Hating On Humanity by Opposing Science

By Alan Caruba

Hating On Humanity by Opposing Science
Alan Caruba
Column by Alan Caruba

New Jersey –-(Ammoland.com)- They don’t want to admit it, but we know it’s true. There are countless organizations that hate humanity enough to do everything in their power to put a stop to anything that might benefit it. Their focus target is on the positive use of science to improve and protect our lives.

A recent example is the discussion over the need to ensure youngsters are vaccinated against measles. When I was a child, the great fear parents had was polio and, when the vaccine was created against it, it ceased within my lifetime to be a major health threat. Measles, too, went from being a common disease in my youth to where it occurred rarely.

Even so, some idiots keep spreading the lie that vaccinations can cause autism. That was enough for some parents to fail to vaccinate their child. In other cases, children brought here from foreign nations where vaccination is not as widespread as here can and do cause outbreaks like the one at a California amusement park. It is occurring in other states as well. A disease like measles exists with a life force of its own to spread as widely and rapidly as possible.

On February 14 2015, the Wall Street Journal carried an article, “First Genetically Modified Apple Approved for Sale in U.S.” The previous day I received an email from Friends of the Earth (FOE) citing the apple and bewailing the fact that “Like other GMO’s, this apple won’t be labeled and regulators are relying on assurance from the company that made the apple that it’s safe for human consumption and the environment.”

Why won’t it be labeled? Because it poses no harm to anyone’s health.

What FOE wants to do is create obstacles to genetically modified foods, but the World Health Organization is on record saying that “GM foods currently available on the international market have passed safety assessments and are not likely to present risks for human health. In addition, no effects on human health have been shown as a result of the consumption of such foods by the general population in the countries where they have been approved.”

Listen to what a farmer has to say about GMOs. Larry Cochran is the president of the Washington Association of Wheat Growers.

“Most people don’t even know what GMO stands for, but for me as a farmer it’s just another way of speeding up the breeding process. I have a boss, Mother Nature, who does her own form of GMO breeding, whether it’s new races of disease or insects that have evolved. She’s always changing the rules. If we in agriculture want to be able to feed the world’s population, we have to be able to grow more food on less land, and I believe GMOs can help me do that.”

Is it Organic?
Is it Organic?

In a December 31, 2014 commentary posted on the Daily Caller, Mischa Popoff, an expert on the organic food sector, the author of “Is it Organic?” ( tiny.cc/pav9tx )  and a policy advisor for The Heartland Institute, pointed out that “GMOs meanwhile have NEVER caused any health problem at any level.”

Popoff’s book reveals what a scam organic farming is and, if you have had a choice between organic or not in the supermarket, you will instantly realize organic is much more expensive. Why? Because it does not use GMOs or other means to protect their crops against drought, weeds, or insect predation.

“The real goal for organic activists,” says Popoff, “is to ban GMOs outright the way DDT was banned in 1972, a terrible move by these very same activists which resulted in more deaths from mosquito-borne malaria in the Third World than were cause by both world wars.”

Fear of GMOs is spread monthly by countless articles condemning genetic modification. As Amy Paturel notes in an article on WebMD.com, “The World Health Organization, the National Academy of Sciences, and the American Medical Association all say these crops are safe as, and often safer than, foods changed the old-fashioned way, such as when a new plant is bred from two different types.”

The irony of all the efforts to scare people in the fashion that the Friends of the Earth and comparable groups are trying to do—calling for labeling of GMO foods—is that the new apple has received approval from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The producer has voluntarily asked the Food and Drug Administration to likewise determine its safe consumption. What’s new about it? It does not turn brown after you cut it into slices by shutting off the enzyme that initiates the browning process. It also resists bruising. All good news for consumers.

It is essential that companies that purchase large quantities of food products not fall prey to the anti-GMO lies. A biotech potato, Simplot, is also less susceptible to black spots from bruising and has lower levels of sugar and asparagine. Despite DOA approval, McDonald’s decided not to use it and it is a company that buys 3.4 billion pounds of potatoes a year.

If farmers and ranchers are going to be able to feed the Earth’s human population of seven billion and growing, GMOs hold the key to avoiding widespread hunger while at the same time offering products like Golden Rice that would prevent a half million kids from going blind and dying every year due to Vitamin-A deficiency in the Third World.

As Patrick Moore, a Greenpeace co-founder who left the organization when he realized it was operating from an anti-science, anti-capitalism agenda, warns, “There is now an anti-intellectual element that doesn’t care about people. There is no logic or science involved—only ideology and ignorance.”

People live longer, healthier lives these days because of the discoveries of science. Genetic modification is just one of them. Vaccines are another. The Friends of the Earth and others who oppose such advances want you to die because they believe humans are a plague on the Earth.

c Alan Caruba

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  • 2 thoughts on “Hating On Humanity by Opposing Science

    1. C.DORNAN you are totally CORRECT on all points
      GMO foods are BANNED in a lot of countrys and why = POISON
      IF they are not BANNED HERE they will kill us all
      YOU can bet OSKUMMER does not eat GMO produced FOOD
      IT is time that CONGRESS bans all GMOS in the US
      AS far as vaccines all of the POISON metals be REMOVED

    2. Mr. Caruba, must you be an ignorant, know-nothing? Sorry to burst your bubble, but you have
      NO IDEA what you are talking about.

      No one, but no one is opposing Science here except you. Let’s take GMO’s first. What is happening
      here is pesticides are being engineered into the DNA of the vegetable or fruit. That is to say that
      the plant itself is producing the very compound that deters or kills the bugs which attack it. That’s
      fine for the plant, but the problem is that these pesticides are incompatible with human life.
      Correct. These compounds are producing all sorts of gut disorders like Crohn’s disease and
      a myriad of conditions that your little mind would never consider unless you were a doctor who
      cared about such things. In addition, there is considerable research which indicates that GMO’s
      such as BT Corn results in a host of effects when both paired or unpaired with Monsanto’s
      infamous chemical known as “Roundup”:
      1) Cancerous tumors in lab rats the size of their bodies in the first generation. They drag the
      tumors around with them since they are nearly as heavy as their full normal body weight.
      2) In the second generation, there is reduced fertility and shrinkage of the sexual organs along
      with the expression of rogue genes, such as hair growing from inside the mouth.
      3) By the third generation, there is complete sterility and a full ceasing of reproduction. The
      obvious result is an absence of successive generations because there are no future generations.
      The line of rats is done. Is it any wonder that Monsanto engineers who created GMO have
      lobbied their company to prohibit the serving of ANY GMO PRODUCT in their own cafeterias.
      This is a fact that you can check yourself and you would if it were not for the predictable
      possibility that you are likely invested in the stock of the company. But we’ll give you the
      benefit of the doubt on that one.

      Now, as for vaccines. Nobody is disputing the science of active or passive immunity and its
      past benefits. Where the problem comes is the additives that are being incorporated into
      these vaccines, many of whom are manufactured where? CHINA. No thank you.
      Please allow me to list a partial roster of the crap found in various samples of vaccine:
      Aluminum, Formaldehyde, insect RNA, Mercury compounds like Thimerosal, SV-40 virus
      (a cancer-causing monkey virus which is known to pass to future generations, and
      admitted by the Merck scientist who researched issue, prior to his own death.)
      Italian courts have just determined last week that Vaccines are linked to the wide-spread
      increase in Autism which use to be over 1 in 2000 cases to the now staggering 1 in 60.
      Boys are affected more than girls due to the issue of the blood-brain barrier. Black
      children are also more vulnerable to these effects. Further, the controversial
      researcher Dr. Andrew Wakefield has been totally and completely exonerated of
      the previous accusations people like yourself have tried to label him with and he
      says you are dead wrong. I’ll go with that well-educated man any day and if you
      heard him deal with the subject, you would as well. That is if you were not simply
      acting as a shill for the pharmaceutical companies whose liability concerns would
      not now bankrupt them just like the silicon breast implant companies who also
      insisted that their products were safe and effective. The inserts on these vaccines,
      if you read them instead of repeating the media lies, SAY THEMSELVES that
      they can give you the very condition for which they are intended to prevent.
      Therefore, measles vaccine can give measles, dummy. Says it right there on
      the insert. Patient zero took the vaccines. Did you know that? If you shills were
      correct, the vaccines would have prevented the condition. Right? RIGHT?

      Of course. — Why don’t speak about something you are familiar with, sir.
      Your lack of facts and promotion of Bravo Sierra spin betrays a child-like
      faith in bio-research that is comparable to a kid who is convinced in the
      existence of Santa Claus. How many more children need to be shot up
      with 8 vaccines at once, go into convulsions right there in the doctor’s
      office, and then suffer with brain damage so that they are still wearing
      diapers and being cared for by their mothers at age 35?



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      How much more do you want? I think your readers deserve an apology, Mr. Caruba.
      Hating on Humanity. WHAT A CROCK OF STEAMING BS!

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