Almost Bearable Muskox Hunting

By Jason Reid

Muskox Hunting
Muskox Hunting
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Rochester, New York – -( Muskox, an animal so unique, it is its own class of animal when talking about the Super Slam of North America.

In talking with several super slammers in the past, Muskox is generally put off due to what we know about hunting them.

The overriding image we have of Muskox hunts, is people hunting them in Winter and Early Spring… in the Arctic. A place in which the ice doesn’t melt until July and August, only to come back in September. I asked the owner of Plummer’s Arctic Lodges, Chummy Plummer, why this was.

His response was just simple, “I am really not sure, I guess for the adventure. But I once spent a winter at one of the lodges we have in the arctic. You spend more than half your time just trying to stay alive.”

Considering the adverse health effects of being exposed to such brutally low temperatures for more than a few minutes, I had to believe the man.

The current world record Lake Trout. 72lbs
The current world record Lake Trout. 72lbs

Chummy Plummer started guiding in 1955 at the age of thirteen. His father and grandfather had explored the waterways of the north, to find the legends about the incredible adventure, fishing and wildlife were true. Chummy’s family built the first lodge in the early 1940’s at Great Slave Lake, then continued to expand to other lakes further north such as Great Bear Lake and the Tree River.

Chummy recalled countless stories and adventures from a lifetime of Arctic adventures. He recalled once crawling under a lodge to fix piping as they worked to prepare the camps for their guests, only to realize he had crawled into a grizzly bear den. Although it was years ago, he told the story with a smile, a smile which reflected years of being whiteness to the wonders of the Northern Territories.

Known as one of the best fishing destinations in the world for Pike, Grayling, Arctic Char and Lake Trout, Plumer’s Arctic Lodges provides the ambitious explorer the opportunity to explore the Arctic with or without guides during the July and August fishing season. In fact the fishing is so good, the world record 72lb Lake Trout was caught by a guest at one of their camps. Yes, we are here talking hunting, but, a 72 lb fish will stop about anyone in their tracks and garner some respect.

Just a few of the adventures from Plummer's Lodge.
Just a few of the adventures from Plummer’s Lodge.

How does this help their Muskox operation? Their hunts are unique since they bring in a limited number of hunters each year and only in the last part of August. Holding their hunts in August allows for a pleasurable hunt, sure you might deal with some fall like weather, but at least you don’t have to fight for survival against the elements like a winter hunt.

“Since these are fly-in camps, my guides are able to keep tabs on the muskox herds throughout the summer, so when the time comes, we can put our hunters onto the game quickly. The terrain in which we hunt around Great Bear Lake is not overly difficult,” said Chummy.

“Because of this, we are able to accommodate older hunters whose mobility may not be what it used to be. We even have a gentleman bringing his 80 year old father up this year to hunt.”

Yet, just because the land is easy does not mean it isn’t a rewarding hunt. Due to sound management practice, many animals they take from the Great Bear Lake Lodge make the Boone & Crocket record books. To top things off, Chummy reports Muskox taste fantastic. Fresh steaks at camp is a fantastic way to celebrate any successful hunt.

Fresh steaks in the Arctic, now there is an adventure to seriously consider.

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