Conservation Officers Want Info. on Ducks Killed During Houghton Lake Tip-Up Town

Mallards take off from a wetland along the Platte River.
Conservation Officers Want Info. on Ducks Killed During Houghton Lake Tip-Up Town
Michigan DNR
Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Michigan-( Department of Natural Resources conservation officers are seeking information from the public about an incident that killed seven mallards on Houghton Lake during the annual Tip-Up Town celebration.

On Sunday, Jan. 18, conservation officer Chuck McPherson and Sgt. Jeremy Payne received information about seven dead mallards discovered near the Iroquois Street bridge in the East Bay area of Houghton Lake. When they arrived to investigate, the officers also discovered an injured mallard that they collected and took to a wildlife rehabilitator in the area for care.

According to Sgt. Payne, the incident happened near open water where a canal enters the lake. The area is known as a place that ducks congregate because of the open water at the canal entrance. There was a single set of snowmobile tracks near the open water, and officers surmise a snowmobiler struck a large group of ducks sometime on Jan. 17. The dead ducks collected at the scene had injuries consistent with blunt force trauma.

Payne said there is another injured duck that appears to have a broken wing that the officers will continue to look out for in hopes of taking it to a wildlife rehabilitator for care.

Anyone with information about this incident can call the DNR’s Report All Poaching (RAP) Line at 1-800-292-7800. Information may be left anonymously. Information also can be sent to the DNR via the online reporting form available on the DNR website

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Own the all the wildlife? Their ultimate goal is to own you!

Wild Bill

@Janek, a truer word was never written!


The STATES Believe they are the sole Owners of all the wildlife, especially the wildlife we hunt – Yes a Ranger told me this. They think they are the KINGS of the land.

This is why the want the Public to Snitch on each-other.

Wild Bill

State wild life agencies are none too smart, but poachers ruin it for the rest of us. Better call Joe Pickett.


Ducks can wipe-out a lot of mosquito beds, the loss of one duck keeps our glorious leaders spraying their poisons. how can a snow-mobiler accidentlly run over a bunch of ducks?