws are passed that have a penalty of a felony….

    92. Someone needs to regulate her attitude and behavior before she pops a gasket, see how she likes it. Just another liberturd who thinks they know whats good for the world. Actually, what would be good for the world is her extinction

      1. So I guess Ms. Barrettt doesn’t own a gun because she fears she may become a violent psychopath. Such stupidity in the world today. Somewhere down the line maybe one of us ” gun toting maniacs” may save her life one day. Wonder what her reply would be if that happened.

    93. Wow,
      The woman needs serious mental health help.
      She obviously is a threat to someone and should be locked up because at any moment she could go all bat-scat crazy and hurt people in her car.
      Someone Backer Act this woman immediately!

    94. There is only so much you can do to cure mental illness. Sometimes people are really beyond help and shouldn’t be allowed to breed or vote.

    95. theres no such thing as a law abiding politician, if they voted to pass any law, ordinance, infringing on the second amendment, they broke the law. the right of the” people” to keep and bear arms, the right of the” people” to be secure in their persons and effects, and the” people” vote their congressman, does the national guard have the exclusive to peaceably assemble? or be secure in their persons or effects, does the national guard elect their congressman? get the point Leah?

    96. I am sure Mrs. Gunn-Barrett is passionate about gun control and her desire to be gun free.

      However, I suggest that she can be the first to be controlled by the government for her own safety and ours.

      “Regulation of people and behavior is needed, she said, “to protect us against our own stupidity and our own irrationality.”” Mrs G B

    97. Wow, this lady is so right. The other day, I was driving along carrying my legal and licensed handgun and, I looked down at the speedometer to see that I was going FIVE miles over the speed limit. Oh my God! I could have killed someone. (I hope I don’t need to say but, SARCASM!)

    98. Hmmmmmn according to ms. G-B I as a gun owner I am just a irresponsible gun killer in waiting….with that same mind set I along with all of the males in the world are just a bunch of “Rapists in waiting” because we have a penis.

    99. I’v been expecting people to take things in there own hands with the young and old punks running rough shod
      over the civilized public!! Well done gun owners ,{ keep it up}.

      GOD save AMERICA, Our president is throwing it away

    100. What a disgusting, vile article by a piece of garbage with no morals, no conscience, no class or manners in his writing and the humanity of a terrorist. Keep up the spectacular work, Leah!

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