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Plano Tactical Engineers Full Line of Specialized Gear for Military, First Responders, and Law Enforcement Professionals

Plano Tactical 2015
Plano Synergy
Plano Synergy

Plano, IL -(Ammoland.com)- Few brands hold more meaning to hunters, shooters and anglers than Plano.

From its humble beginnings producing the world’s first molded plastic tackle boxes over 65 years ago, the company has built its reputation on a mission of keeping customers’ valuable gear organized and protected. Today, Plano Synergy continues to put its tremendous engineering and manufacturing resources to work, offering thousands of individual hunting, shooting and fishing lifestyle products across twelve unique brands.

Do a job well and your customer base will grow. Plano has attracted a loyal following over the years, including many from the stringent military and law enforcement communities who have come to appreciate and rely upon the utility and reliability of Plano’s shooting products.

Plano Tactical has grown out of this demand.

“Plano is using its significant resources to design and manufacture several lines of specialized gear and accessories for professional use by military, first responders and law enforcement personnel,” says Plano Government and Law Enforcement Sales Manager, Eric Flesvig.

While the company has long been an industry leader in the design and sales of medical boxes widely used by first responders and emergency personnel, the development of Plano Tactical marks the company’s first targeted and comprehensive launch of professional grade tactical products.

“We looked at the Plano recreational products these professionals were using, and then applied significant engineering advancements to create unique new products to meet the exacting standards of the military and law enforcement communities,” Flesvig continues.

Initial Plano Tactical product offerings are expected to be available at select Plano Tactical retailers and online in April, and will consist of two all-new Tenzing Tactical packs, five all-new Field Locker Mil-Spec small arms cases, a full line of Plano medical bags and boxes, as well as a variety of other gun cases, ammunition boxes and task-specific accessories.

Tactical teams perform at an elite level. So does Plano’s Tenzing brand, equipping hunters with the industry’s top-performing packs that allow them to go further and hunt longer in extreme environments. Similarly, Tenzing Tactical’s TT SP14 Shooter’s Pack and TT2220 Tactical Pack help give military and law enforcement pros the edge in their own extreme situations.

Tenzing Tactical TT SP14 Shooter’s Pack

Tenzing Tactical TT SP14 Shooter’s Pack
Tenzing Tactical TT SP14 Shooter’s Pack

The only pack of its kind, the TT SP14 Shooter’s Pack is designed to keep snipers fully equipped and mobile. The versatile TT SP14 quickly converts from a scoped rifle pack to a self-contained shooting rest that enables marksmen to take aim and fire without removing the weapon from the pack. In its shooting configuration, the pack’s two lower foldout pockets keep ammunition and ballistic information cards at-the-ready. The 4-lb. 6-oz. Shooter’s Pack has a total capacity of 1,940 cubic inches inside 16 specialized pockets and compartments, and is available in OD green or Kryptek Typhon camouflage.

Tenzing Tactical TT 2220 Tactical Pack

Tenzing Tactical TT 2220 Tactical Pack
Tenzing Tactical TT 2220 Tactical Pack

The TT 2220 is the essential tactical pack for special response professionals, allowing them to organize and carry all necessary gear in one incredibly durable, comfortable and lightweight pack. A highly adjustable ergonomic fit allows maximum mobility while its rugged construction guards against the varied abuses of heavy field duty. The 4-lb. 5-oz. TT 2220 Tactical Pack has a total capacity of 2220 cubic inches inside 13 total pockets and compartments, and is available in OD green or Kryptek Typhon camouflage.

Made-in-the-U.S.A. Berry-compliant versions of both Tenzing Tactical Packs will be available.

In the jurisdiction of small arms and accessory storage, the most exacting users are in law enforcement and the military – and justly so. Product failure is intolerable when lives and security are at stake. Plano Tactical makes the small arms cases that perform to these elite standards.

Plano Tactical Field Locker Mil-Spec Cases

Plano Tactical Field Locker Mil-Spec Cases
Plano Tactical Field Locker Mil-Spec Cases

Mil-Spec is a claim that Plano doesn’t make casually. Each of these five new cases have been certified by an accredited testing facility as meeting military specifications for immersion, dust, vibration and transit drop per MIL-STD-810G.

Available in Single Long, Double Long, Tactical Long, Large Pistol, and Extra Large Pistol configurations, each case features a high-density closed-cell customizable foam interior, reinforced padlock gates, extra wide latches, heavy-duty gasket, molded heavy-duty handle, and pressure-release valve. Additionally, the Double Long and Tactical Long models feature Easy Glide enclosed ball-bearing wheels. Plano Tactical Field Locker Mil-Spec Cases are engineered and made in the U.S.A.

A full assortment of customizable options, including unique colors and logos, are available on Plano Tactical products to meet specific customer needs.

Elite forces require elite products. Like the shields sewn on their sleeves and inked on their arms, the Plano Tactical logo serves as a visual reminder of the company’s commitment to serve the specialized and demanding needs of the tactical professionals who protect our communities and country from harm. For the brave men and women who answer this call of duty, Plano Tactical offers the products that help ensure a successful mission.

Plano Tactical
Plano Tactical 2015

For more information, call 630-552-9463, or visit www.planomolding.com/tactical.

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A tradition of excellence. Owning a Plano tackle box has become a heritage that has endured for more than half a century. In 1952, Plano introduced the first molded plastic tackle box. For the next fifty years, the Plano brand found its way into the hearts and hands of four generations. Today, there's a 4 in 5 chance that if you own a tackle box, it was made by Plano. There are many reasons why consumers choose Plano, including quality, durability and innovation, but our favorite is “It's what my dad always used.”

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Innovation and quality are the traits that have become associated with the Plano brand. Thousands of hunters and shooters have come to trust Plano for the storage of their firearms, bows and hunting accessories. Since 1952 Plano has been supplying outdoor enthusiast with storage solutions that allow them to make the most of the time they have outdoors.

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