IROC MD Earns Perfect Score in Testing Protocol

Muzzle Device Awarded Prestigious Gold Member Tested and Recommended Rating by National Tactical Officers Association

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Winter Springs, FL -( Precision, reliability and reduced flash, recoil, and noise can mean the difference between life and death in stressful combat situations.

IROC Tactical, a client of the University of Central Florida Business Incubator – Winter Springs, has developed a revolutionary new AR-15 muzzle device – the IROC MD – which diminishes blast over-pressure by 65-75%. As a result, the shooter experiences better accuracy, improved precision and faster target re-acquisition.

The IROC MD’s performance is so impressive, it recently received a perfect 5/5 score from the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA), thus earning the coveted Gold Member Tested and Recommended (MTR) rating. Sergie Albino, chief executive officer of IROC Tactical, says the company engineered the adjustable IROC MD to decrease blast over-pressure and project the blast forward and away from the shooter. IROC Tactical offers the only adjustable muzzle device on the market thanks to their patented technology.

The adjustability increases overall reliability by allowing the user to tune rifle performance and rate of fire. Additionally, there is barely any recoil or muzzle climb, which increases accuracy and makes target reacquisition faster.

“SWAT professionals from around the country put our device through every stress test, accuracy test, quality test and durability test they could imagine and the IROC MD thrived,” Albino explained.

Albino says hearing conservation is one of IROC’s missions. According to Albino, concussive force on bones in the skull can transmit directly to the inner ear when firing a weapon. While hearing protection helps, one study shows that 75% of law enforcement veterans suffered from hearing loss and tinnitus even while wearing the best hearing protection available. The IROC MD significantly reduces this blast over-pressure, which will improve long-term hearing health outcomes for veterans of military and law enforcement.

“The NTOA MTR rating means that the IROC Tactical mission of improving the occupational hearing safety of our tactical teams is acknowledged and shared by the NTOA.”

According to an official from NTOA, the MTR program began 2003. Since that time, fewer than 20 perfect scores have been awarded. Last year, the organization tested approximately 170 products, so receiving Gold level recommendation is considered quite a distinction. The IROC MD muzzle also ranked as the third “Hottest Product” at the 2014 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference. In addition, IROC has achieved recognition in the scientific community, starting unique partnerships with Audiology groups, VA hospitals, and the American Tinnitus Association, who were impressed with IROC’s sense of responsibility in aiding tinnitus education and research.

“IROC stands for Increased Reliability on Combat, so the company is most certainly living up to its name,” says Rafael Caamano, associate director of the UCFBIP. “We are excited to work with such an impressive group of engineers dedicated to developing technology designed to benefit police officers and the military who are subject to combat situations.”

According to Albino, although the IROC MD was designed for professionals and the military, interested individuals can also purchase a civilian version of the device.

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About IROC Tactical

IROC Tactical is a firearms accessories manufacturer founded in 2014 with headquarters in Central Florida. IROC Tactical has developed the IROC Muzzle Device (IROC MD), which is the only patented adjustable muzzle device on the market that directly addresses the occupational safety, performance, and reliability issues encountered by Law Enforcement and Military. The IROC MD diminishes blast over-pressure by 65-75% and has recently earned a perfect score from the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) Member Tested and Recommended (MTR) program.

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