Alaska Update February 2015 from The Man in Black

The Big O here.

Terry Overly
Alaska Update February 2015 from The Man in Black, Terry Overly
Pioneer Outfitters
Pioneer Outfitters

Chisana, AK –-(  We at Pioneer Outfitters are at our “half-way” mark through our winter here in Chisana, AK.

February is historically our coldest month but in truth you can expect temperatures anywhere from a very moderate zero (Fahrenheit) to -50*F over night at any time.

This tends to make working (or playing) outside quite a challenge at times and frostbite is a given but usually no more of an issue than a good old sunburn while laying on a beach somewhere on a hot summer day.

We are all looking forward to March and April when the sun will begin to really start putting out a lot of heat and the days will be so much longer.

February, March and April are especially scenic in the Wrangell Mountains. Sometimes when you just stop and look around where you are working on something that just broke again and you can no longer feel your fingertips and the world that surrounds you just takes your breath away.

We have been getting a lot of inquiries into our Spring Grizzly & Black Bear Hunts as well as more interest into our Summer Horseback Adventures than ever before.

Cutting firewood is a daily job as there are 6 (six) wood stoves burning wood for heat and they sure eat a bunch! The way we figured it out for a recent Campfire Chat, we burn approximately 1 cord per day during the winter months. Temperatures like -40*F require a lot of wood to keep us all warm.

The positive side of wood heat is that it sure keeps you in good shape.

I am also somewhat partial to cooking on the wood stoves. You can open the stove doors and sit and watch the flames and get lost in your own thoughts as you warm up pretty quickly.

We have a lot of hope and expectations for our upcoming spring, summer and fall activities. If you are going to be part of one of those, know we are thinking of you and already anticipating great things this year.

I sincerely wish that every one of you could come and spend time with us here in Chisana at Pioneer Outfitters and enjoy the beauty and serenity of our Last Frontier.

God Bless.
The Man in Black
Terry Overly

What is Pioneer Outfitters? Pioneer Outfitters is real life Alaska. Men and women trained extensively by the State and in the field. Guides that make their lives and living on horseback in the wild areas of Alaska, to stand by you and see you safely into the wilderness, through it and back. Simply, Pioneer Outfitters is not only who we are, it is what we are. Our entire site is truly about us. Visit:

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6 years ago

do you have any type of disability hunting?