Hawaii : Worst Anti Gun Bill In A Decade … Dead

Hawaii Rifle Association
Hawaii Rifle Association

Hawaii –-(Ammoland.com)- Aloha, all you great supporters of the 2nd Amendment!

You have sent MANY hundreds of e-mails and many of you have attended hearings to personally let your Legislators hear your strong support for your issues. That’s exactly what they need to make good decisions

The worst bill of the decade, SB 783, died yesterday. The Senate Public Safety Committee, Chaired by Sen. Will Espero voted to “defer indefinitely.”

SB462 , another terrible seizure bill, was likewise deferred indefinitely (dead) in the Senate Public Safety Committee 2/9.

Please send Chair Espero and his Committee Members a big mahalo! Public Safety, Intergovernmental and Military Affairs

SB 674, a statewide ban , criminalizing ivory transfers, was deferred (postponed), yesterday with decision scheduled for next week, 2/17. Senator Baker, Chair of the Commerce and Consumer Protection Committee, promised amendments safeguarding the value of heirloom ivory pieces. Other favorable amendments are expected from this joint hearing with Chair Mike Gabbard’s Energy and Environment Committee.

The House Water and Land Committee, following Chair Ryan Yamane’s recommendations, likewise made good amendments to the House version heard 2/9, HB837,available soon as an HD1 (House Draft 1). His committee approved amendments exempting firearms and knives with 20% or less component ivory.

The range protection bills, HB50_HD1 and SB955_SD1) have passed first hearings, amended.

HB1041, to establish a Hunting Commission passed Water and Land with amendments 2/6, available as HB1041_HD1.

SB473, carry permit issue rules for retired law enforcement officers (LEOSA), has passed Public Safety with amendments with strong support from HRA. More Guns, Less Crime.

The Legislature is into the last minutes of the first quarter. All bills referred to 2 or more committees in the originating body, House or Senate, must be scheduled for hearings in the last committee by next week or die. If they pass one body they “cross” to the other body and start all over again in the second half.

So don’t relax! There are many important bills not yet heard, especially coming up in F-rated Chair, Karl Rhoad’s House Judiciary Committee. Please help get the goods bills through the rest of the session and stop the bad ones.


Dr. Maxwell Cooper,
HRA Legislative Liason
[email protected]
808 225-6944

About Hawaii Rifle Association;
HAWAII RIFLE ASSOCIATION, a non-profit organization registered and incorporated within the State of Hawaii and representing the National Rifle Association as its State Affiliate Organization for the State of Hawaii. Visit:www.hawaiirifleassociation.org

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6 years ago

Texas will do it again before Hawaii does. Texas has been a state,Texas has been a country,Texas has been in the CSA,and Texas is about to become the ‘Republic of Texas’ again ! Stay tuned ! “Texas like a whole other country” !

6 years ago

Hawaii will seceed from the union and become its own country again. Dont believe me? just search it for yourself and see how far they’ve gotten.