EZ Access Gear’s Snap Shot Shotgun Sight Now Available with Edge Glow Technology

Provides Instant Target Acquisition

EZ Acces Gear Introduces The Snap Shot
EZ Acces Gear Introduces The Snap Shot
EZ Access Gear
EZ Access Gear

Black Creek, WI -(Ammoland.com)- Drop your tom with ease this spring with the innovative Snap Shot Sight, which now features Edge Glow Technology for better target acquisition.

Edge Glow Technology traps ultraviolet light so the Snap Shot Sight’s edges glow in low-light conditions. This new and improved design increases your chances of bagging your bird, whether you run and gun or sit in a blind.

The Snap Shot easily snaps on almost any shotgun barrel, whether it’s a vent rib or smooth bore. The Snap Shot’s patented design enhances any existing sight system or works great alone. This unique sight, available in black, camo or the new Edge Glow design, provides instant target acquisition. If it’s in the sight, it’s history.

Similar to a scope, the Snap Shot forces you to keep your head down on the barrel and the gun up, but its quicker and much less expensive than a scope because no magnification is involved. If the target is in the circle, then your aim is perfect. Because of its ease of use, the Snap Shot is ideal for youth as well as experienced hunters.

EZ Acces Gear Introduces The Snap Shot
EZ Acces Gear Introduces The Snap Shot

The Snap Shot is available in 12- and 20-gauge versions that work great for turkey, waterfowl, varmint, big game and even self-defense purposes. And as a bonus, the Snap Shot also works on muzzleloaders and revolvers.

With an MSRP starting at $14.99, the Snap Shot is ideal for the budget-conscious hunter.

Look for The Snap Shot at a retailer near you or at www.ezaccessgear.com.

About EZ Access Gear

As technology advances and equipment gets smaller, it gets harder to keep your gear organized and quickly accessible.The last thing you want is to dig through pockets and packs looking for your smaller gear, especially at critical moments. That is where EZ Access Gear comes in.

For more information, please visit www.EZAccessGear.com.

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daniel syrylo

I own 2snap shot gun sights and have 2 friends that want them.they are awesome.thanks danny