This Week on The Bear Arms Show – CPA & Gun Rights Activist Ainsley Reynolds

Ainsley Reynolds
This Week on The Bear Arms Show – CPA & Gun Rights Activist Ainsley Reynolds
Bear Arms Show
Bear Arms Show

New Jersey – -( On this weeks episode of the Bear Arms Show.

But first some words of wisdom:

“A government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any particular individual citizen…” – Warren v. District of Columbia

News Items:

Gun Store Owner killed in robbery attempt

She’s a Pistol is a store catering to female gun owners, where four men tried to rob the owners. Two of the assailants were listed as critical and another shot. All seem to have been apprehended. John Bieker passed after the shooting and is survived by his wife Rebecca

Ares Armor delivers helpful information to the BATF, in an unorthodox way – they submitted the crayon drawings shown here. The artwork is fantastic.

According to B. Todd Jones Coloring Book by AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

Maybe some stick figures are in our future?

Looking Back at 2014 and Forward to 2015

We have a guest with us today, Ainsley Reynolds!

First up, is there reason to believe that this year will see more understanding between disparate groups as we move further away from the use of force events in 2014? We have already seen the story of an activist having the opportunity to experience some use of force scenarios.

Second, how influential is new media & social media as compared to mainstream media? Have we hit critical mass yet?. John argues that we have and that collectively bloggers and podcasters are influential. However, there are significant changes taking place. Ainsley refers to “low-information” folks as still being heavily influenced by cable news and print media.

The Bear is Loose!

While New Jersey citizens are punished for simple mistakes (see Brian Aitken, Shaneen Allen, and now, apparently, Steffon Josey-Davis). While a gun trafficker who made deals to illegally sell guns and prescription drugs to undercover law enforcement, in violations of federal as well as state law, pleads guilty and is sentenced to probation. The lesson that is being sent by the State of New Jersey is that the prosecutor’s win ratio is more important than serving the interests of justice. To top it off, seems to think its significant that the gun trafficker didn’t register his guns before selling them illegally.

It’s Pandamonium!

For the first iteration of our outrageous news segment Ammoland has the story of Scott Bach debate with Leah Gunn-Barrett. In their debate, Scott reports her statements add up to, ‘there’s no such thing as a law-abiding gun owner'. Hilarity ensues….

Listen to the show here:



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