Will The Real America Please Stand Up?

Comments by John Crump

Chris Kyle
American Hero Chris Kyle
Veritas Firearms
Veritas Firearms

Northern, VA –-(Ammoland.com)- Earlier this month the movie, “American Sniper”, opened nationwide.

The block buster hit is about the life of Chris Kyle. Chris Kyle was a Navy SEAL who served four tours in Iraq and was credited with more kills than anyone in US military history before coming home to work with disabled veterans and ultimately being murdered by a vet he was trying to help.

Chris Kyle truly believed the United States was the greatest country on earth and sacrificed much in her protection. Chris Kyle is a true American Hero, and deserves all the honor and respect that we have to give as a country.

That is unless you are media elite. For example…Michael Moore. If you were Michael Moore you would think Kyle was a coward. Then Seth Rogan compared “American Sniper” to NAZI propaganda. Bill Maher called Chris Kyle a “psychopath”. There has been countless articles slamming the film by calling Kyle a racist and a murderer because he called Al-Qaida in Iraq savages.

Al-Qaida in Iraq is still around today. They are now known as ISIS and ISIL. ISIS is responsible for the beheadings of multiple prisoners and have been waging genocide across the Middle East. If that isn’t evil I am not sure what is.

Islamic State is beheading children
Islamic State continues beheading innocent children while back home liberals make excuses.

Those are people Chris Kyle called savages, but to Michael Moore and many others they are just misunderstood freedom fighters.

With all negativity towards the movie “American Sniper” and ultimately Chris Kyle it got me thinking. In what bazaro world can an American hero that saved countless American lives be slandered so heavily without major black lash? I kept digging and found a trend that is really disturbing.

It seems some on the left have decided that America is root of all evil. I started looking at plots of movies. It seems in most cases instead of the US being the good guys that 9 out of 10 times the US is the bad guys. It is conditioning us to think of America as the villain and not ISIS. Every movie from Michael Moore’s “documentaries” to even movies like “Transformers” makes the US to be the bad guys. When a movie does comes out that shows the US to be the good guys it is called propaganda.

You also have stars that go as far as support the enemies of our country and nothing is done. If you offer comfort and aid to an enemy of the United States than you are a trader. Dennis Rodman and his loves fest with a brutal murdering dictator makes me sick to my stomach. Sean Penn is a very vocal supporter of the oppressive regime in Venezuela. Then you have Michael Moore being buddy buddy with the communist leaders in Cuba and everywhere else.

These people are in the minority, but they are a very vocal minority. These are the people that want to “fundamentally transform America”, and I for one say “hell no!” I know that I can’t be the only one. We need to wake up and fight back. We need to get others in the fight. The real America needs to rise. Do you think our grandparents would have let this crap slide?

The majority of American disagree with the anti-American movement, but it is a silent majority. I do believe that majority can be awoken. Everyone needs to point out what is going on. We need to once again to wake the sleeping giant that is the American people and fight back. Fight back by supporting people like Clint Eastwood and Bradly Cooper. Fight back by stop watching Sean Penn movies. Fight back at the ballot box. This is a battle for the very soul of America. Will the real America please stand up?

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnews. John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and The Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on the history of the patriot movement and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss or at www.crumpy.com.

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The truth is none of us really know the truth. Keeping the enemy at bey is a piculiar. Unless the enemy is defined. Is (BLACKLASH) a Fraudian slip or a cut at the president who supported these war efforts set by the American agenda. No aggression was stopped toward established efforts. And the fight continues. I have but one suggestion and that is to be good at continuing the fight. And that is everyone’s responsibility. Our problems are are internal and should be addressed internally for all Americans are involved whether we like it or not. We must maintain vigilance.… Read more »


If a soldier fires on the enemy who is five feet in front of him (or her), or is skilled to take the enemy out from great distance as Chris Kyle demonstrated, the enemy is dead, that is the only thing that matters.

They are doing the job they trained for that is a fact.


I’ve seen the back lash in my fb news feed and it had made me sick to my stomach and lash out on my own friends. It is plain and simple, he was sent there to stop the enemy from killing our troops. Just because he killed more of those bastards than anyone else doesn’t make him a racist. How about we send all of these traitors over seas with guns and see what they do when they’re attacked for being American? Good for you for publishing what is right. People who are against bullies and terrorists are being branded… Read more »


Seth Rogan here’s a wake-up call; the only “NAZI LIKE PROPAGANDA” in this country, is alive and well and emanating from the Seat of our American government! Chris Kyle trained for and expertly fulfilled his military and civic duty, by “eliminating” the scum that would have killed, or injured, hundreds of our patriotic service members who ARE DEFENDING AMERICA. ISIS, ISIL, or whatever you call these worthless pukes, are allowed to thrive in that region; and it is therefore our responsibility to stop the threat THERE, no matter what country it is. If we don’t, the fight will be brought… Read more »


ISIS – just another CIA/Mossad creation of the Boogy Man.

Here is the sad sap McCain on them –
“I know ISIS intimately, I’ve met them and I talk to them all the time.” — Senator John McCain
from his own crooked mouth:




Well you are about as wrong as one could be. While Kids may join up with the grand idea that they will be saving the country and world from the Evil Doers… That is sadly far from the truth. When you are sent to war YOU are fighting for the IMF, World Bank, Fed Reserve and what THEY Want. Not to protect me and my stuff. And to this – “THEY HAVE IS ALL BECAUSE OF WHAT THESE BROTHERS AND SISTERS ARE FIGHTING FOR.” What utter Shit – This country’s People have what it has because of ENDLESS BANK DEBT!… Read more »


Keeping in mind that we had zero business being in Iraq, I cannot then condone the glorification of our killing, by whatever means, of people who did nothing to harm OUR country. This movie (I haven’t seen it) glorifies and “Hollywoodizes) one indvidual skilled at killing long range; he is neither better nor worse than the thousands of others who killed because they were told they were “protecting us from terrorism”. I personally think that some of the criticisms of the movie are a whole lot more logical than this article. I love my country, but damned if I will… Read more »

John Crump

There is a very vocal minority that is against the movie. There is a silent majority (the 200 million). I am talking about Hollywood, and Academia


We aren’t silent at all. Every single one of us opened our wallets and voted.


I think you mean backlash not “black lash”. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of negativity towards ‘American Sniper’? The movie has made over $200 million in 2 weeks. A handful of people have publicly expressed disapproval for the movie. That doesn’t equal a backlash or in your case a black lash.

charlotte dobies

Yes MR Crump I agree with you hole hearty.