Domino’s Gun Ban Update: At Least 8 Drivers Shot, 3 Killed Since Start of 2012

By AWR Hawkins

Domino’s Pizza Gun Ban
Domino’s Gun Ban Update: At Least 8 Drivers Shot, 3 Killed Since Start of 2012
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Washington DC – -( On February 9 2015 it was reported on the horrific armed attack that resulted in the rape and robbery of a 22-year-old Domino’s Pizza’ delivery woman in Antioch, California. At that time we also reminded readers that Domino’s Pizza bars their drivers from keeping a gun with them for self-defense.

After some research, it is clear that the February 8 2015 attack is by no means an isolated incident. Instead, there have been at least eight Domino’s drivers attacked and shot since January 2012, and three of those drivers died from their wounds.

The first of these attacks was in Dallas, where Fox 4 reported that a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver was shot in the 11600 Block of Audelia Road” on January 25, 2012. The next attack took place on April 16, 2o13 in La Vergne, Tennessee, where WGNS Radio reported a driver was attacked while walking back to his car after a delivery, the driver was “robbed and shot.”

The next shooting–one that proved fatal–happened on February 1, 2014, in Indianapolis, Indiana, where WTHR 13 reported that a Domino’s Pizza driver delivered a pizza to the address that ordered it and was then shot and killed. reported that a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver was shot and killed in New Orleans in September 2014 and NBC Chicago reported that a Domino’s driver in Dolton, Illinois was shot and “critically injured” in October 2014. reported that less than a week before Christmas 2014, a Domino’s delivery driver was shot and/or beaten to death and left lying in the hallway of a set of apartments in Birmingham, Alabama.

The Houston Chronicle reported that a Domino’s driver in Houston, Texas was shot and wounded on December 22, 2014. Then in February 2015, KHOU reported a Domino’s driver in Spring, Texas was shot and wounded.

That’s eight shot and three killed, and we haven’t even discussed the number of others who were beaten at gunpoint and locked in the trunks of their own cars during this same time period.

And again, let us not forget the rape of a female Domino’s Pizza delivery driver on February 8 2015.

Note to Domino’s Pizza spokesman Tim McIntyre and to the Domino’s executives who continue to demand their pizza delivery drivers remain defenseless: the danger your drivers face and the agony many of them have endured demonstrate it’s time to reverse your ban on drivers carrying a gun for self-defense in states and localities where doing so is legal.

The gun-ban-by-corporate-fiat model is costing Domino’s Pizza delivery drivers their lives, their dignity, and their peace of mind.

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  • 9 thoughts on “Domino’s Gun Ban Update: At Least 8 Drivers Shot, 3 Killed Since Start of 2012

    1. I agree this is an idiotic policy. They’re more concerned with some bad guy suing them, than the lives of their employees. You really couldn’t sue Domino’s fore wrongful dismissal, since you knew the company policy and you vioated it. So, as long as this idiotic policy is still policy, you’re stuck being unarmed and defenseless. This policy may have been ok say 30 or 40 years ago when the worst you’d expect is to lose your pies, but it isn’t a good policy today. After the number of casualties they’ve had, you’d think Domino’s would change the policy. I guess they think it’s easier to get new drivers.

    2. Do it like my friend did in the 80’s. Cut a hole in the bottom of pizza box. Insert 44 mag. Yours are the two on top. If they want the third box you let them have it!!!!!!

      1. I like that idea. An efficient & elegant solution. Remember: It’s better to be fired & live, than put your family & friends through a funeral.
        All over a pizza & a few bucks!

    3. Domino’s appears more concerned about personnel liability than they do about their employees lives. My advise would be to carry anyway and expect to be fired if you have to use deadly force in the course of your job. Then U can turn around and sue Domino/s for wrongful dismissal.

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