Zen, Meditation and the Art of Shooting

Author Ray Mancini arms readers with techniques to lower stress and reach Zen.

Zen, Mediation & The Art of Shooting
Zen, Mediation & The Art of Shooting

PERTH, AU – -(Ammoland.com)- Author of the book, Zen, Mediation & The Art of Shooting, Ray Mancini combines his deep understanding of Eastern philosophies and applies them to his practical training processes, methodologies and techniques to help readers achieve a state of peace.

“Zen, Meditation and the Art of Shooting is aimed at all professional and recreational shooters,” Mancini says. “However, it’s not a technical manual or a how­to book for shooting. Instead, it helps readers understand the intimate connection between ‘Zen and performance’, not just in shooting, but in all aspects of life.”

Mancini explained that to acquire great skill you must concentrate on every aspect of execution from start to finish. However, to achieve great performance – one must not “think” at all. When an individual can accomplish a task successfully without thinking and it merely occurs – this is Zen.

Mancini encourages readers to unleash their full potential and achieve maximum performance in whatever field they endeavor.

“Trying times provide an ideal period to develop the skills to reach maximum potential,” Mancini describes. “Once you reach your zen in the most stressful environments, you’ll learn to thrive in any situation.”

Zen, Meditation & the Art of Shooting is available on Amazon and iTunes.

About the Author:

Mancini is an internationally known law enforcement educator and trainer. His hard earned experience and knowledge has been gained from more than 20 years of dedicated and diversified commitment within the industry. He is the CEO of Security Intelligence Group (SIG) based in Perth, Western Australia, with offices in America, Italy, Ukraine and UAE. SIG is an organization renowned worldwide for security consultation, specialist firearms and tactical training. Mancini has worked in high risk protective security details in some of the most dangerous places in the world.

Ray Mancini
Ray Mancini

Mancini is an expert in the fields of Close Personal Protection (CPP), Close Quart Combat (CQC), Firearms and Tactics Instructor, K9 Security Training Specialist, Risk Assessment, Risk Management, and Crime Loss Prevention. He specializes in the anticipation, recognition and prevention of crime on commercial and industrial properties. Mancini consults with corporations, insurance agencies and police on how to reduce risk. In the mid ‘90s Mancini was responsible for the personal security of Mariah Carey, Ice T, Alaa Zalzali and recently Zoe Badwi.

He has conducted hundreds of security surveys and investigations of commercial properties where crime has been a problem and he has provided expert advice and recommendations on how to reduce risk. He has performed hundreds of crime demographic studies and risk assessments. Mancini is an expert regarding the elimination of violence on commercial properties and loss prevention.

Mancini is also a Si­Fu (Master in Wushu). Wushu was an all­encompassing passion and great love of his life up until the age of 21. He began studying Wushu at the age of 10 with Sifu Fadi El­masri, at the International Federation of Wushu Team. In addition to Wushu, Mancini has extensive experience in Tae Kwon Do as well as more than five years of boxing training and hand­to­hand combat. Mancini has extensively studied various martial arts, Zen philosophy, human kinetics motor learning and performance. In addition, he is also a Feng Shui practitioner. Feng Shui is the ancient art and science developed thousands of years ago in China. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure health, happiness and prosperity for people inhabiting it.

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Michael Scott

Unusual, and very appropriate for those of us who carry or have firearms for self defesne especially. It’s difficult and expensive to train as often and thoroughly as we should. A book like this will certainly help us get into the right mind set and attitude that we hope we will never need, but may. Thanks, LaserMax for posting this.