7 Critical Items To Put In Your Bug Out Bag

By Chad @ Survivalsupplychest.com

Bug Out Survival Bag
Bug Out Survival Bag
Survival Supply Chest
Survival Supply Chest

Illinois – -(Ammoland.com)- Tune in to TV shows like Doomsday Preppers and you’ll see people who may seem crazy and paranoid at a surface level, however, there is a lot we all can learn from these preppers.

Some episodes cover the concept of “bugging out” which is one area of the prepper movement that everyone should practice, allowing them to be prepared and achieve a better peace of mind.

What is a Bug Out Bag?

A bug out bag consists of items which are used to “bug out” or evacuate in an emergency situation. Your bug out bag should be customized to fit your needs in a bug out situation. If you have a family, your bag needs to be able to aid everyone who may evacuate with you. Picking the proper items can differ by location and climate – not all bags should be the same.

When would I need a Bug Out Bag?

Sudden emergencies can put you in a situation where it is much safer to evacuate from your home and get to a safe zone. Some of these situations could be stem from extreme and sudden weather emergencies or even terrorist and/or chemical attacks.

How do I know what to put in my bug out bag?

As we mentioned, not all bug out bags should be the same, but there are several areas that everyone needs to address when creating one.

  • Weapons: Whatever type of weapon you are comfortable with, if that’s a firearm – there is no right or wrong gun, it’s all about what you’re most comfortable with. Even if your bag has a gun, a knife is also a practical companion especially in a wilderness setting.
  • Documentation: An emergency evacuation could mean not coming back to see everything how you left it, so if there are any documents (titles, deeds, sentimental items), it is a good idea to take these with you since they don’t take up much space at all.
  • Food & Clothing: It’s a good idea to pack according to the climate you live in, and even revisit your bag throughout the year to make sure that your spare clothing choices reflect the current season. Nobody wants to be stuck with shorts and a t-shirt if an emergency occurs in the winter. Packing MREs or other food items, along with water, is crucial.
  • Camping Supplies: This one also comes down to personal preference, depending where you are and could end up, it may be a good idea to bring some sort of fire starters. If you can fit it, a small propane powered stove can really come in handy.
  • A Map: This one seems kind of old school but if you’re without your cellphone or any sort of signal, resorting to the old fashioned map or atlas ( tiny.cc/cvi9tx ) can happen. It’s best to be prepared with a detailed atlas which at least covers the counties around your home. It’s also a good idea to have these laminated if possible so they stand a better chance against any type of destruction.
  • Some Cash: The amount is up to you but we suggest enough to pay for a couple nights at a hotel or more. In an event of a power grid failure, cash is king.
  • Morale Boosters: This one is optional, but if a bug out situation drags on, something to pass the time will aid you well. This is especially true if you will have little ones bugging out with you. Keeping them busy with a book to read or do word search puzzles can temporarily save the sanity of your whole family.

Again, these items are an outline of what you may want to include when constructing your own personal bug out bag. We’d recommend doing research and reading what other people are including in theirs, to get a well-rounded list of items to include in your own bag. It’s also important that this is a bag which you would be comfortable with strapping to your back and potentially walking a great distance. If you’re over encumbered you may need to reevaluate the contents.

To read more, check out the full Bug Out Bag article on Survival Supply Chest.

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  • 4 thoughts on “7 Critical Items To Put In Your Bug Out Bag

    1. The author is full of crap. Your BOB is NOT a party bag. You only carry items that will get you through life and death for at least 72 hours and perhaps longer. Seven items is what most will need. 1) Gun with ammo, 40 or 45 caliber, 2) Knife, A SHARP ONE! 3) BIC lighter, (Not one that relies on being refilled). 4) MRE Entree. You don’t need to waste the space with the full PUFFY PAK. 5) Roll of toilet paper in a zip lock bag. 6) Water Filter or Filter Straw. 7) CASH! and 8th item would be medications THAT YOU MUST HAVE! Anything else is either dead weight, a distraction or useless to you in your reason(s) for having to bug out.

      Realize that a BOB is not a sport bag, an accessory pack or a FAD pack… It is a quick to grab bag of items that will SAVE YOUR LIFE, not entertain it!

    2. I would add a couple of other things: First aid, something to stop the bleeding. Water or a water purification capability.

    3. THIS is not a suggest list for a Bug Out Bag. THIS is a bag shi&! ANY Bug Out Bag should consist of no more that 7 items:

      First of all, your bug out bag should be similar to or a CAMELBAK backpack type with at least a 3 Litre / 100 ounce water bladder, FILLED WITH WATER! And NO LARGER THAN YOUR CHEST CAVITY!

      3)KNIFE (SHARP ONE!)
      4)MONEY (CASH)
      5)MRE Entrees (Not the whole damn meal pack!)
      6)BIC Lighter
      7)Water Filter

      If you take a firearm “you are comfortable with”, in most cases you will have a gun that will make a cute belt buckle or an earring… TAKE A GUN THAT WILL STOP YOUR THREAT WITH ONE SHOT! There is no such thing as “two in the chest, one in the head”… THAT’S HOLLYWOOD! 40 or 45 CALIBER will STOP your threat! Anything less will piss them off!

      Whenever you are going to have to rely on your B.O.B. YOU ARE GOING TO WANT TO RELY ON SURVIVING, not putting up a picnic lunch, stringing up a macrame tent system, build a bridge or play your favorite video game… YOU AIN’T GONNA HAVE TIME FOR THAT SHIT! FOCUS ON GETTING OUT OF WHERE YOU ARE AT TO A SAFE PLACE… Once you arrive to your safe place, your Bug Out Bag has done it’s job. Now reload your BOB for the next situation. Carry On!

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