VA Offers ‘Free Gun Locks’ in Exchange for Owners’ Info, Addresses & # of Guns Owned

By AWR Hawkins

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Washington DC – -( A number of veterans say they’ve received a letter from the Veterans Administration (VA) offering them “free gun locks” if they fill out a form which asks for their address and the number of guns for which they need locks.

The VA is offering up to four locks per veteran.

The Washington Times acquired a copy of the letter and quoted it as saying the VA “[hopes] to reach all our veterans with this offer.” The VA said locks will be mailed to the address remitted on the form.

The letter also says: “As your partner in healthcare, we are committed to keeping you and your family safe… Gun locks have been shown to greatly reduce death and injury caused by firearms in the home. If you own a gun, we hope you will request and use a gun lock.”

The VA letter obtained by the Times was signed by Daniel Hendee, who serves as “director of the VA medical center in Philadelphia.”

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Dear VA, I have no guns.


What idiot puts a lock on a firearm? Might as well buy a ball bat as it will be more useful than a locked firearm.


STOP STOP STOP I ran the Operation Child Safe at the VA where I was a police officer… THERE IS NO FORM LETTER FOR THIS. It’s up to the individual VA Hospital to distribute these locks. They usually dump it on the VA Police assigned to their hospital and say “handle it.” Doctors as a rule don’t like guns and won’t be bothered with something like this. For me, my Chief turned and handed them to me and said, “figure out what to do with these, oh- give me a count weekly.” For years l just put boxes out in… Read more »


Got one, what an insult! It also ironically came with a suicide prevention flier. These morons can pound sand…

Al Schmidt

All except for 1 gun I own are in a gun safe. The other one is either on me or next to me at all times. When the twin grand-daughters are around & the gun is not on my person, then it is a lock box by my bed. Just because small children are unable to fire my H&K P7 PPS due to the 14lb pull of the cocking mechanism, does not mean you give them the chance. I do not believe in gun locks, locks are meant to be broken.

David: San Antonio

Guess where this will all lead?
Once they know you own a gun or guns and have your info…you will be first on the list.


I think that I will order about 3 dozen locks in my children’s (who are under 21) names and have them sent to one (or more) of my neighbors who do not own any guns. Kind of the same thing that I did when the Brady anti-gun campaign asked for donations and sent a SASE to me and I sent them a batch of washers. Makes them pay for their greediness. Hopefully this would be funded by the Obamacrats and it would help them lose a bit more revenue.


“Gun locks have been shown to greatly reduce death and injury caused by firearms in the home. ” This is a very interesting statement, and I am aware of NO data that support it. I have to wonder who they think “has shown” this. John Lott’s study shows very clearly that there is a HUGE potential cost, in terms of the increase in successful rapes, murders, and assaults (several thousand per year, if I remember correctly), that are correlated strongly with the passage of “safe storage” laws. This occurs due to increased difficulty in accessing a gun kept in the… Read more »


They give these things away like candy at the actual VA offices and hospitals. There’s accounts of VA workers who get boxes of them, and end up giving away a dozen at a time to one person, just because they get so many, anyways, an my mom, the last time I had family come support me at the VA, got a whole box of them. There must have been thirty in there. More locks than she needed, but she just gave the rest away to people she knew. Free locks.


Agree with Lee. My guns – my business. This is kind of like a child-molester saying, “C’mere little girl! I have candy! This’ll be fun!” Don’t do it!!


My guns my business. Another sceme to try to regulate all freedoms.

William M Durham

Right now I do not believe that 1 out of 1000 trust the VA with anything. Its bad enugh that we have to count on them to monitor or health but to monitor anythings else would be stupid. VA has hired a whole “herd” of obama social workers to act as mental health experts in dealing with the PTSD problem and they claim along with their fruity friends else where in the socalled medical area to nt only be able to cure PTSD but prevent it. So with that said and done we need no more military or police because… Read more »


I still remember Schutzstaffel – SS stopping my parents in Paris, and demanding, “Papieren, bitte?” No difference here.


I hope not one person falls for this anti-gun scam. That would show the controlists that we see right through their tactics.


I hope I receive a letter ,so I can write F**K You on it and mail it back to them. Assholes


If you receive a letter from the VA just do not respond it you don’t have to. You respond to it then they know you have at least one gun and will come to take it from you, with a full SWAT team.


Gene,dont do that !!! I know where you are coming from but please,..dont do that !!

Neil E. Wright

Hey, VA: Póg Mo Thóin

“If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.” ~Ronald Reagan
“The duty of a Patriot is to protect his country from its government.” – Thomas Paine
“Where liberty dwells, there is my country.” –Benjamin Franklin
Islam Delenda Est!


I sure hope no vets fell for this sham !


I myself received a copy of that letter and have yet to respond to it; If anyone thinks that what they are doing is a good idea then you have rocks for brains, What they are doing is setting VETS up for a big time take down. What the government wants to do is make sure that the vets are fully disarmed because how many of us know better on how to use a gun than many others. No they want the disarmed so we cannot fight back, besides the government wants people to think that the VETS are unstable… Read more »


Reply back that you own zero guns but would like four locks anyways. In Texas, they are generally used as toolbox and gate locks.


I did but I misspelled my name and address as my leftist neighbor. If the pinkshirts raid his house first I will have a warning.


“We’re from the government and we’re here to help”.


Is the VA now a proxy for gun registration?


I have about 10 from the VA and have never given my name or any other info. I just go up to a volounter and ask for one.


Yep, just like the CDC.