Another Look At Two Legislative Issues: Lifetime CHPS & Misdemeanor Domestic Violence

Second Amendment Gun Permit
Another Look At Two Legislative Issues in Virginia: Lifetime CHPS & Misdemeanor Domestic Violence
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( In the fight to create good legislation, we decided there had to be two permits if we went with a lifetime concealed handgun permit in Virginia:

1. A lifetime permit, that would still require a NICS check if a holder purchased a firearm, and

2. Our current five-year permit, which would include a NICS check during the application process, but which could be used to purchase a firearm without needing a NICS check

The State Police are saying that there would be a large fiscal impact on the lifetime permit (which we dispute), and Senator Dick Black's lifetime permit bill is going to die in the Senate Finance committee for lack of funds. The House version of the bill introduced by Delegate Campbell was also killed this year for similar reasons.

I expect the effort to get a lifetime CHP will continue next year.

On the misdemeanor domestic violence front, it turns out that the Courts have ruled that for a person to get their gun rights back after a conviction of misdemeanor domestic violence, the state has to first take away the person's gun rights and OTHER CIVIL RIGHTS and then restore all of those rights.

Basically, the misdemeanor has to be treated like a felony. Thus, the bills that purported to restore a person's gun rights after taking them away at the state level, WILL NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED.

Thus, Senator Favola's SB 943 is a completely bad bill and I expect it to die in the Senate.

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    1. Brady Act or Bill as they call it the LAW is all linked together to make it so confusing and convoluted. This need to go and stop intimidating the people. People do change for good.

    2. Yup, I read many articles that are surfacing up on the net related to the Lautenberg and various other gun laws that infringes on second amendment rights including Trump and Sessions pro second amendment direction of restoration. To repeal, veto kiss bye bye the Lautenberg Law, is for a Presidential Pardon. That means if Trump follows through with his second amendment stop bullying the people, your right to bear arm will be restored. Therefore the unconstitutional law that was created and put in place to infringe on many civil rights for the people by the ANTI GUN Groups can go pound sand. I believe this will take happen soon. The ANTI 2A should pay for such wrong doings that violate and infringes on our second amendment civil rights and them being able to get away with this for a long time. Dirty leaders that stays for right. Trump is a man of his words and he fights to protect the peoples rights not disarm them from harm. There are many resources out there if you read on and follow the NRA and Trump news. Good stuff and have patience.

    3. TRUMP will TUMP the anti second amendment civil right liberals by doing what is right for the “People” constitutional rights. It’s time to rebuild and bear arm americans from outside threats.

    4. Everywhere I read about the 2A civil rights says a lautenberg federal gun ban for life is unconstitutional and infringes on people’s second amendment. What part does the federal, congress, libs and legislation don’t understand when it is clearly written in our constitution? You cannot put such a law in front of a constitutional right regardless. That’s a global law suit against them the anti who violates American people’s civil rights! End this behind the door screwing us law abiding folks. Here’s the catch: The law disallow and disarm us from safe guarding your family from tugs from a home intrusion and they are armed with an illegal handgun no registered and bypass the background check. If you arm the people who want to purchase a legal gun and go through a background check, that should signify we are law abiding citizens doing the right thing. Trumpis in for a reason and he will arm-2A us again from harm. God Bless America.

    5. What in Gods name is sooo difficult to understand about ” the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. Please note it says THE PEOPLE not the militia. There is NO constitutional grounds for ANY restriction, permit or ANY regulation on firearms. The constitution was written so an illiterate farmer could CLEARLY understand the LIMITS of government. ALL of you who believe the government is responsible for your safety are delusional. Either become an American citizen and know freedom and liberty or stay a slave of whatever power is in charge at the time.
      Read article one section eight of the constitution to understand the federal government’s responsibilities. There is NO legal federal regulation or law that infringes on ANY right INCLUDING the right to bear arms.

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