Can Jerry Set a New Record? Find out this Week on Impossible Shots

Smith & Wesson Pro Jerry Miculek
Smith & Wesson Pro Jerry Miculek
Shooting USA
Shooting USA

USA – -( Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – Jerry’s World Record Reloads

Smith & Wesson Pro Jerry Miculek attempts to set a new speed record with his revolver that may be the fastest reloads ever caught on camera. Plus, Mr. Flintlock, George Sutton tries to flip a coin with a .50 caliber round ball.

Shooting USA – International Revolver Championship 2014

We’re covering the annual championships for wheel guns and their fans, with the top revolver shooters at the Hogue Range in California. Plus, a profile of the only man to win two gold medals in his Olympic sport. Vincent Hancock is now teaching and training for another gold in International Skeet.


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Defending the 2nd by Example in the 22st Year

George Sutton
Mr. Flintlock, George Sutton tries to flip a coin with a .50 caliber round ball.

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