Top Ten Anti-Gun-Freedom Haters of 2014

Michael Bloomberg
Michael Bloomberg

BELLEVUE, WA – -( The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms has named the Top Ten Anti-Gunners for 2014, with billionaire Michael Bloomberg topping the list.

Bloomberg get the top spot for using his wealth to buy elections in an effort to turn the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms into a heavily-regulated government privilege.

“The people on this list have worked very hard to undermine the civil rights of every American citizen who owns a firearm [or believes in the Constitution], or may one day want to, and they deserve vilification,” CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb said.

Bloomberg spent $50 million to create Everytown for Gun Control, the anti-gun lobbying organization. He helped finance the Initiative 594 gun control campaign in Washington State and he is supporting a similar effort in Nevada.

Others on the list are, in alphabetical order:

Paul Allen – The billionaire co-founder of Microsoft and principle owner of the Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trailblazers, he dumped a half-million dollars into the I-594 gun control campaign in Washington State.

Paul Allen
Paul Allen

Steve Ballmer – Another Microsoft alumni and owner of the L.A. Clippers who added more than $1 million to the I-594 effort to criminalize perfectly legal activities in the Evergreen State.

Steve Ballmer
Steve Ballmer

Hillary Clinton – The former First Lady and Secretary of State suggested earlier this year that gun owners “terrorize” people by vigorously defending the Second Amendment. She also supported the unratified UN Arms Trade Treaty.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

Andrew Cuomo – The New York governor who championed that state’s Draconian SAFE (for Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement) Act, which is responsible for job losses in addition to penalizing every gun owner in the state.

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

Rahm Emanuel – The vehemently anti-gun mayor of Chicago whose administration has stubbornly resisted adoption of rational gun policies that would allow citizens to defend themselves against out-of-control violence in the Windy City.

Rahm Emanuel Getting Close with Obama
Rahm Emanuel Getting [too] Close with Obama
Bill Gates – This billionaire Microsoft co-founder and his wife contributed more than $1 million to the I-594 gun control effort, thus helping to pay for one of the most insidious political campaigns in the United States.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates

Nick Hanauer – Another elitist Seattle-area billionaire who launched the I-594 gun control campaign and poured more than $1 million into the effort. His deplorable effort to exploit the Pilchuck High School tragedy by sarcastically suggesting that, “We need more school shootings” was an offensive new low in anti-gun politics.

Nick Hanauer; Sorry Nick but we live in a Republic, not a Democracy...
Nick Hanauer; Sorry Nick but we live in a Republic, not a Democracy…

Eric Holder – The outgoing U.S. attorney general fought to stall release of thousands of documents related to the Operation Fast and Furious scandal, final losing his battle in federal court this past fall.

Eric Holder
Eric Holder

Shannon Watts – As founder of the Bloomberg-supported Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, Watts has spread disinformation about gun crime and campaigned against laws that bolster personal protection outside the home.

Shannon Watts
Shannon Watts

CCRKBA also gave “dishonorable mention” to Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe for wanting to resurrect one-gun-a-month legislation in his state, Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy and Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, who both have pressed their gun control agendas, driving businesses and jobs out of their states; California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who has steadfastly defended arbitrary and discretionary concealed carry permits; former CNN commentator Piers Morgan for continuing his anti-gun rhetoric even though it forced his program’s cancellation.

Also on the list, Gerald Ensley, the Tallahassee Democrat columnist who wrote in November that handguns and semiautomatic modern sporting rifles should be banned, and that the Second Amendment should be repealed; and former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who wrote earlier this year that he would like to see the Second Amendment changed to confine the right to keep and bear arms to people serving in the military and state militia.

With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States. The Citizens Committee can be reached by phone at (425) 454-4911, on the Internet at or by email to [email protected]

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Neal Grandstaff

As long as we let these criminals run our states and our federal government we’re doomed. Every single congressmen and legislator needs to receive our emails putting them on notice. “If you don’t support the people we don’t support you”!! We need a People’s Lobby, The Citizen’s Lobby for the Protection of Our Constitutional Rights. Sound good to anybody? Unfortunately the one’s who are causing the real problem are folks we never get a chance to vote for. I agree, these billionaires should be under mouthy politicians should have a squad of security and personal attendants and everytime thaey invest… Read more »

The Outlaw

Just look at that picture of Rahm and Barack and tell me that their ain’t any butt pounding going on there. I’ve seen lovers that didn’t look at each other that way with that misty eyed giggle look. Bet he is doing it with Holder too. Mooshell and the girls are a cover for our gay POTUS. Obama is as gay as a Birthday party.


Is this a case of it takes one to know one? Seems to me the photos were selected to get your kind of response.

Not that I would know from personal knowledge ( but again, you might) but I imagine there are a number of gay people who carry a gun-better hope they don’t take serious umbrage with your sentiments.

Danny G.

WOW! To “terrorize” people because you support and defend one of your constitutional rights?!? Hillary is a fool, plain and simple. She’s against grown men and women defending themselves against some lowlife that intends to do them harm, but supports a woman’s right to choose (an abortion) and doesn’t call that terrorism. I’m not gonna get into the abortion issue beyond that, it’s just that she labels US citizens as terrorists for supporting one of the rights guaranteed to us in the Bill of Rights and she’s not called out by the media, it’s just accepted by them. Crazy!


Why isn’t Obama on this list???


“Support and DEFEND the Constitution of The UNITED STATES against all enemies, both foreign and DOMESTIC; so help me GOD”!


I’m with you on that brother! SUPPORT AND DEFEND the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNTED STATES OF AMERICA AGAINST ENEMIES BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC SO HELP ME GOD! I can’t imagine standing up there with my hand on the bible and lie, knowing I’m lying! They who have broken there oath should be removed arrested for crimes against the American People, Corruption, Treason and charged for those crimes if found guilty of treason or found to be worthless they should be HUNG on TV for all to see on the White House lawn. And all Government officials must attend. This would… Read more »

Leo Smith

Cool. list of people who want me dead.

Bob Noxious

These people should be thrown in jail for undermining the Constitution and the public good.


It needs to be a requirement that every politician who gets sworn into office needs to be asked ‘do you understand the oath of office you just took and swore to’ ? …after taking the oath ! …’swear to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States agains’t all enemies both foreign and domestic’ ….DO YOU UNDERSTAND ?


The day is coming when the people in this great country, who believe in the constitution, the second amendment, freedom and liberty, will have the opportunity to eliminate those who have attempted to oppress them. Burn these names into your memory and the names of all the other anti-gun freedom hating politicians, journalists, entertainers, judges, police chiefs, activists, etc.. So that we do not allow a single one to escape justice. Molon labe!

errol gumusdere

look at them real good !!!!!! if they need help they should call local priest.. rejects all of them.

Don Griffith

All of these people’s security details should have to carry a sling shot. Anti-gun my arse! Just another way to keep the middle class in check.